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Yes, I heard that the devs were looking at a complete rework of shaman. Please say it isn't so. I love how my shaman's work (except for the recent changes to earth) and I would greatly appreciate it if our devs would just put this idea on the shelf and look elsewhere. I have Kavita right where I want her, she can perform fairly well solo (she's slow on the single boss/no groupings thing in the 95's, but I can deal with that) and in groups she does well on dps and healing. It's not broken, it's working as intended.

What I really want to see the devs put their efforts into is fixing bugs and content/storyline gaps. I understand the tweaks Damon is going for, but a complete rework (which is the rumor I heard) sounds pretty horrible considering that the shaman is both my favorite class and the only one I'm really able to do much with (Katona does ok, but she's a warrior - easiest class to play in the game by far).

I don't know that this rumor is true, and I am REALLY hoping it isn't! Please don't ruin my shamans.


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I have not heard any such rumours.

I cannot think why the newest class in the game would be scheduled for a complete reworking. I also can't see where the time for such an endeavour would be found with Equinox, Halloween and Christmas events all on the horizon, a new raid season to be looked at and the further development of raids (ducats etc). So I would be inclined to disregard any such rumours unless or until Devs give some indication they are thinking of such.

Of course, I have no greater knowledge than anyone else so I could be entirely wrong.


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yeah, I wouldnt be all too worried about complete overhauls. Starfall is relatively 'recent' and as maj said, they have better things to do. Add up to that someone else heard the same but about a different class... and there is no official source.
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