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Another week of terrific entries! Fridays are nice, aren't they? Congratulations to the winners, and a big thanks to all who submitted! 😁

  • First Place = a tie
    • Elijahiel Gaysong and Lord7sins (EU1) - 'Maho Planks and Elijahiel's Diary Entries'
    • Mia Phönixfeder (EU2) - 'Die Beule'
  • Second Place = Viranda (US2) - 'Sunset on Maiden'
  • Third Place = Sinjin and Valyant (US3) - 'Thank the Wabbits'


Elijahiel’s Entry Diary #45

“Finally, I have found a “home” home. A proper place I can settle down. Its kinda fitting considering this particular part of town really likes pirates and faeries! Yay! Although, I think this neighbourhood is full of weird characters. xD ”

Elijahiel’s Entry Diary #50

“One night, I was passing by Ardent City to get home, i noticed a small street party. People were dressed up and i heard... music. Faeries love music! I had stop and gander what this midnight gathering was.

To my wonder, there were festival tricks, fireworks and magic! And a lot of dancing and cheering. *Hehe*

And there, this particular dashing and charming gentleman that stood out... (or was it a demon or devil?) Anyway, he clapped his hands and all these flowers and vines and trees came out of no where! Ekkkk! If that doesn't that make your heart flutter with excitement, what would?! Ahhh, such a beautiful magic... Ardent City, you are full of surprises!

Later I found out that demon-devil-gentleman, stayed down my weird and wonderful neighbourhood. What a strange *tee-hee* world it is!”

Elijahiel’s Entry Diary #65

“Sometimes I like peruse the wares in the market place to see if i could find some charter tokens or get some nice discounts in the Auction House. (I keep forgetting the prices are getting ridiculous!) *Put some pricey zogs in the auction*

And there he was, the demon-devil-gentleman with the most wonderful magic tricks, at the town square, shouting something... I skipped my way up-to him and asked, what was he doing?

He grinned, and told me he was advertising. Advertising? I thought.

“Advertising what?” I asked.

He replied, “Maho Planks, a tree you can stand-by, a board you can trust, if you are looking for mats/tokens, Maho Planks has what you need (*whispers* PM if interested!)”

I hid my laugh so hard I had to turn around and pretend I was coughing XD

He smiled and bowed courteously.

“If you need any materials, Lord7Sins, is at your service”.

I asked, where would i find him again?

And then he bowed again and waved a gesture to a small narrow path off the side street. It looked a bit scary... but, he reassured me that its all safe.

(Well, why not?! I don’t hold any valuables on me!)

As we squeezed down the narrow pathway of stores and walls, in the end, there was his little humbled stall.

In front of it, laid his trusty Blue star Yeti, napping. He, then, sniffed his master returns and wakes up, snorting and grunting with excitement! (Ekkk! Its so cute!!!)

Lord7sins give him a pat on the nose and said,

“Now, behave. I’ll walk you later but first, we have a guest...”

I’m pretty sure at this moment, if this yeti had a tail, it would wag the whole place down. xD

Lord7sins smiled and open his arms,
“Welcome to Maho Planks!!”

I looked around his wares and then up at the sign. It didn't quite read Maho Planks.

He saw my expression and laughed. He quickly explained to me that the artist remembered his company name wrong and it would cost more to change it.

I giggled an “awwww”.

I told him, this little stall and his business was really cute. I asked if he would mind if I sketched it?

He was over the moon when I asked!! He calmly walked behind the stall and posed. *heh*

When I finished the sketch, I bowed and thanked him for showing me his little stall and his trusty Yeti.

He grinned.

“Always a helping hand for potential clients, especially now, you know where to go for supplies...” He winked.

“Thank you! Ill see you around” I replied.

By Elijahiel Gaysong Lord7sins

Die Beule

Bei einem Kampfe neulich,

traf ich auf einen Riesen gräulich.

Dieser schwang seine Keule

und ich hatte eine Beule.

