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I personally think raids are decent at the moment. They are challenging for sure, but I personally like the challenge. That being said, I am now at gold across the board, and what is ridiculous still are the random affixes. It makes no sense to have a linear style setup that gets progressively harder, that is also at some point seemingly random. I spent 3 rezzies at level 30 because the prince had the affix that guarantees critical at 30% health (when he is already strongest due to buffing himself). Yet at 35 , I breathed a sigh of relief when he had plague, which does literally nothing until the fight is over. That literally makes no sense. Just get rid of them all for all mobs. Don’t care if you make the mobs harder or whatever to compensate but the affixes create too much irregularity. It seems random and unfair that sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you literally wasted 30 mins and a ton of resources to get screwed with bolster or, guaranteed critical when you hit the end boss.
Rant over.


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I like Affixes, but not for Elders. They should be limited to bounties. Elders already have their own built-in mechanics and don't need anything additional to 'spice them up'. In fact, using random Affixes on bosses that should be delicately balanced is rather dangerous and should be avoided. If anyone wants an example of how Elders can be both balanced and unpredictable look no further than the old Dungeon boss Benedicta. The random nature of the clones made each run feel fresh, exciting yet also fair.

Bounties on the other hand could do with some variety that affixes provide. That being said, certain affixes like Massive don't result in anything other than player frustration. An Affix that increases the enemy's health by 50% isn't fun or engaging.

My suggestion would be removing Affixes from Elders and re-designing the ones for bounties to promote tactics and awareness. Plague is a good example of a solid affix for bounties - it rewards healers for stashing a powerful instant heal until the right time. Templar is another good one that tests the coordination of DPS players.

Maybe we should brain storm some new affixes to replace the ones such as Massive.


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Here is a list of suggestions for the affixed currently available that don't have much counterplay. (will be editing as I find more)

Mob is visually larger in size and attacks slower but with more damage. (same dps overall) Also has chance to telegraph an attack that will cause player to be knocked up / knocked back / stunned (like the pounders at that one Rift boss).

Instead of a flat reflect chance, give the mob a visible shield for a few seconds (like lightning shield but perhaps green) that will reflect when it's up and not reflect when it's down. Players can then choose to either dps through it and heal or wait it out. This could also work for Laurent's reflection mechanic so dps classes have a chance in solo.

Bolstered/magic resistant:
Have it be active until a certain amount then fall off due to sustaining too much damage in a short time. If your dps falls off again, the mob can recoup and turn it back on. Or have it fall off while stunned/dazed/crushed.
Or: have it be vulnerable to the other type of damage.

Chilled blood:
Have it have a duration or be able to be removed upon enough feats casted/distance walked (for classes without cure).