Ancient dragonborn

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I'm having a hard time choosing between fury or earth I'm looking for dps, fast kills, solo leveling, survival. So which one fits all the things I have listed.


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You really shouldn't be starting hundreds of threads all asking similar things. Just start an "Ancient daragonborn questions thread". As to this, you're mixing class jobs again. All classes are capable of what you listed, so you should simply try them all.


To be blunt, neither: there's no class that can "do it all". Earth shamans are tanks, so fast kills & DPS are not their strongest suits. They are pretty good at survivability, and, with the right build & gear, they can certainly hold their own in solo content. Fury warriors are DPS, but they're also a melee class. Generally speaking, unless you throw in some defensive traits of lightning, a fury warrior may struggle a bit with survivability. Again, with the right build & gear, fury warriors can hold their own in solo content.

The best way to figure out which class will best suit your needs is to try them out on different servers. You get the same number of free character slots on each server, so you might as well put them to use. Yes, it's tedious to do the tutorial and early parts of the first story line over and over, but it does allow you to get a real feel for each class/subclass you try, and it's much better to judge for yourself than to rely on others' opinions.

Just remember that every class has its strengths & its weaknesses: you're the only one who can decide which strengths are most important to you, and which weaknesses you're willing to tolerate. Whatever you decide, I hope you have lots of fun playing V&H!


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As a heavy fury warrior player myself but who has also heavily tried lightning during the first part of his rebirth 3.
I’m actually intrigued by how the brain patterns of the op actually work here.
Like a more normal comparable would obviously be lightning warrior(a tank) vs. earth shaman(a tank)

in which case you could lightning warrior has a invulnerability and maximizes shield usage while the other uses more variety between range and retaliate shield.

But earth compared to fury?

Maybe wind shaman if it develops more than middle talent tree will have more dps arguments. My second toon is a shaman as well hence why I can talk both.

and yeah I’m a fan of the idea of shaman development as well as all middle trees.

but realistically as of now…shaman is tank and healer.

hence the reason I’m intrigued as to how comparables to fury and earth exist.
Thank you for the time and don’t get me the wrong way…I’m trying to provide the best and most accurate best answer possible not just leave the question in butchered out of sync form.