Ging zum Gastwirt, ihn zu fragen

und ihm meine Klagen vorzutragen.

Von der Keule ,

eine Beule?

Ach du grüne Neune.

Sollst bei mir ruhen eine Weile,

und vergessen ist die Beile.

Trank Wein und Bier in der Taverne,

bis ich sah nur noch Sterne.

So der ganze Kopf mir schmerzte.

Meine Schritte mich zu einem „Freund“ der Rüstung machte lenkten.

Dieser sah mich an mit traurigen Bedenken.

Erzählte ihm mein Leid, nachdem er mich tat fragen.

Von der Keule ,

eine Beule?

Ach du grüne Neune.

Solltest tragen einen Helm aus Platte,

und die Keule wirkt wie ein Ball aus Watte.

Die Beule im Weg,

der Helm nicht passt.

Der Kopf er schmerzt.

Ein Händler beherzt,

legte auf meinen Kopf gekühltes Fleisch.

Von der Keule ,

eine Beule?

Ach du grüne Neune.

Gut das ich dich traf, das Glück ist dir hold,

und ich bezahlte den halben Beutel voller Gold.

Meinen Kopf umgab bald eine stinkende Wand,

doch die Beule nicht verschwand.

Ein Magier voller Frost rief:

„Von der Keule ,

eine Beule?

Ach du grüne Neune.

Die geht doch fast von allein,

wieder in deinen Kopf hinein.“

So zückte er seinen Stab.

Kraftlos ich zu Boden sink,

denk: „Eine Beule ist ein doofes Ding!“

Verschwommen nur erkenn ich ihn,

schüttelt seinen Kopf:

Von der Keule ,

eine Beule?

Ach du grüne Neune.

Er beugt sich über mich,

legt mir auf dem Kopf die Zauberhand,

flößt ein mir einen Trank,

fühle mich stark und nicht mehr krank.

Von der Keule

eine Beule?

Hilft dir weiter

nur ein Heiler!

---By Mia Phönixfeder

Thank you, Tiberius, for translating!

In English:

The Bump

During my last fight,
a dreadful giant with all his might,
hit me with his club real hard,
so a bump on my head soon did start.

Went to the innkeeper to cry,
about what happened nearby.

A bump now I had,
since he clubbed me on the head.
Too bad, so sad!

You should rest with me for a while,
the innkepper said with a smile.

So I drank wine and beer throughout the night,
until I only saw stars … and not from the fight!

Ouch, and my head's still hurt … and I'm still a pretty sorry sight.

Next I went to a friend in the armor trade,
who looked me in the eyes and saw how I paid,
my good looks gone and ego deflate.

A bump now I had,
since a giant clubbed me on the head.
Too bad, so sad!

A plate helmet you should have worn,
and the club would have broke like a tree in a storm.

But now with the bump in the way,
no helmet will fit, not even halfway.
And my head is still in disarray.

A trader, courageously,
put some chilled meat on my head audaciously.

And a bump I still had,
since a giant clubbed me on the head.
Too bad, so sad!

Thank God I met you, luck was on my side,
so here, take this gold, all drinks are on me tonight!

Soon I was surrounded by a smelly wall,
the bump also still there, big, blue and tall.

The ice mage I met next exclaimed:

A bump, the size of an egg,
because a giant clubbed you on the head.
Too bad, so sad!

It will go all hassle-free,
back in to your head, just agree,
let me hit it with my staff all carefree.

Motionless I sank to my knees,
waiting for the pain to increase.

I only blurredly recognize him,
while he shook his head:

And a bump I still had,
since a giant clubbed me on the head.
Too bad, so sad!

He bends over me,
puts his magic hand on my head,
to give me a potion, all blue like the ocean,
at once I am healed and full of exaltation!

Because the bump is now gone,
from when the giant hit me strong.
And all I needed was a simple healer all along!

Sunset on Maiden V&H fan art by MusicPixie.jpg

By Viranda

Easter wabbits.jpg
By Sinjin and Valyant