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And here we are on the last Friday before the big build goes live!! (That felt good saying that. 😉) As always, we have some fantastic entries this week! Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all who submitted.

First Place = Dark Ghostman (EU2) - 'Off-Road Stunthorse - Action! Part 2'
Second Place = Katona (US2) - 'The Grail of Noobius Maximus'
Third Place = Neia (EU1) - 'Meeting in Deep Water'

By Dark Ghostman

The Grail of Noobius Maximus by Katona

Noobius Maximus looked over the horizon as he carefully put one foot on the highest parapet of Castle Ardent; from this peak he could see the heavy wall of fog that surrounded The Haunted Moors with his trusty “Gnomish Goggles of Viewing”. He was proud of himself for winning that very heated auction, then suddenly his mind raced back to the moment he read the grotesque note that had been shoved into his hand by a small boy who then ran quickly into the crowds of Ardent, and disappeared. He remembered why he was here.

Squinting against a cloudy sky that shouldn’t have seemed so bright, he thought he could actually see the tops of buildings peeking from underneath the heavy fog, or were they pyres? He shook his head a bit, as if that would clear the fog blocking his view when a crow of particular stature and what looked to be rubies for eyes lit upon the parapet beside him and opened its’ mouth widely.

Noobius stared at the creature, unaware that his own mouth was gaping open too, and his hands had drawn themselves upon his chest then just hung there, like dead fish on a pike. He waited for what seemed to be longer than he could ever normally wait for anything. In fact, his friends called him Leeroy because of that impatience, but he knew in his heart that he was a hero.

The devil bird suddenly fluttered its huge wings, cocked its’ head to one side and gave out the most raucous screech Noobius had ever heard in his life. He could have sworn the bird said “DRUDA” as it lifted into the air and flew in the direction of the moors.

Noobius knew something foul was afoot as he lost his balance and slid from the parapet to the cobblestones below.

“Hey there, LEEROY! You look to be a little down on your luck!” A voice full of laughter called as Noobius slowly stood and brushed off his shiny, new, Oober-made cuirass.

“I” he said with grandeur, “I, am Noobius Maximus! I will prevail! Now, please direct me to the portal of the Haunted Moors!”

The crowd gasped in unison and watched in silence as the brave Noobius started walking north from Ardent, in the direction of the dreaded moors. As he walked, Noobius sadly thought he probably should have finished his training and gotten that free horse from King Leo, but AH! Forging forth into danger poorly equipped was what he did, and he did it quite well.

The wind violently tossed the trees in all directions and voices which seemed to be everywhere, yet nowhere called the name, “DRUDA” . . .

“It’s a summoning!” Noobius nervously thought to himself.

Then brave Noobius disappeared into the fog that surrounded The Haunted Moors. Soon, his friends would join him too, as both the powerful and weak would be commissioned to prevent the dreaded Druda from escaping her prison, the dark moors.

A chant arose from Ardent that started with a whisper, and ended with a roar.

“We have destroyed the evils of Donalda, we have extinguished the fires of Mallok and we will save the gluteus of Noobius Maximus!”

As the trees turned their leaves and shook them off in a glorious display of color a strange moon rose, then hovered above the haunted moors.

“Druda, my love, it is your time!” Hissed a voice that was both male and female, growlingly low, yet inexplicably sounded like many voices. A voice of one, yet many.

And Druda awoke from her slumber.


By Neia