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Mad Otter Games
And it's Friday again! Great entries, thanks for the smiles. 😁 (And Imp, your kids are adorable!) Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all who submitted!

First Place = Impresario (US3) - 'V&H Vendors'
Second Place = Mia Phönixfeder (EU2) - 'Unsichtbarkeitstrank'

Third Place = Raphael Lenglet (EU1) - 'Headphones on, volume at max, nearly had a heart attack'

I was inspired to make this when I accidentally bought a stack of ten boars. The new interface defaults to a full stack of animals! These are my actual children with one of our chickens (One-Eyed Mama Bird).


V&H Vendors by Impresario

Unsichtbarkeitstrank by Mia Phönixfeder

English Translation:

Oh, no!
The water wasn't pure enough?
And the fish was way too small and tough?
And the beetle is too big to chew
What am I going to do?
The fruits are all maggoty?
The soup is too hot to drink?
Oh, what a stink!
Maybe I shouldn't have brewed with devotion
this wondrous invisibility potion?

Headphones on, volume at max, nearly had a heart attack by Raphael Lenglet