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Happy Friday! And once again, we have more fantastic work this week! Priscilletco, thank you for making me so unexpectedly burst out laughing. Mia, wow, you are a true crafter and artisan. Ishanroyc, woot, a player who sees the point of view of the 'villain,' and Hairy Man, dance on, buddy! :D

  • First Place = a tie
    • Priscilletco (EU1) - 'PUMPKIN HEAD'
    • Mia de Zweede (EU2) - 'Otter Decoration and Night Light'
  • Second Place = ishanroyc (EU1) - 'Zikiti's Cry'
  • Third Place = Hairy Man (EU1) - 'The Beauty and the Beast - Love of Haunted Moors'

Pumpkin Head In-game:

game pumpkin head.jpeg

If Pumpkin Head Comes to the Real World and Has Starbucks Coffee:

By Priscilletco

This is a crochet and handcrafted decoration and night light. The batterybox for the LED lights in the acrylic ball is located in the otter's belly. The otterpattern is from "Spin a Yarn Crochet".

My idea: "mad otter" looks into the ball, the world of the 7 realms, sees the player having fun. And we give a little bit of this fun back to the team and other players with our contributions.
-- Mia



By Mia de Zweede

Zikiti’s Cry by ishanroyc

Sometimes...I wish things were a bit different…
Sometimes I wish I wasn’t a spider from waist down…
Mother? Why did you not call that witch to your party?
Mother? Why do I have to bear the curse of that witch?

I am a half spider because my mother excluded a witch from a gathering,
I was cursed in the womb to be my parent’s punishment,
I was born a half spider from the womb,
But rather than accepting me! Their very own child!
They abandoned me and hence the punishment as well…
In the end it was me who was punished…
All hated me and cursed me,
And threw me out of the Bandicott Village.

There I was taken in by my kind!
The spiders! They liked me! They took me in!
And when finally I grew strong, I finally had my revenge!
Killed all in Bandicott Village!
Killed the very woman who birthed me and left me to die with my own hands!
Am...I the one in the wrong here?
They abandoned me first!
I only did what was right in my mind!

Sometimes I wish I was just a normal girl,
Sometimes I dream of a life where I wasn’t cursed,
Playing the village with fellow human friends,
But alas, that is only a dream, a wish…

But I am unlike my mother,
who abandoned her own child!
I take in abandoned children and raise them as my own!
Giving them more motherly love than my mother ever could have given me!
And I teach them… to hate, curse and kill,
All those who try to hurt us, my family!
I am only a child rearing, loving and caring mother,
But if you come here, hurt my children, then you will face me,
The Mother of all those who reside here, in the Bandicott Woods!
I am a mother, and I will protect them all…
So, I hope you will reconsider,
Before facing the wrath of Zikiti, the Human Spider!

By Hairy Man


Royal Guardian
Mutsie, Undertow, Susurrus, Jools
Congrats to all winners, that's some great stuff, well done!
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Great Adventurer
Wait,Bubble O Seven, Powunow, Wait 4Bubbles, and Baby Bubble
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