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I feel like the hard part of making guild village right now is that new player almost always flock into village with high population.

As they should because you get personal advantages by doing so. A full village, even if it isn't leveled, means you get more xp.
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A. I ain’t gonna lie lot of people put ideas that are good to just do. If I was in a non guild and someone politely asked me to leave it’s a good idea to do so.

With that being don’t have to apply to village.
Don’t be the one to say something bad as that it what will most likely be used.

But yeah my sympathies for those villages in this game who have a few kinks and complications. I enjoy my guild and my guild village on my main.
But even I have seen villages so out of sync that people are contesting mayorships.
All it was was begging for mats without even lifting a finger to help.
Hope fully mad otter and the community can help fix those villages where the mayor is not even present it seems.
Some villages are chaotic.
Always be grateful to zen gardens from relieving me of that stress.

but thoroughly enjoyed the share thanks.


I had a couple of people who quit my guild some months ago and tried to stay in the village (even though it's private, you can stay once you're in).
Guild members who quit or are kicked from a guild CANNOT continue to live in their former guild's private village. (See Sarah Otter's post on this topic in Game Policies.) Even players who were in the village when it was public are subject to this rule IF they join the ruling guild and later quit or get kicked from said guild. If a former guild member refuses to leave a private village after being asked to do so, the village's mayor and/or guild's leader can file a CS ticket to have that player removed from the private village.

After her run as mayor of a public village, I moved my first alt to her guild's private village and my main took the role of mayor in the public village. Despite the fact that my alt's guild village had almost everything maxed, it was frequently on the verge of becoming public as guild members either quit the game or failed to log in often enough to keep their houses. This does seem to be an issue which affects smaller guilds more than the large ones, as my main's guild village didn't have enough housing to accommodate every guild member. (This is why I was able to keep my main, and alts 2 & 3, in the public village I was helping to improve.)

As the mayor of a public village, I often worried that, as our projects were improved and population fluctuated, some guild would swoop in and privatize the village. Beyond keeping the village vault as well-stocked & organized as possible, I rarely used it, so taking away my access would not have caused me to move. Likewise, being labeled as a "Non-Guild Member" would not have caused me to move: if this label resulted in harassment from guild members, it would, however, have resulted in a CS ticket against said guild members. After 3 years of working to improve that public village, it would have been very difficult for a guild to get rid of me, lol.

On mobile, the default village is the one with the highest population.

Players don't even choose the village with 59/60 - the game does it for them.
Since I only played on PC, where village options begin with "settlements" and require a good deal of scrolling to get to "cities", I was unaware of this mobile "feature". Perhaps this is something the Devs might consider changing, to give smaller villages a better chance of attracting new, mobile players. (Maybe start with public villages in the 35-45 population range.)

The current version results in too much strife where neither side ends up satisfied.
I completely agree. I really like your idea of guilds having a private Guild Hall instead of a "private" village. Guild Halls could have special projects (increased "guild vault" space, nicer furnishings/decor, guild-wide perks, etc.) to improve the hall & help the guild attract new members. I read your previous post about Realm Villages, and some of your other suggestions are also pretty good. My only concerns would be whether or not players would need to move to higher-level realms in order to have a "safe" place to gather higher-level mats, and whether or not the existing "safe" zones would still exist. I do like the idea of giving all players on each server something to work towards, as well as the idea of giving each realm its own, unique, village "style".

The Guild Cirty that I reside in is totally full. A good deal of the residents are Newbies. I have had several of these decline joining the Guild. There should be a way to kick these squatters.
Although I do sympathize with your situation, I do not agree that there should be a way to kick non-guild members out of any village that was public when they moved in. Guild villages only revert to public status if the guild is too small or inactive to maintain the 40-member minimum requirement for keeping the village private. While it's not impossible for a guild to regain its control of a village, the guild must have enough members who are willing & able to fill vacancies as soon as they come available. (Keep an eye out for players below level 10 who aren't leveling up, and those with the same, unharvested crops in their gardens for days on end: they've probably left the game.)
The reason they choose this Village is because previous Guild residents have spent months and years building the Village to it's current status, instead of going to a village with few improvements. Most Newbies (unless they join a Guild) spend a few months or so on the game and then disappear. Guild members normally have a big interest in improving the Village. Newbies seem to have no interest in the Village improvements. This game is more than just killing. Why would you think that Newbies have no interest in a Guild?
In July 2020, when I was a "newbie", I wanted to live in an "unimproved" village because I enjoyed working on the various village projects: I also had zero interest in joining a guild. During my 3 years as an active player, I knew plenty of newbies who did their part to improve our public village, and I knew guild members who did little to nothing to help with our guild's village. I think it's worth noting that guilds often "take over" those public villages where some improvements have already been made by others: unless a guild started with an entirely unimproved village, I don't think it's fair to give the guild all the credit for improving the village. As for the implication that "newbies" should choose villages with few improvements instead of benefiting from other players' hard work, this sounds like a sure-fire way to kill the game. With the exception of very long-term players (like those who've been around since the Beta or Facebook days), all of us benefitted from those who came before us, especially when we were "newbies". 👶
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