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This thread is part of a series of sub-class tutorials which will focus on guiding players through the process of conceptualizing and assembling their sub-class's build. The goal is to provide beginners with a resource where they learn the basics and end up with an understanding of how to advance from there. The following instructions consist of my personal recommendations and suggestions for a Fire Wizard Build. Please note that these are not the only viable builds, nor are they claimed as the best by any means. It is just a stepping-off point.

As a disclaimer, due to the nature of this guide, I will not be delving into Hybrid Builds. These are generally considered more advanced techniques and do not fall within the scope of this tutorial. By the end of this read, you should have the necessary tools to create your own Hybrid Builds should you desire to do so.

Thanks to @Queeny for your work on the V&H Gamepedia which provided me with the numerous icons needed for this Guide.

Prerequisites for this guide include an understanding of the following mechanics:
  • Basic understanding of gear
    • Rarity
    • Stats
    • Glyphs
  • Diminishing Returns
  • Reinforcement Runes
  • Augmentation Runes
If you do not feel comfortable with some of these topics, please refer to the Gear Guide for additional information.

Table of Contents
  • Post 1 - Overview
    • Fire Wizard Overview
    • Build Previews
    • Equipment
    • Constructing your Loadout - Phase 1
  • Post 2 - Abilities
    • Spells & Feats
    • Trinkets
    • Constructing your Loadout - Phase 2
  • Post 3 - Talents
    • Talent Table
    • Talent Builds
    • Constructing your Loadout - Phase 3
    • Combos & Mechanics
  • Post 4 - Gear
    • Primary Stats
    • Glyphs
    • Gear & Runes
    • Constructing your Loadout - Phase 4
    • Preparations
    • Consumables
  • Post 5 - Strategy
    • Playstyle Strategies
    • Constructing your Loadout - Phase 5
    • Endgame Builds
    • Advanced Mechanics

Fire Wizard Overview

Fire Wizards harness the destructive force of flame to deal devastating amounts of damage to their enemies. Their raw power is a testament to their skill with the arcane arts and with their mastery comes a versatility that enables them to pose as a deadly threat to both a single foe or a pack of them. Through their connection with the Rift - the source of all magical energy - Fire Wizards expend large quantities of mana in order to continue their relentless assault.

splash_3.pngWhat they possess in mystical strength they lack in defensive measures. Fire Wizards must rely on their offense and speed in order to survive against their opponents, for their resistances are quite low. Due to this, they are often seen peppering the enemy safely from the rear in group scenarios. Fire Wizards are generally selected for their damage dealing capabilities. This comes at a cost to proper defenses and thus players must be deadly and precise when dealing with their enemies. Fire Wizards fill the glass cannon archetype which is one of the pillars of a role-based MMORPG.

Select the Fire Wizard as your class of choice if you are seeking a high speed, high risk solo experience and a powerful mage to support a team with a barrage of elemental attacks.

Build Previews

There are an infinite number of potential builds for any class. I will do my best to narrow it down to a few specific play-styles. Please remember that you can easily blend the qualities of any of the builds below. The choices are limitless, just pinpoint abilities that enhance the functionality your wizard is striving for. Ask yourself what role you are trying to play? Is your goal to be a glass cannon? Perhaps just looking to casually solo main story content and only dabble in group content occasionally? These decisions have drastic impacts on how your build should be designed. So make sure to reflect on this before committing sockets and gold! With that being said, below are 3 general path options.

Conservative - Balance
1590422547540.pngConservative Fire mages focus on mana sustenance. While still being able to deal solid damage, their goals revolve around burning enemies while maintaining mana for extended encounters. This approach tends to benefit players who engage in content with prolonged conflicts such as Raids and Elder battles, however, it is just as useful for solo players who wish to avoid consuming large quantities of mana potions for their regeneration. The conservative build is a blend of powerful and regenerative spells to ensure the mage can continue pushing through to the next fight. This build also utilizes a support / utility spell that not only benefits the caster, but also their allies. This is useful in keeping the party's mana flowing.

Pyromaniac - Offensive
1590422763198.pngThis is the traditional glass cannon build. The aim is to incinerate enemies before they have a chance to inflict any lasting damage. The Pyromaniac build focuses entirely on offensive talents and spells, with a mix of single-target and AoE (Area of Effect) abilities at their disposal. Pyromaniac's use powerful rotations and combinations to quickly burn enemies to a crisp and rush straight to their next victim. This type of build comes with a cost, and that is its deficiency in defense. If caught unawares, stunned or surrounded, those who wield this build must react quickly to counter their foes with a quick stun and gain distance or blaze away to safety.

Arcanist - Defensive
1590422938158.pngArcanists are those who value defense, health and survivability while still retaining ample fire-power to defeat those who oppose them. This type of build is best for slow and steady players who are simply seeking an enjoyable and casual experience with the Fire Wizard. There is enough leeway for mistakes such that a single error won't result in your untimely demise. While their DPS cannot compare to those who follow the Pyromaniac route, it is still well within the standard to be classified as a Fire Mage. Consider also mixing this style with the previously mentioned builds for a healthy balance.

Constructing your Loadout

Guides such as this can be understandably overwhelming to readers. Information overload can easily set in when there is a lot to digest. In some cases, players may come out of their read just as lost as before! That is why this section is here. The purpose is to help organize the choices you make throughout the guide into a step by step process so that you know exactly what you need to do in order to create your own personalized build.

This will be split up into separate phases, and after each major section we will come back to this and update it!

Phase 1: Understand Yourself

This is the foundation which will lay out your path going forward. The first decision you must make is figuring out which type of fire wizard you are. Is your goal to be a max DPS glass cannon? A stable and steady damage dealer with party support capability? Or a solo mage with a healthy balance of damage and defense? Do you expect to play in parties a lot, and consistently participate in Elders or Raids, or prefer to explore the lands alone and battle foes single-handedly?

These are the important questions to ask yourself before going forward. Fortunately, most of these differences are basically talent changes or 1 or 2 spell swaps away. There isn't too much build variety for Fire Wizards in that sense. So don't feel locked into a single role. Try multiple builds out and see which one works for your style of play.

We will continue with this process later on!


There are also few passive gear runes which you should be aware of before moving forward. These are available either from crafted or Elder garb. We'll go over all of these runes in the table below.

Passive Runes
Crafted Fire Armor

Increases Fire Mastery by X and Will by X.
This is a standard rune for any Fire Wizard. This rune increases ability power and mana regeneration both! Every sub-class has a similar rune on their crafted armor that boosts specific role-defining traits.
1590504754110.pngBlazing Acuity
Crafted Fire Helms

Increases your Fire Mastery by X.
You will notice Blazing Acuity+ runes often, but that is not the same as this. Those are Augmentation Runes, and will boost your Fire Mastery by a paltry sum. Blazing Acuity (without the +) is basically a Reinforcement rune for Fire Mastery, which will increase Fire Mastery by a far greater amount. For some reason it has a unique name. Go figure!
1590504703468.pngElder Garde
Elder Armor

Reduces damage taken by Elders by X
You will find that with a decent build and healer, you will have no trouble staying alive against Elders. There is no situation where you as a Fire Wizard should be taking the brunt of the damage from an Elder boss at level. You should always run with a tank who is built specifically to absorb damage, so you can focus on dishing it out.
1590504710913.pngElder Bane
Elder Staff

Increases damage against Elder Bosses by X. Allows you to critically strike against Elder bosses. No benefit against normal enemies.
This is a must-have when fighting any Elder Boss. The damage increase is nice and all, but the perk of being able to critically strike against Elders is the most important feature. Without it, any points invested in Savagery and Brutality are basically null and your DPS against Elders will drop substantially. This applies to Raid Elders as well. Since it has no benefit against normal enemies, some players make 2 weapons. One for Elders and another for all other content where they swap Elder Bane out for another rune. That isn't necessary, but if you want to min-max then go for it.


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Spells & Feats

Below we'll go over each of the fire spells that you can slot onto your feat bar. This section will include a description, metrics and a breakdown of use cases.

What is X, Y, Z, K...?

In the ability descriptions below you will see phrases such as "Deals X (+Y)" damage. X and Y are variables which represent numbers, but how are they calculated? X and Y are both dependent upon the level and roll of the rune. Y, unlike X, is boosted by your Fire Power. So if your Fire Power is at 150% then the value for Y will be increased by 50%! (100% is the base). Any variable which can be boosted by Fire Power is indicated as such by its orange coloring.

