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Happy Friday! Wow, so many FANTASTIC entries! Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all who submitted. :D

  • First Place = a tie
    • Monilune (EU1) - 'The Strongest of Them All'
    • Ivyleaf (US3) - 'Lil Alfred'
  • Second Place = kirito01001011 (US2) - 'How the V&H Population Almost Went Extinct'
  • Third Place = Regar and Amandiell (US1) - 'The Dummy and The Diell, Vol. 4'


By Monilune

Lil Alfred.jpg
By Ivyleaf

How the V&H Population Almost Went Extinct

Ready your weapons and buff up they shouted

Entering the empowered ladder the area was so crowded

After all it’s a new addition people were excited

Easily killed the first few bosses they were delighted!

Arriving at a certain boss, by the scenery they were taken

They charged thinking they can handle it, ohh they were mistaken!

A blast of fire wiped them out one by one sending them back to pad

They stood there in shock, trying to understand, is this a trap?

They went back in there, reaching the boss, they gathered

Not knowing that yet again they were bound to scatter

Golden showers of light covered the ground
Resurrected players refusing to stay down!

But alas, endless lines of red spelled their defeat

For only a certain few managed to complete the feat!

The rest came back to admire the beauty of the vale

Waiting to see if the rest will prevail!

Endless tries were made after that to find a way to survive this deadly foe

And every day we will wake up and come back for more

Though I might suggest that if she tones it down a bit

We might start to like her and just pay her a visit

We are a friendly bunch we’ll throw her a party instead of just kill it!

---By kirito01001011

By Regar and Amandiell


congrats to all!
special shoutout to kiri! You must really hate anosia :giggle: