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the Devs have never said they are intended to be end game.
Not too sure about that in several live streams they definitely heavily implied it and also the also said they would only make tradable blight motes once there wasn’t a pinch at end game for content.

it seams that the devs are trying to make content that is hard for top players but also all inclusive (have there cake and eat it too) but these things don’t mesh well and it ends up coming down to choosing between the 90% of players that need things easy and the 10% that need things hard. It doesn’t take a member of the 10% to see which number is bigger and hence which group continues to get the short end of the stick.
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Changing the auto run would effect the entire game, i propose making it so if an NPC teleports it causes skill failure thus breaking the attack.
They can add a warning ground circle 1-3 seconds before the enemy teleportation, similar to warning circles for Lilith, Nicodemos, and Zell. This way we can un-target the enemy in advance. But since these warning/zodiac circles are not entirely bug-free and do not appear sometimes, perhaps a very visible visual effect on the monster itself will work too.
I like both of these ideas. 🤓👆

Another option, might be for the fall NOT to kill us. Instead, maybe we could simply teleport back to the dungeon entrance and have to run back. Then it would become an annoying time-waster... but it wouldn't cost us pots and/or rezzies. It might be even better, if a fall only teleported us to the room entrance. We'd still have to run back to battle, but the distance would be shorter and less annoying. 🤔
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Forced-untarget-on-teleport is a simple and elegant fix, but it could still be problematic. As a healer, I’d hate it if I lost targeting on a tank because they got 41m away.

Having a player-chosen option (to disable auto-movement when target is out of range) would work for everyone, even if they have to manually turn it on and off.


I try to move backwards and reset my stance a lot in hopes I can catch myself from running off the edge when they teleport, it works well for me but maybe not for everyone.
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I vote for Grz's idea to put a rune or some warning under boss or mobs before they move in this instance. As warrior, my mouse is constantly hovering over the boss's nameplate to untarget when he moves, and there are other things I could be using that for like moving. I've had the embarrasment of falling off more than once, which I can laugh at but not the others who died because I was the one with aggro.