Hurls a fiery ball that deals X (+Y) fire damage.

Breakdown: Fireball is a staple damage dealing ability. Short cooldown and decent damage, you'll find yourself casting this throughout any conflicts. This spell can be upgraded through the Volcanic Blast talent. Increasing the overall damage and adding a stun chance. Additionally, it can be upgraded with the Pyromaniac talent - reducing its mana cost to 0.
  • Type: Damage Dealer
  • Acquisition: Crafted Fire Staff
  • Base Mana Cost: 150
  • Base Cooldown: 6 seconds
  • Range: 40 meters
  • Base Casting Time: 1 second
  • Target: Single

Flames engulf your target, dealing X (+Y) fire damage.

Breakdown: Combust is another example of a standard single target damage dealing spell. It has a longer cooldown than Fireball, but it still a powerful spell for any Fire wizard's kit. Combust can also be upgraded with the Combustion Ultimate, allowing it to trigger multiple times on an enemy.
  • Type: Damage Dealer
  • Acquisition: Dropped Staff
  • Base Mana Cost: 150
  • Base Cooldown: 8 seconds
  • Range: 40 meters
  • Base Casting Time: 1.2 seconds
  • Target: Single

1590515218491.pngScorching Burn
Underground molten lava launches towards your target, reducing Magic Resist by X (+Y) and dealing Z (+K) Fire damage over 20 seconds.

Breakdown: Scorching Burn comes in handy for Elder battles, as they tend to last long enough to make this worth casting. Using this on individual enemies is an unnecessary time and mana waste, as the casting time is rather long and the fight will likely last much less than 20 seconds. Meaning you would not be getting the full benefit from the debuff and damage, but rather only a fraction of it. If you plan to fight Elders and Raid bosses, or have a secondary staff for that purpose, it is worth slotting this in.
  • Type: Damage Dealer, Enemy Debuff
  • Acquisition: Dropped Fire Staff
  • Base Mana Cost: 100
  • Base Cooldown: 15 seconds
  • Range: 40 meters
  • Base Casting Time: 2 seconds
  • Target: Single

A fiery blast surrounds you, causing all nearby enemies to take X (+Y) fire damage and be stunned for 7 seconds.

Breakdown: Whenever you are facing multiple enemies, or a single more powerful one, and your regular damage dealing spells aren't enough to finish them off before they begin pummeling you, then Fireburst is your go-to spell. This will stun all nearby enemies for 7 seconds. Enough time for you to finish them off, or get some distance before resuming your assault. Some players save this as a last resort, while others use it as an initiator, and stun enemies right off the bat.
  • Type: Crowd Control (Stun), Damage Dealer
  • Acquisition: Crafted Fire Staff
  • Base Mana Cost: 200
  • Base Cooldown: 20 seconds
  • Range: 6 meters
  • Base Casting Time: 0.5 seconds
  • Target: Area of Effect (6 meter circle around the caster)

1590518399982.pngMana Fire
Hurls a mana infused fireball that deals X (+Y) fire damage. Mana Fire then steals mana from the target, restoring 80% of the Mana spent on Mana Fire over 30 seconds

Breakdown: A crazy low cooldown spell with insane damage and instant cast time? Hold your horses! Check the Mana cost first. If you abuse Mana Fire and spam it at your enemy, you'll drop from full to no mana in a matter of seconds. Mana Fire is best used in conjunction with a spell known as Arcane Alacrity, which we'll go over shortly. Even with an 80% return on mana consumption, it will take 30 seconds to restore in its entirety. You're better off using Combust and Fireball as your standard damage dealing attacks. That being said, Mana Fire is a powerful spell you'll want to add to your kit. You just need to know when to use it.
  • Type: Damage Dealer
  • Acquisition: Dropped Fire Staff
  • Base Mana Cost: 625
  • Base Cooldown: 5 seconds
  • Range: 40 meters
  • Base Casting Time: Instant
  • Target: Single

A molten blast explodes around your target, dealing X (+Y) fire damage to all enemies caught within.

Breakdown: Inferno has a long cooldown and mana cost, making it inefficient to use against a single target. This spell is best against a group of enemies as it will deal a decent amount of damage to each of them. Prepare for them all to aggro you though if you are facing them alone. Inferno works well with Fireburst for that reason.
  • Type: Damage Dealer
  • Acquisition: Crafted Fire Staff
  • Base Mana Cost: 200
  • Base Cooldown: 30 seconds
  • Range: 40 meters
  • Base Casting Time: 2 seconds
  • Target: Area of Effect (10 meter circle around the target)

1590525660154.pngInner Fire
Emits a warming presence that causes all nearby allies to gain X (+Y) increased Will for 2 minutes.

Breakdown: Inner Fire is a support spell, and best used if you plan to run in parties as it will increase their mana regeneration. If the increased mana regeneration looks appealing for solo play sessions, I would recommend simply using crafted mana potions as an alternative. This group buff isn't incredibly powerful but it will result in less mana potions consumed overall for your team. This does mean you will have one less damage dealing spell in your arsenal. So choose wisely.
  • Type: Group Buff
  • Acquisition: Dropped Fire Staff
  • Base Mana Cost: 50
  • Base Cooldown: 30 seconds
  • Range: 30 meters
  • Base Casting Time: 1.5 seconds
  • Target: Area of Effect (30 meter circle around the caster)

1590525347537.pngFlaming Meteor
A flaming meteor fall onto your target, dealing X (+Y) fire damage to all enemies caught in the blast, and setting them on fire for an additional X (+Y) fire damage over 12 seconds.

Breakdown: Flaming Meteor is a powerful area of effect ability that works best in tandem with a trinket known as Brutal Force in order to activate the Ultimate Rain of Destruction. On its own, it is still a formidable ability, however it comes with a high mana cost and cooldown. Use it against groups of enemies rather than an individual. Generally in a scenario where you are fighting against multiple foes you will want to use this in combination with Inferno and Fireburst.
  • Type: Damage Dealer, DoT (Damage Over Time)
  • Acquisition: Elder Fire Staff
  • Base Mana Cost: 250
  • Base Cooldown: 45 seconds
  • Range: 40 meters
  • Base Casting Time: 0.6 seconds
  • Target: Area of Effect (6 meter circle around the target)

Gives you 10 Mind Sparks that last for 20 seconds. Dealing damage with any single target fire spell will discharge a spark, dealing X fire damage to your target and restoring 2% of your Maximum Mana.

Breakdown: Mindspark is a decent mana restoration spell, and damage dealer. It is the only fire spell available on your necklace, so there is no reason not to use it. When you do active this, all of your single-target spells should be ready to use. As the Mind Spark charges only last 20 seconds, so you will need to cast 10 single-target spells in that time in order to gain the full benefit. This is best used against an Elder or Raid boss, as regular enemies will go down much too quickly. Mindspark can also be upgraded through the Brilliant and Bright Ultimate, adding an additional effect that will reset the cooldown on all your spells.
  • Type: Damage Dealer, Self Buff
  • Acquisition: Dropped Fire Necklace
  • Base Mana Cost: 50
  • Base Cooldown: 3 minutes
  • Range: Self
  • Base Casting Time: Instant
  • Target: Self

1590525421931.pngArcane Alacrity
A torrent of arcane power infuses you for 15 seconds, increasing your Haste and Expertise by X, and reducing your mana costs by 90%.

Breakdown: Arcane Alacrity provides boosts to your attack speed and cooldown rate. These are helpful, but the real kicker is the 90% mana cost reduction. This works best with a particular spell we covered above: Mana Fire. Normally, Mana Fire comes with a very high mana cost, but with Arcane Alacrity active, that will be cut down to almost nothing. This will enable you to use Mana Fire repeatedly in quick succession. Make sure to keep an eye on the duration, because as soon as the 15 seconds are up, you'll want to revert back to your regular spell rotation and avoid using Mana Fire.
  • Type: Self Buff
  • Acquisition: Elder Staff
  • Base Mana Cost: 250
  • Base Cooldown: 4 minutes
  • Range: Self
  • Base Casting Time: Instant
  • Target: Self

1590525822103.pngBlazing Speed
Burning energies flow through you for 5 seconds, boosting your run speed by 90% (+Y%) and your mounted speed by 70% (+Y%). Can be cast while mounted or invisible. You also gain 10% increased attack speed.

