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I submitted a bug report in game, but just remembered how easy it is to record on iPad. So here is a video of the glitch arm animation visible when ranching and farming. This began for me after today's patch. Using iPad OS.

To the Otters, does this video help? If so, I'll start recording and posting more videos of bugs.
Note: due to compression, the glitch is not visible the first two times in the video. It is the second two feeding times. So when I'm feeding Stiles, look at my arms. Play in 720p to see details.


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What drives me crazy is that since the update once my toon buys seeds the toon continues to be targeted on the seed sign and is twisting their heads back to stare at the sign the whole time. This is just a visual but it drives me cray. It's only fixable by TP back to your house front. It feels like a bug, but could be a by-product of the new sell interface (which is also extremely laggy on ANY vendor).