Varigwen of V&H

Master Cook
Just mail one stack of any refined materials (oils, timber, ingots, cloth, or leather) to me, Varigwen, and you will be entered to win! Three names will be drawn. FIRST PRIZE will be a THREE MONTH membership to ARDENT SOCIETY! Go to the crown shop to check out the awesome goodies that includes. SECOND PRIZE is the ABERDEEN PREMIUM MOUNT. THIRD PRIZE is 10 Resurrects. The deadline to send your stack will be Friday March 27 at 9pm Eastern time. You can enter every one of your toons. Just send one stack of refined mats from each toon you want entered. But that’s not all! We will have a crafting parties at 8pm Eastern on Friday as well where those in attendance will have a chance to win other prizes. Hope to see you there!