Breakdown: Blazing Speed allows you to quickly make your way into and out of conflicts. Use this to run up to enemies before casting Fireburst to stun them for example. Or, use this to get away from a battle gone south and retreat to safety. The passive bonus which grants a 10% attack speed boost will decrease the casting animation time for all of your spells as well.
  • Type: Self Buff
  • Acquisition: Ultimate (Set Ablaze - 10 points)
  • Base Mana Cost: 350
  • Base Cooldown: 30 seconds
  • Range: Self
  • Base Casting Time: Instant
  • Target: Self

Arcane power cloaks you or an ally with invisibility for 60 seconds. Enemies level X and above have a better chance to see through the magic. After the effect ends, or if cast while in combat, you will gain the Blur effect for 15 seconds, causing all attacks against you to have a 50% chance to miss. Enemies very near may see through the effect.

Breakdown: Invisibility is a spell gained through maxing out the Master of the Arcane talent. It isn't worth investing into the talent specifically for this spell, but if you find yourself liking the talent and choosing to maximize it, then you'll end up with this new spell in your bar. This spell can be useful if you are attempting to navigate your way through solo content without being seen. In group scenarios, cast it onto the tank before a Raid or Elder boss to provide them with the 15 second Blur buff.
  • Type: Self / Ally Buff
  • Acquisition: Ultimate (Invisibility - 20 points)
  • Base Mana Cost: 350
  • Base Cooldown: 1 minute 30 seconds
  • Range: 40 meters
  • Base Casting Time: Instant
  • Target: Single

1590525473246.pngVeil of Embers
Activate to instantly remove X (+Y) threat from your target and cause your attacks to be 50% (+Y%) less threatening for 20 seconds.

Breakdown: Do not use this ability. Its only purpose is to reduce your threat against an enemy in case you are dealing too much damage for the tank to maintain control. First of all, this only occurs in party scenarios, and second of all, this will very rarely happen even when running with a mediocre tank. And if it does happen, this book will not help much as it has a 3 minute cooldown and you'll likely need it throughout the run. Use Destructive Forces as your book's spell instead.
  • Type: Enemy Debuff
  • Acquisition: Dropped Fire Spellbook
  • Base Mana Cost: 50
  • Base Cooldown: 3 minutes
  • Range: 40 meters
  • Base Casting Time: Instant
  • Target: Self

1590525618380.pngDestructive Forces
Boosts your Fire Mastery by X points for 20 seconds. While active, every Fire feat cast will increase the remaining duration of Destructive Forces by 2 seconds.

Breakdown: An essential spell in the Fire Wizard's toolbox. Do not even consider using Veil of Embers as an alternative, because you will get absolutely no benefits from that spell. Destructive Forces on the other hand will increase your Fire Mastery and thus the overall effectiveness of all of your fire spells. So long as you keep on casting, you can keep this effect active. That can be difficult to do with mana shortages or large expanses of empty space between the next enemy, but just keep this in the back of your head.
  • Type: Self Buff
  • Acquisition: Dropped Fire Spellbook
  • Base Mana Cost: Free
  • Base Cooldown: 3 minutes
  • Range: Self
  • Base Casting Time: Instant
  • Target: Self


Trinkets are equipment items which players can acquire beginning at level 28. Each trinket has an ability slot which holds spells that are common between all classes. This means that certain trinket feats may not mesh well with Fire Wizards, while others could enhance your strengths or cover for your weaknesses. Below we'll go over each of these spells.

All trinkets have the following metrics unless otherwise specified:
  • Type: Self Buff
  • Acquisition: Dropped Trinkets
  • Base Mana Cost: 0
  • Base Cooldown: 3 minutes
  • Range: Self
  • Base Casting Time: Instant
  • Target: Self

Trinket Breakdown
1590513503862.pngBrutal Force: Increase your Brutality by X for 20 seconds and your next 3 spells have a 100% chance to critically strike for 6 seconds.

Breakdown: Brutal Force is recommended for every single sub-class in the game. Tanks for threat generation, healing for critical heals in dire situations, and DPS players for massive amounts of damage output in a short span of time. Fire Wizards especially can benefit from this trinket, as they have an Ultimate Rain of Destruction that activates upon reaching 5 critical strikes.
1590513509272.pngConjured Regeneration:Instantly heal yourself for X and increase your Vigor by Y for 20 seconds.

Breakdown: As Fire Wizards don't have a guaranteed healing ability, this trinket could serve as a viable replacement. It is most useful in solo situations where health points are low and it is too risky to continue forward without some regeneration time. You will not find this trinket as useful in party situations when a healer is on standby though.
1590513514765.pngComplete Control: Instantly restore 10% of your Mana and increase your Clarity by X for 20 seconds.

Breakdown: Mana will be a constant battle for Fire Wizards. If you're aiming for a conservative build, then it is recommended to have at least one trinket ability that will assist you on your mission for mana regeneration. Complete Control will instantly provide you with some reserves while cutting your costs, and is a solid one to pick.
1590513519217.pngDeadly Tactics: Increase your Savagery by X for 20 seconds. During this time your attacks ignore 25% of your opponents defenses.

Breakdown: If Pyromaniac is your style then critical hits and damage is where the big numbers are at. Deadly Tactics will increase your Critical Strike chance for a short duration, but if you are choosing between this and Brutal Force, then I would recommend the latter. Guaranteed critical strikes are more favorable after all.
1590513523859.pngGrave Bolt: Summons a bolt of energy empowered by a restless spirit that deals X void to your target. If Grave Bolt initiates combat, it will force the target to engage in solo battle, blocking the enemy's ability to call for aid.

Breakdown: Grave Bolt is unique in that it is currently the only trinket that interacts with an enemy. Despite what the description says, the chance to pull an enemy from a pack is not 100%. In Raids, enemies have higher resistances to pulls and you may find Grave Bolt to fail. This trinket is mainly useful in regions consisting of enemy packs, like Pyrron.
  • Type: Taunt
  • Range: 40 meters
  • Target: Single
1590513529544.pngIndomitable Constitution: Heal yourself for X over 20 seconds and increase your Vitality by X for 60 seconds.

Breakdown: This trinket grants more healing than Conjured Regeneration but it is spread among 20 seconds. For a Fire Wizard that may be too long of a wait.
1590513534495.pngInsight: Restore X mana over 20 seconds and increase your Intellect by X for 60 seconds.

Breakdown: You will likely burn through mana at a faster rate than this trinket will regenerate it. The increase in Intellect is only useful if topped off, as a larger mana pool will make little difference if you are nowhere near the cap.
1590513541206.pngMagical Defiance: Become invulnerable to Magic Damage for 8 seconds and increase your Magic Resist by X for 20 seconds.

Breakdown: This trinket is best left to the tanks who must take big hits from powerful bosses. It is better to rely on stuns such as Fire Burst to prevent enemy damage rather than trinkets such as this.
1590513545842.pngMomentum Shift: Increase your Haste by X and boost your chance to Dodge attacks by 30%. Lasts for 20 seconds.

Breakdown: This trinket works well with another offensive one such as Brutal Force or Deadly Tactics. Use this to decrease casting time so you can dish out as much punishment as possible. The increase in dodge chance will help with some damage mitigation of some enemies survive your onslaught.
1590513550462.pngSoaring Will: The next 3 spells you cast cost 0 mana and increase your Will by X for 20 seconds.

Breakdown: If you opt not to use Arcane Alacrity, then Soaring Will makes for a fairly decent replacement. This will allow you to cast two spells without any mana cost associated with them. Ensure that you use it on high-cost spells such as Mana Fire.
1590513558919.pngTree Form: Turn your skin to bark, shielding against X damage. Lasts for 20 seconds or until used.

Breakdown: The shielding on this spell is minimal and may only protect you from one or two hits. It is one of the worst trinkets in the game.
  • Acquisition: Crafted Trinket
1590513564201.pngWay of the Tortoise: Become invulnerable to Physical Damage for 8 seconds and increase your Armor by X for 20 seconds.

