Varigwen of V&H

Master Cook
Just find a team of three to sign up. I will give you a key word and all your team needs to do is come up with a 2-5 minute skit using that key word at least once. We will perform our skits on stage in Summers Hollow. BE CREATIVE! Use outfits, toys, pets, or whatever else you have to make your family friendly skit. The team to win first prize will each get a 3 month membership to Ardent Society! The team in second place will each get a bunny mount and 10 sockets! the team in third place will each get 10 sockets and 10 Red Darrig keys! Mail me, Varigwen, to sign up no later than Sunday April 19th. The event will take place Friday April 24th at 8:30 pm Eastern time. See the sample skit performed by Tallah, Tirn, and me for ideas.