Hi all! So this will be a short bit about what I’ve learned thanks to other players, experience and my guild members, shout out to Sundari on AM3 server.

So I am a hunter and have chosen the nature hunter route. The class seems to be fairly self reliant so far. I’ve placed my talent points in the nature tree, ‘Virulent Quiver’ and ‘Tranquility‘. After that I moved over to the survival tree, and placed points into ‘Resourcefulness’ and now I am working on maxing out ‘One with the wild’ in the nature tree.

Additionally, I am gardening, and ranching as well as tailoring. I am level 28 combat level at the moment. I plan to.. once at level 30, slow down and continue to level my carpentry and tailoring. To create my own gear for the next adventure to 45s rebirth. I am ok AM3 server and am fairly new, but thought I’d share what is working well for me. If you are on AM3 server feel free to friend me. It’s always nice to have that extra help when clearing our bounties! Good luck!
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