Breakdown: It is better to rely on stuns such as Fire Burst to prevent enemy damage rather than trinkets such as this.
  • Acquisition: Crafted Trinket
1590513568521.pngZephyr's Enclave: Instantly reduce all remaining cooldowns by 40% and increase your Expertise by X for 20 seconds.

Breakdown: If you have a few powerful yet lengthy cooldown spells such as Arcane Alacrity and Mindspark, this trinket will speed them towards becoming available again.

Constructing Your Loadout

We're back with the next phase of constructing your loadout! Since the previous part, you should have learned all about the different types of equipment, Spells & Feats, as well as Trinket Abilities! These will be vital towards completing the next step in the tutorial.

Phase 2: Your Arsenal

This phase is all about noting down which spells, abilities and equipment you plan on using. Let's work off of the choices you made in the previous phase! Let's begin by assessing our limitations. In terms of abilities, here are the number of ability slots per item type as well as the potential Fire Spells you can choose.

Note that there are other Wizard spells, but these are generally considered Ice spells so they are not included in the chart.
So, what now?

It's time to go down the list and reference the descriptions of the various Spells & Feats to choose the ones you desire.

Let's begin with the easy stuff:

Necklace: You've got one option. Take Mindspark
Go for Destructive Forces of course

Talents is a bit trickier, but not by much. You'll want to read through the talents in the talent section itself before considering whether the Ultimate is worthwhile. Neither Blazing Speed nor Invisibility are crucial to playing Fire Wizard though.

Your Staff spells are next. As you can see, there are 7 slots and 9 options to choose from. If you're not interested in having a party support spell, then I would drop consideration for Inner Fire right off the bat. Leaving 8 spells to choose from.

Fireball, Fireburst and Combust are standard spells for any Fire Arsenal. If you plan to run Raids or any content against multiple enemies, you'll be thankful to have Inferno and Flaming Meteor as part of your toolset. You'll generally only use Mana Fire if you have Arcane Alacrity, as they work best together. That leaves Scorching Burn as the odd one out. Of course, you may consider a completely different approach and come out with another set of spells on your staff. Choose whichever ones work for you.

This leaves Trinkets! You can choose 2 of the Trinket spells, but you can always keep extras in your inventory for different scenarios. Below are some suggestions based on a few of the different build possibilities. You don't have to follow the recommendations below of course. Go with whatever floats your boat!

  • Complete Control
  • Insight
  • Soaring Will
  • Zephyr's Enclave
  • Brutal Force
  • Zephyr's Enclave
  • Deadly Tactics
  • Momentum Shift
  • Conjured Regeneration
  • Zephyr's Enclave
  • Complete Control


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Talent choices are the main differences between the various fire builds. Fire has some of the best talent and Ultimate options in the game, so it will be very difficult to choose which ones you'll want. Ultimately, you'll want to test out various configurations to find the one that best suits your purposes. As we are focusing on pure builds rather than hybrid, I will not be considering any of the Ice talents for this section.

Please note that I will be displaying values of talents at their maximum point allotment. If you would like to see the rate of growth for specific talents, please utilize this great talent building tool created by Developer Ivar Hill: Talent Builder

Fire Talent Tree

Talent / UltimateDescription & Breakdown
5 Talents
Your fire spells cause enemies to deal 10% less damage for 10 seconds.

For 5 talent points, you get what you pay for. With this talent you can increase your chances of survival by a small amount and also use it as an enemy debuff in group Raids to do your part in keeping the tank alive. This is not a necessary talent by any means though, unless your role is more of a support build, you'll likely want to save your points for damage based talents.
Fireball now costs 0 mana.

Fireball is one of your standard damage dealing spells, but the mana cost is pretty high. If you find mana to be an issue, and are going for a more conservative approach, then use this Ultimate to save yourself some mana potions. If you're alright with using vast quantities of potions to keep firing off spells, then you don't need this Ultimate.
1590587173158.pngSet Ablaze
10 Talents
Your damaging fire spells now set your enemy Ablaze, dealing 200% standard level fire damage over 15 seconds. Ablaze's damage is boosted by your fire power.

The game does a poor job of explaining what standard level damage is, and I have no intention to bore the audience of this guide with an explanation. What you need to know is that standard level damage is based on a formula. It calculates a specific amount of standard damage based on your level, and in the case of this talent, will then double it and spread that damage out over 15 seconds. This value is also boosted by your Fire Mastery. Set Ablaze's damage ticks can critically strike, making it very valuable for a Brutal Force + Inferno + Flaming Meteor combination to activate Rain of Destruction. This is because all enemies affected by the AoE will take damage ticks that will critically strike.
1590587180882.pngBlazing Speed
Burning energies flow through you for 5 seconds, boosting your run speed by 90% (+Y%) and your mounted speed by 70% (+Y%). Can be cast while mounted or invisible. You also gain 10% increased attack speed.

This Ultimate is an ability which will appear on your feat bar. We have gone over this ability in detail within the Spells & Feats section.
20 Talents
Casting a fire spell has a 40% chance to cauterize your wounds, healing for 400% standard level healing. Cauterize's healing is boosted by your fire power.

This is your main source of healing as a fire wizard. Unless you choose a trinket to supplement this talent, you'll likely want to invest some points into Cauterize to ensure you can heal from your wounds. Note that the healing from this talent is also boosted by your fire power, so it is important to build this attribute up in order to gain additional healing. Cauterize will not trigger on DoT effects, and will only have a chance to proc when actually casting a spell.
1590587192607.pngBrilliant and Bright
When you cast Mind Spark, all other spells will immediately finish refreshing.

This is a very powerful Ultimate that is best used when powerful spells such as Flaming Meteor, Arcane Alacrity and your trinket spells are on cooldown. Use this to get your best spells back on the plate and ready to cast again.
1590587198460.pngVolcanic Blast
30 talents
After casting a fire spell you have a 10% chance to have your next Fireball within 15 seconds be upgraded to a Volcanic Blast. Volcanic Blasts are doubled in size, deal 450% increased damage and stun the enemy for 7 seconds on impact.

This is pretty overpowered, but that shouldn't prevent you from taking advantage of it. The description is a bit wordy, basically every time you cast a fire spell, you have a 10% chance for your next Fireball to deal 450% increased damage and stun the enemy. You must cast Fireball within 15 seconds of this proc though, or it will expire. 10% chance may not seem like much, but at the rate you'll be casting it will occur frequently. 450% increased damage is massive, and if it critically strike that value could be doubled or even tripled.
Combust now has a 50% chance to cause your target to combust again, with subsequent combusts being able to trigger this same effect. This can chain for a maximum of 5 total Combusts.

This is yet another amazing damage dealing ultimate. The main benefit is that it is passive. All that is required on your part is casting Combust, and the ultimate will take it from there. You likely won't see many 5 chain triggers, but 2 or 3 is common and enough to warrant grabbing this Ultimate - as it is essentially 2 - 5 free casts of Combust.
40 Talents
Increases your Fire Power by 40%.

This will boost your Fire Power directly, not your Fire Mastery. Fire Mastery is a stat that feeds your Fire Power. Like most stats, it is subject to diminishing returns. Increasing Fire Power directly on the other hand does not suffer from that drawback. This will essentially boost the Y value (orange value) of all your Fire abilities by 40%! Thereby increasing your damage, healing and other effects from casting spells.
1590587213129.pngRain of Destruction
Every 5th critical strike, fire rains from the sky, dealing 150% standard level fire damage to all enemies caught within.

Rain of Destruction is an Area of Effect damage spell. In order to triggr it often, you'll want to land a lot of critical strikes. Your DoT effects, single target, and AoE spells can all critically strike. So the goal should be to get as many as possible. Using Brutal Force trinket for example to guarantee critical strikes followed by a few AoE spells on a group of enemies will add multiple charges to Rain of Destruction. Even if you cast 1 AoE spell that hits 5 enemies and get a crit with all 5 thanks to Brutal Force it will activate this perk. That is the strategy you'll want to utilize.

Arcane Talent Tree

Talent / UltimateDescription & Breakdown
1590587233010.pngSorcerer's Will
35 Talents
When you are dealt fatal damage, that damage is reduced by 35%, possibly causing it to not be fatal. This reduction is doubled if the damage is magic damage.

