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Happy Friday! Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all who submitted. :)

  • First Place = Vana r (US2) - 'Another Hidden Secret Lies in Oak Valley'
  • Second Place = Tiggery (US3) - 'Ladder 1'
  • Third Place = leonardoaqp (US1) - 'It Is Very Hot Here'

Another Hidden Secret Lies in Oak Valley

A dark dimension lies in Oak Valley, only to the curious it will show

Sacrificing yourself to the void, only then will you truly know!

A darkness lurks at the entrance of Dark Monk Canyon, hidden underneath an arc,

Find it just like I did, I'll even help, I'll show you the mark

Come here then join my side, in you I see a spark

Enter this obscure location and show me how you glow in the dark!


By Vana r

Ladder 1

Ladder 1, Ladder 1 this is V&H Player1 you copy?
V&H Player1 this is Ladder 1, we copy loud and clear!
Ladder 1, kk we are about to enter the empowered ladder, copy.
V&H Player1 we suggest you buff extensively and bounce around a lot when you reach Anosia, copy.
Copy Ladder 1. Have heard rumors of ghastly deaths at Anosia.
V&H Player1, yes (coughs) a few anyway. Copy.
Ladder 1, reaching Anosia now.... feels pretty hot in here, copy.
Copy V&H Player1. Good luck.
Ladder 1, Ladder 1, OMG we’ve lost several already. Don’t know how much more we can take. Copy?
Copy V&H Player1.
Ladder 1, send reinforcements! Copy?
Copy V&H Player1.
Ladder 1, nvm....
Copy V&H Player1. RIP

---By Tiggery

By leonardoaqp