If you have 80K health for example, and you are hit for 100K, that damage is considered fatal, since you would most definitely perish. This talent will reduce that value by 35%, causing it to instead deal 65k damage and sparing your live. 35 points is a very hefty investment though, but if surviving is your main priority, look into this talent.
1590587237665.pngVigilant Energies
When you lose 10% or more of your maximum life in a single hit, the damage is reduced by 100% and both Fire Burst and Frost Nova immediately finish their cooldowns. This effect can occur once every 60 seconds.

This Ultimate has a similar theme to the talent it is attached to. The goal is survivability, which is why the two primary stun abilities are triggered whenever this is refreshed. If you are a solo player and vehemently dislike dying, I would potentially consider this talent and ultimate. Frankly, I find that if you carry a big enough stick, you won't have to worry about being hit.
1590587274257.pngMaster of the Arcane
20 Talents
You gain 40% increased Savagery.

Savagery is your critical strike chance, which as we've discussed is an important attribute for Fire Wizards. Like any stat though, it is subject to diminishing returns. If you've already invested a lot of points into Savagery, you may not see much benefit from this stat. If you plan to build up this talent then you will want to invest a decent amount into Savagery and then let the talent itself boost it up by 40%.
Arcane power cloaks you or an ally with invisibility for 60 seconds. Enemies level X and above have a better chance to see through the magic. After the effect ends, or if cast while in combat, you will gain the Blur effect for 15 seconds, causing all attacks against you to have a 50% chance to miss. Enemies very near may see through the effect.

This Ultimate is an ability which will appear on your feat bar. We have gone over this ability in detail within the Spells & Feats section.
20 Talents
Your single target spells and attacks have a 15% chance to deal 200% bonus standard level damage. Frostfire's damage will be the greater of ice or fire.

Note Frostfire only triggers on single target spells. That being said, it is a very powerful proc and useful to deal additional damage to enemies and bosses. 15% chance is also quite solid considering how often you will be casting spells. Since you're a fire wizard, Frostfire's damage will be fire based.
1590587250433.pngArcane Destruction
All of your Area of Effect spells deal 20% increased damage.

Area of Effect spells include Inferno, Fire Burst, Flaming Meteor and Rain of Destruction. Spells that hit multiple enemies within the projected range. Fire Wizards are masters at crowd control, and if you plan to run in Raids or other areas with traveling enemy packs, then this Ultimate will come in handy.
1590587294696.pngKalisar's Vitality
15 Talents
Your Vitality and base Maximum Health are increased by 15%.

As a fire wizard you shouldn't build this talent up unless you truly feel the need to be a bit more tanky. If you find your health is too low, you can supplement it with consumables or Vitality reinforcement runes instead. Spending 15 talent points for a slight health gain will not result in much benefit.
1590587298911.pngMage Armor
You gain 5% increased Armor and Magic Resist for every 20% of your maximum mana you have unspent.

If you have 4000 maximum mana, then 800 mana would equate to 20% of it. If you had all of your mana unspent, you would gain a 25% increase to Armor and Magic Resist. As a mage though, you'll find that to be almost never the case. Most times you may only get a 5% or 10% gain from this ultimate. Not enough to make it worthwhile.
1590587303757.pngRift Bonded
15 Talents
Your Maximum Mana is increased by 975 and your Mana Regeneration is increased by 90%.

If you're trying to be mana conservative, this talent would be one to pick up. The maximum mana increase is enough to cast an additional spells before running dry and the mana regeneration will increase your enable you to regain a decent amount between fights. Crafted Mana potions are still the superior option when it comes to mana restoration though.

Rift Fluctuations
Every 9 to 18 seconds you restore 3% of your maximum mana.

Assuming once again that you have 4,000 maximum mana, then 3% of that would equate to 120 mana. The higher your maximum mana, the more you will regain, so having points invested into Intellect stat would work well with this Ultimate. Using 4,000 max mana as our example though, you could gain at most 360 mana every 30 seconds or as little as 240 mana every 30 seconds.

Talent Builds

Below are some potential talent configurations to consider. There are infinite combinations for Talent setups, and there really is no right way. Below are some options based on some of the build preview examples

You can easily mix and match these setups for whatever suits your purposes. If you consider mana to be more important than additional damage, shoot for that instead. Find whichever setup works best for you.

I have classified each of the Talents / Ultimates into a specific category in the Talent Table above, based on how they impact your character.
  • Offensive
  • Defensive
  • Health
  • Mana
Note that some Talents / Ultimates may appear in multiple categories. I have assigned a rating to those categories for each of the following talent builds. This will allow you to gauge what the build focuses on.

1590587308769.png Conservative I
Level 95
(0 Rebirths) - 105 talents
The Conservative build focuses on mana management above all else. Thus all mana related skills are maxed out. You do suffer from a slight drop in damage due to this.
  • Offense: 6.5/10
  • Defense: 1/5
  • Health: 1/2
  • Mana: 3/3
1590587213129.pngPyromaniac I
Level 95 (0 Rebirths) - 105 talents
The Pyromaniac build focuses entirely on building damage dealing spells. This is a glass cannon build with very low sustainability without crafted mana potions.
  • Offense: 8/10
  • Defense: 0/5
  • Health: 0.25/2
  • Mana: 0/3
1590587298911.pngArcanist I
Level 95 (0 Rebirths) - 105 talents
The Arcanist values surviving above all else. Defense, Health and Mana are the main priorities, with enough damage to still slay enemies. Defense may only be 2 / 5, but that is because the other 3 defensive talents and ultimates are frankly not worth investing in.
  • Offense: 5/10
  • Defense: 2/5
  • Health: 2/2
  • Mana: 3/3
1590587308769.pngConservative II
Level 95 (5 Rebirths) - 130 talents
With 5 rebirths you can increase your offense as your next point of focus since mana is already covered. This is a powerful and balanced build.
  • Offense: 7.5/10
  • Defense: 1/5
  • Health: 1/2
  • Mana: 3/3
1590587213129.pngPyromaniac II
Level 95 (5 Rebirths) - 130 talents
With the upgraded Pyromaniac you push your offense even further, while increasing your healing ability as a byproduct. Similar to Pyromaniac I, this build relies entirely on crafted mana potions in order to keep chugging through combat.
  • Offense: 9.5/10
  • Defense: 0/5
  • Health: 1/2
  • Mana: 0/3
1590587298911.pngArcanist II
Level 95 (5 Rebirths) - 130 talents
The upgraded Arcanist adds some more offense and defense to their build. This wizard should have little trouble staying alive. While their encounters may last longer than Pyromaniac's, they can outlast them in terms of defense and mana.
  • Offense: 6/10
  • Defense: 3/5
  • Health: 2/2
  • Mana: 3/3

Constructing Your Loadout

It's that time again! Now that we've looked over each of the talents, we need to find the right build for you. It's time for Phase 3....

Phase 3 - Talent Configuration

In the table above I have some options for talent builds. There are simply too many choices to list them all out. You've done the ground-work and read about each of these talents. What level are you? How many rebirths do you have under your belt or plan to do? These are important questions to ask yourself. I would suggest using some of the build options above and modifying them based on the playstyle and abilities you have so far. You can always go back and change your mind on decisions you made previously.

Use the Talent Builder to mess around with different configurations. Read about the benefits of each talent / ultimate and how they mesh with your intended use. Once you've found a few builds that suit you, try them out in-game. Reset your talents and try out the different builds in various scenarios. Use the charts to monitor the amount of damage you take and your DPS output. How long does your mana last? How do you stack up to other DPS characters? These are some things you'll simply have to experiment with to find the perfect fit for your build.

Combos & Mechanics

This section covers some useful combos and mechanics that you can utilize. Combos are a sequence of abilities, used in a specific order in order to maximize potential benefits. These benefits could be DPS output, survivablity or other such targets.

Single Target Kiting Combo
Against regular bounties, this is a simple spell cycle to use on them and avoid taking hits.
Sequence: Fireball > Combust > Mana Fire > Blazing Speed > Fire Burst as necessary
You can either initiate with Fire Burst or save it for when the bounty gets too close. If you choose to initiate with it, you'll need to get close enough to the enemy for it to stun them. Follow it up with a cycle of your standard single target attacks listed above. If the bounty gets close, use Fire Burst if it's refreshed and Blazing Speed to quickly gain distance and resume your single target attacks I recommend using the two in tandem because enemies seem to be able to keep up with Blazing Speed unless stunned.

Standard Area of Effect Combo

Purpose: When going against a group of enemies, it is best to use AOE attacks to damage them all simultaneously.
Sequence: Fire Burst > Flaming Meteor > Inferno
Initiate with Fire Burst to stun all enemies without breaking their positioning. Starting with an AOE would draw the enemies towards you, which may cause some to spread out of range. Once the enemies are stunned, use Flaming Meteor and Inferno to deal instant damage along with burning damage over time.

Brutal Force AOE Combo

Purpose: With Brutal Force active, your goal is to deal as much damage as possible in the 4 second window.
Sequence: Arcane Alacrity > Brutal Force > Flaming Meteor > Inferno > Fire Burst > [Mana Fire, Combust, Fireball] > Repeat for 15 seconds > Mindspark > Repeat from start
Breakdown: Arcane Alacrity reduces mana costs by 90%, ensuring you do not run out of mana when executing the combo. Brutal Force will provide 4 seconds of guaranteed critical strikes. Follow that up with AOE attacks to hit as many enemies as possible. This will build charges towards Rain of Destruction very quickly. Once your AOEs are on cooldown, focus on your single-target abilities until the 15 seconds from Arcane Alacrity expires. Then, use Mindspark to refresh all your abilities and repeat the combo again from scratch. Note: Mindspark to refresh abilities requires the Brilliant and Bright Ultimate.


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Primary Stats

Stats are at the forefront of any build. By building up your stats, your character will be able to perform better in combat. All characters have base attributes. A default health pool, mana regeneration rate, cooldown rate and so on. These values can be increased through stats and sometimes even certain talents or ultimates. For example, if your default attack speed is 100% and you have enough points invested into the Haste stat to earn a bonus 24% attack speed boost, then your new attack speed is at 124%.

The blue column are your Stats and they feed into the red column, your Attributes!
As you invest points into your stats, you are improving the core characteristics of your character. Stats have caps, which will limit how much you can increase the corresponding attribute. Since stats are subject to diminishing returns, you will never actually be able to hit the cap. At a certain threshold, it becomes futile to continue investing in a particular stat as the benefits will decrease until it hardly has any impact on the attribute.

How do we raise our Primary Stats?
  • Primary Stats automatically appear on any piece of equipment which is Common or higher in quality.
    • Uncommon and Rare items have an extra stat
  • Primary Stats can be raised by slotting Reinforcement Runes onto gear.
  • Primary Stats can be raised by adding Preparations onto gear.
  • Using Consumables such as Drams temporarily increase certain Primary Stats
  • Certain talents and Ultimates also build up specific Primary Stats
  • Recall that each stat appears on specific pieces of gear as seen below.
We will begin by providing a detailed overview of each stat and glyph in relation to Fire Wizards. Then we will move on to which stat and rune combinations to use.

Below is a breakdown of stats in relation to Fire Wizards.
Stat Breakdown
1590763796248.pngFire Mastery: Increases Fire Power
Cap: 30% | Recommended: 20% - 25%

Fire Power:
Increases the power of your Fire abilities. Increased by anything that boosts ability power.

Breakdown: Increasing Fire Mastery will boost your overall ability power. Any feats or spells which are augmented with Fire Power will become more powerful as Fire Mastery increases.
1590765733787.pngArmor: Increases physical protection
Cap: 50% | Recommended: 30% - 35%

Physical Protection:
Reduces physical damage taken

Breakdown: Armor comes inherently on most of your gear, making it very easy to build up. This attribute will reduce the amount of incoming physical damage you take by a certain percentage. You may find that the inherent armor acquired on your base gear suffices for your purposes. This stat isn't integral for a primary DPS character, but you will want a decent amount to avoid taking massive damage whenever hit.
1590765748975.pngMagic Resist: Increases magical protection
Cap: 50% | Recommended: 30% - 35%

Magical Protection:
Reduces magic damage taken

Breakdown: Magic Resist is a bit harder to acquire than Armor. This attribute will reduce the amount of incoming magic damage. This stat isn't integral for a primary DPS character, but you will want a decent amount to avoid taking massive damage whenever hit. Don't overdo it though.
1590765756049.pngVitality: Increases maximum health
Cap: None | Recommended: 2-3 bars

Maximum Health:
Your total health

Breakdown: Vitality is the only stat which is not subject to diminishing returns. A larger health pool will provide you a buffer when taking big hits. While wizards aren't hit nearly as often as melee characters, whenever they do get hit, it tends to hurt. You'll want a decent health buffer, but nothing extreme. Investing too much will provide you with a large and pointless health pool.
1590765761453.pngVigor: Increases health regeneration
Cap: 2000%, 200% | Recommended: 0 - 20%

Health Regeneration:
Health you regenerate per second when in or out of combat

Breakdown: Vigor's overall health regeneration leaves much to be desired. Unfortunately, Fire Wizards don't have a guaranteed way of regenerating health. The Cauterize talent does provide a chance to do so, but it may not be enough for you. Rather than investing points into Vigor, I would recommend raising the Lifesteal Glyph. You'll gain health through damage, which fits perfectly for a DPS character.
1590765769548.pngIntellect: Increases maximum mana
Cap: +3000 | Recommended: +0 - +2000

Maximum Mana:
Maximum Mana pool

Breakdown: Additional mana will allow you to cast extra spells before your reserves run dry. Maximum mana is only useful when you're at full mana though. Once you start casting, it is your Will and Clarity that will determine how long you can sustain yourself. As a wizard, you'll need a lot of mana, so you will want to put some points into this stat unless you plan to depend entirely on crafted mana potions.
1590765778996.pngWill: Increases mana regeneration
Cap: 8 m/s, 20 m/s | Recommended: 0 m/s - 5 m/s

Mana Regeneration:
Mana you regenerate per second when in or out of combat

Breakdown: Will can boost your mana regeneration by a maximum of 8/s in combat and 20/s out of combat. This will allow you to restore mana quickly between fights or sustain for longer periods during continuous conflicts in Dungeons. The regeneration rate has been calculated to be quite low, so you may wish to avoid building this stat and focus on mana potions for regeneration instead.
1590765793345.pngClarity: Reduces mana costs
Cap: 35% | Recommended: 18% - 30%

Mana Costs:
Reduces the mana cost of feats and spells

Breakdown: Fire Feats tend to come with a high mana cost. Reducing their mana costs across the board will have a generous effect and save you from running out of mana every 20 seconds.
1590765798171.pngHaste: Increases attack speed
Cap: 30% | Recommended: 15% - 25%

Attack Speed:
Increases the frequency of normal attacks and lowers cast time of feats and spells

Breakdown: Greater attack speed will allow you to pull off additional attacks in the same window of time. This will also speed up the rate of your ability casting. You'll want decent haste so you can cast more spells during effects with limited windows such as during Brutal Force or Arcane Alacrity.
1590765807924.pngExpertise: Increases cooldown rate
Cap: 50% | Recommended: 30% - 45%

Cooldown Rate:
Reduces cooldown time of feats and spells

Breakdown: This goes hand in hand with haste. Having the ability to cast quicker is beneficial so long as something is readily available to cast. Increasing Expertise will result in faster refresh rates for your spells, which is essential for spamming mana fire during Arcane Alacrity for example.
1590765814184.pngSavagery: Increases critical chance
Cap: 20% | Recommended: 12% - 18%

Critical Chance:
Gives a chance to deal bonus damage with feats, spells and attacks

Breakdown: Critical Strikes deal a minimum of double the damage of a regular hit. This increase your damage dealing capabilities considerably. This is one of the most essential stats for any character, but especially a DPS role.
1590765821374.pngBrutality: Increases critical damage
Cap: 150% | Recommended: 85% - 135%

Critical Damage:
Bonus damage dealt by critical hits

Breakdown: Critical Damage upgrades mean that your critical strikes hit as hard as 3x to 3.5x their normal variants. If you critically strike often, you'll want as much damage as possible to come out of it.


Glyphs are gameplay modifiers that accentuate your chosen role. As primarily a damage dealing role, you'll want to focus on Glyphs that supplement that playstyle.

Glyphs feed directly into your attributes. This is why they are so powerful! Rather than boosting your stats (which suffer from diminishing returns and have soft caps) they will simply pump up your attributes themselves which do not have these limitations. Glyphs do have their own caps though, so make sure you keep that in mind and avoid over-investing into some.

How do we acquire Gylphs?
  • Gylphs appear on gear that is Rare quality of higher. Epic and Legendary gear will have two Glyphs, as opposed to the one on Rare gear.
  • Gylphs can also be slotted onto gear using Reinforcement Runes.
  • Gylphs can be imbued onto gear through the use of Preparations.
  • Recall that each Glyph appears on specific pieces of gear as seen below.
The following table will provide a quick description and breakdown of each Glyph from a Fire Wizard's perspective.

1590767215011.pngBerserk: After taking damage 30 separate times, you gain X% increased ability power for 30 seconds.
Cap: 20% | Recommended: 0%

, similar to Blasting, will not have much of an impact for ranged characters. Especially a crowd-controller with access to stuns such as Fire Wizards. You won't be hit often, so this Glyph will not activate much at all, if ever.
1590767222296.pngBlasting: After being hit, you have a 10% chance to release a blast of X damage to all enemies around you.
Cap: Scales with level | Recommended: 0%

will not trigger much due to the same reasoning explained above for Berserk. For that reason, there is no point in investing into it.
1590767233375.pngFlux: After spending 1,500 mana, you gain X% bonus ability power for 30 seconds.
Cap: 15% | Recommended: 10% - 13%

is an all-purpose perk which is useful to any sub-class but especially for mana-hungry Wizards. You will want to upgrade this heavily.
1590767238882.pngGlory: You gain X% increased ability power and Y% increased resistances for every enemy you defeat, maximum of 5 charges.
Cap: 8% Ability Power, 4% Resistance | Recommended: 4%-6% Ability Power, 2%-3%Resistance

increases both offense and defense, making it a powerful Glyph. This will assist with building up your lack of Resistance while also pumping up your ability power for increased damage. This works best in Raids, but also comes in handy during solo sessions so long as you don't allow the charges to expire.
1590767244995.pngJuggernaut: You have a 5% chance to deal X% of current health as damage.
Cap: 23.1% of health as damage | Recommended: 0% of health as damage

is basically another critical strike but it is based on your health. Traditionally best for tanks with large health pools, Juggernaut will not be as effective for ranged DPS classes with smaller max health. You will be better off investing into other Glyphs for damage.
1590767252482.pngLifesteal: When you deal damage, you have a 15% chance to heal for X% of the damage dealt.
Cap: 40% | Recommended: 15% - 35%

works best for classes with a high rate of fire and damage. Fire Wizards meet this criteria, and their lack of guaranteed healing means that Lifesteal is genuinely useful towards topping off your health.
1590767259005.pngMagic Find: All dropped gear now has a X% chance to be upgraded in rarity.
Cap: 10% | Recommended: 0%

Magic Find
serves no purpose in combat. I would avoid any gear with this stat. Some players make specific farming gear which is high on Magic Find so that they can get better loot from Zingaras and Elders.
1590767263991.pngOnslaught: You deal X% bonus damage to enemies that are over the Y% health threshold.
Cap: 25% damage, 80% health threshold | Recommended: 12% - 20% damage, 90% - 85% health threshold

Due to Scorching Burn, wizards can quickly arrive first to conflicts in group scenarios. Thus, enemies will be at their maximum health. Loading up on Onslaught will allow you to inflict extra damage early on which will be useful towards dropping enemies quickly and efficiently. This applies to solo encounters as well.
1590767271764.pngPoise: Your ability power is increased by X% while your health is higher than 95%
Cap: 15% | Recommended: 8% - 12%

is a powerful spell for ranged casters as it will grant bonus damage simply for being at or neat max health. So long as you keep your distance and stun enemies who arrive at melee range, you'll earn powerful benefits from this Glyph in both solo and group content.
1590767277265.pngShielding: While not in combat, you gain an absorb shield absorbing X damage .
Cap: Scales with level | Recommended: 0%

provides you with a small defensive buffer in between confrontations. This is not really necessary for your purposes.
1590767287040.pngVoidstrike: After damaging an enemy you have a 5% chance to gain a Voidstrike, causing your next single target ability to deal bonus X% Void damage that ignores Armor and Magic Resist.
Cap: 40% | Recommended: 25% - 35%

has the great impact in the hands of DPS classes. Especially those with powerful single-target abilities such as Fire Wizards. If Mana Fire or a Volcanic Blast earns a Voidstrike charge? That is massive damage.

Constructing Your Loadout

It's time for one of the most important phases in constructing your loadout: your runes and stats! Depending on your level you will want to limit the number of sockets you spend filling slots. If you want to be a level 40 top-notch damage dealer, go for it. If you'd rather wait until 90+ before you start investing heavily into gear then by all means it is up to you. Just know that creating optimal builds requires sockets, and you will need at least 25 - 35 sockets for your full end-game build. So keep that amount in reserve off to the side. The amount of sockets you should spend is quite malleable depending upon your intentions and willingness to purchase additional ones if you run dry.

Once your budget has been sorted out, it's time to decide what we are actually slotting onto your gear! In terms of active runes (Spells, Feats, Trinkets) you should already be set, as we covered those earlier. Thus, we'll be focusing on passive runes and reinforcement runes.

Your Gear stats are broken down into 3 main components:
  • Base Stats
  • Base Glyphs
  • Runes
We will go over each of these during phase 4...

Phase 4 - Gear Stats and Runes

It's time to begin selecting which base stats you want on your equipment. We've gone over each of them in detail, so you should have an idea of what every single one of them does. If you find yourself unsure about what a particular stat does, please refer to the tables above for their description and breakdowns. Without a firm understanding of stats, you will have a difficult time deciding which ones are best for your build.

The Chart below has a list of primary base stats you can find across each of the equipment types. Note that the Stats are color-coded:
  • Defensive / Health: Yellow
  • Mana: Blue
  • Offensive: Red
So if you're aiming to raise specific qualities for your build, then you know which stats to look out for. Also note that you can find a maximum of 2 per item. So choose wisely. Once again though, make sure you read and understand what each stat does!
Once you've finished marking down the base stats you prefer on your equipment, it is time to check out Glyphs. The difficulty with the gear system is RNG. As gear can have 2 random Stats and 2 random Glyphs maximum per item, it can be difficult to find the combination you are looking for. This is why you need to be a little flexible. Don't pick 2 strict stats and glyphs that you want, but give yourself some leeway and select 3 or 4 potential stats and glyphs per item. This will give you better chances at finding a suitable piece of gear. If you'd rather be very strict it's your choice, but it will lead to frustration.

Here is a chart for your Glyph options. I will note that Magic Find is not on this chart. I removed it because it has nothing to do with combat. Once again I will impart the same advice: Read and understand each Glyph before choosing the ones you'd like for your gear. The Glyphs are categorized as such:
  • Defensive: Yellow
  • Offensive: Red
  • Defense + Offense: Purple
2 Glyphs maximum per item. So pick a few potential ones that you like and note them down.
Now it's time to pick runes! You have a lot more control over these because you can mix-and-match them via gnogmentation.

Personally I always select Reinforcement Runes over the alternative "Augmentation Runes" when given the choice. I've found that there is always one stat or another which can be built up another notch. Others may have differing opinions, but this is what works for me.

The table below will list out the stats and reinforcement runes which can be found on each piece of gear. It's difficult to provide a cookie-cutter build because your choices depend greatly on the RNG combination of stats on your base gear. If you manage to invest a lot of points into Expertise just from your base gear, then you may not need to slot Expertise runes into your gear. Try and aim for your target values for each stat and select runes based on where you're currently sitting in relation to those goals.

The stats below are broken up into categories by color, so you can decide which stats fit best for your build:
  • Passive: Pink
  • Mana: Blue
  • Defense / Health: Yellow
  • Offense: Red
  • Defense + Offense: Purple
You can read about each stat and glyph in greater detail in the tables above as well. Don't spread yourself too thin among too many different stats and glyphs. Focus on a few core ones and build those up to a solid level. Don't forget about diminishing returns though! Finally, don't forget about other runes such as Pyromania and Elder Bane.


Preparations are crafted items which can be added onto your equipment and will boost a specific stat. There are 6 preparations in total, each is tied to a specific equipment type. You can overwrite existing preparations with higher level versions if you ever need to upgrade them. You might as well use all of these preparations as they are cheap and easy to acquire.
1590767668375.pngPowder: Apply to Weapon to permanently increase Expertise by X points

Smithing - Available to all
1590767671913.pngExtract: Apply to Helm to permanently increase Blasting by X points

Smithing - Requires Preparation Specialization
1590767675201.pngEmbroidery: Apply to Armor to permanently increase Bonus Armor by X points

Tailoring - Available to all
1590767679338.pngStitching: Apply to Belt to permanently increase Poise by X points

Tailoring - Requires Preparation Specialization
1590767683674.pngResin: Apply to a pair of gloves to permanently increase Savagery by X points

Woodcrafting - Available to all
1590767687661.pngPitch: Apply to a pair of boots to permanently increase Onslaught by X points

Woodcrafting - Requires Preparation Specialization


The standard consumables for Raids and Elder raids include breakfasts, mana rolls, mana potions, fish-steaks and drams. I would suggest either a Mastery Dram or a Malice Dram. Both are damage oriented. All of these can be crafted from the cooking skill.
1590767825832.pngBreakfast: Increases Armor, Magic Resist, Intellect, Will, Vitality and Vigor by X for 1 hour.
1590767829646.pngFish Steak:Increases Vitality by X for 1 hour.
1590767833090.pngMana Roll: Boosts Intellect and Will by X for 1 hour.
1590767836870.pngMana Potion: Restores 10% of your missing mana instantly, and another 1,000 mana over 30 seconds. Mana over time restored is tripled when not in combat. Grants a mana shield that protects the player for X damage or for 30 seconds.
1590767842061.pngHealing Potion: Restores X health over 30 seconds
1590767849611.pngDram: There is a different dram for every Primary Stat.


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Playstyle Strategies

Solo Content
Fire Wizards
are powerful against both single-target and group enemies so long as you have the appropriate spells added to your loadout. Fireball, Combust and Fire Burst I would consider essential against any single foe. When going against a pack of opponents you'll likely want Inferno and Flaming Meteor as well. Either begin confrontations with a Fire Burst to stun enemies for 7 seconds, or save it for when / if they survive your initial onslaught. Note that Fire Burst is a close range AoE, so you will have to be around melee distance from the enemies in order to properly stun them. Many times I've seen players using Fire Burst from much too far away, and it has no effect in those cases.

During Elders is when you'll want to focus on your high damage combos, some of which we'll go over in the Advanced Mechanics section. These utilize proper timing, trinkets and ability cycling for massive damage output in a short span of time. When these are on cooldown, continue using your powerful single-target abilities such as Fireball and Combust. Maintain a safe distance from the Elder and use Blazing Speed to rush forward whenever you feel the need to cast a Fire Burst. Don't stand too close to the Elder unless you're prepared to take some splash damage from their AoE attacks.

For Raids you'll want to focus on high critical strike chance and damage more than ever due to the amount of group-based enemies. This will trigger Rain of Destruction often, allowing you to decimate packs without relying on Inferno and Flaming Meteor for every conflict. If running in parties, Blazing Speed is useful to rush forward and interact with objectives or stun enemies prior to the arrival of your team.

Constructing Your Loadout

You did it! You made it to the end of the Guide. Congratulations on your progress so far, I truly hope it was insightful. Now it's time for your final steps towards building the Fire Wizard of your dreams!

Phase 5 - Putting it all Together

So what have you learned throughout this guide?
  • During Phase 1 you should have decided generally which type of Fire Wizard you are planning to create. Such as a survival oriented solo player, or a DPS glass cannon for example.
  • During Phase 2 you will have checked out the various abilities and trinkets and noted down which ones fit well with the style of play you intend on choosing.
  • During Phase 3 you received an in-depth look at the various talents and ultimates. By the end of that section you will have familiarized yourself with a few potential talent configurations to test out.
  • Finally, during Phase 4 you have learned about the different types of stats, glyphs and consumables and decided on which runes you plan to slot onto your gear.
Now is the time to put all of that together and actually create your loadout! Where do we start?

Begin by collecting the various abilities you need as those are pivotal towards engaging in most forms of combat. Slay Elders, craft some Staffs and farm some zingara, Elders and bounties until you've assembled each of the spells you desire. Make sure the abilities runes aren't more than 5 levels lower than your combat level.

Next, find some decent base gear of Epic quality of higher to equip. These can be collected through loot drops from enemies, quest rewards, master crafting or Raids. This gear doesn't have to be perfect, it's just a placeholder until you're able to acquire some high rarity gear with optimal stat combinations.

Once you've done that, slot some reinforcement runes into your gear. Depending on your level, this may range from free slots only to every single slot (maxed out). Choose the reinforcement runes that supplement the stats you noted down during Phase 4. The stats that support the type of build you're aiming to create.

Now it's time to upgrade your base gear. Don't worry, transferring runes from one item to another will not cost you extra sockets. With this gear on-hand. You have a few options for how you wish to acquire this gear. Either get some epic items from master crafting or through Raids and Elder bosses. If you plan to do the latter two options, stock up on consumables, you'll need them.

Look for base gear of Epic quality or higher that has stats and glyphs that work well with your build. Aim for 3 / 4, but if you manage to find that perfect 4 / 4 combination then snag it! Transfer your runes over, enhance the item to Legendary and add a preparation onto it.

Rinse and repeat this process for each type of equipment!

Endgame Builds

In progress

Advanced Mechanics

Lucas Crowalker

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Lucas Crowalker, Akrix
I have a question. I am a fire wizard, and in raids my damage is high, but my defenses are very low. I have to make sure I tank from behind and attract no enemies, otherwise I die almost instantly. Is there a talent that helps my defenses in this way? If not, how can I improve my armor and magic resist? I would love to tank from behind a lot and not worry about attracting enemies.


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I have a question. I am a fire wizard, and in raids my damage is high, but my defenses are very low. I have to make sure I tank from behind and attract no enemies, otherwise I die almost instantly. Is there a talent that helps my defenses in this way? If not, how can I improve my armor and magic resist? I would love to tank from behind a lot and not worry about attracting enemies.
You can add reinforcement runes to your gear which boost both magic resist and bonus armour.

I am a little confused by your post though - the purpose of a tank is to take aggro in order to protect the other members of the party. It contradicts the concept of tank if you are trying to avoid attracting enemies. If what you mean is to play in an evasion tank role, the mechanics of this game do not really allow for the evasion tank.

Lucas Crowalker

Great Adventurer
Lucas Crowalker, Akrix
Thanks for the tip! What I mean is I like playing as the secondary tank when the boss is level scaled cause I can defeat my level bosses just fine(besides Elders, of course). I usually can kill the boss before he can kill me, and I am not used to minions attacking me while I am killing the bounty boss.


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Ice wizards have the tools to be able to more easily off-tank adds (with their strong shield, relatively high mitigation, and a ~30% health hot on a 6 second cooldown), but Fire wizards are meant for damage, not tanking; they trade defenses for high damage.

Edit: if adds are a problem, fire burst to stun them, beat on 1 or 2, then mindspark (with Brilliant and Bright to reset cooldowns), then rinse/repeat to pick off the adds.
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From my experience, fire can be even better at survivability than ice... šŸ˜‚ hybrid is another thing though.

Lucas Crowalker

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Lucas Crowalker, Akrix
I have my spell recommendations for fire wizards, but they may not be too successful. My recommendations are: Staff: Healing Floes, Fireball, and Flaming Meteor Talent Runes: Blazing Speed, Frost Nova Trinket 1: Brutal Force Trinket 2: Any Necklace Rune: Any
NOTE: MY NAMES MAY BE INACCURATE Possible Inacurates: Healing Floes, Flaming Meteor


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I have my spell recommendations for fire wizards, but they may not be too successful. My recommendations are: Staff: Healing Floes, Fireball, and Flaming Meteor Talent Runes: Blazing Speed, Frost Nova Trinket 1: Brutal Force Trinket 2: Any Necklace Rune: Any
NOTE: MY NAMES MAY BE INACCURATE Possible Inacurates: Healing Floes, Flaming Meteor
It's ice floes. Flaming meteor is correct I think.

Brother Alf

Brother Alf
Thank you Mayweda for your great contribution for making this guide possible!