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Mad Otter Games
Happy Friday! Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all who submitted! :D

  • First Place = TopKnight (US2) - 'Ardent Asylum O-crew' (Acrylic painting)
  • Second Place = Amandiell and Regar - 'The Dummy and The Diell: Vol.9'
  • Third Place = Diego Alessandro (US1) - 'Warrior's Heart'


By TopKnight

By Amandiell and Regar

"A warrior does not give up what he loves, but finds love in what he does"

A long time ago, in the southeast of Ardent, a boy always walked the roads giving help to those who needed it and giving his generosity to the peasants. Nobody knew where he came from, or his name, but the townspeople immediately took a liking to him. The boy, despite showing such kindness, did not change the expression on his face, always an unaltered expression. One day he was walking through town as usual and a girl intercepted him, they talked while she followed his footsteps and watched him move large loads for the neighbors. The girl managed to see him over and over again, and the boy, although rigid in her complexion, shared with her in a singular way. A special affection towards him was born in the girl after several adventures together, but the boy's face remained expressionless. The first afternoon of February in the village vineyard, the two camped waiting for the sunset, and without knowing it, a wolf ambushed them. The boy immediately set out to protect the girl, ordering her to run to the village and not look behind her. He without choice he faced the wolf, without showing the slightest expression of fear on his face. He managed to kill it, but received harsh blows. Before giving his last breath he went down to the town and everyone was perplexed to see him, he had wool inside, as if it were a doll and a hole in his chest revealed a ruby as a heart. He breathed for the last time and confessed his love to the girl, but not before giving her her heart, while a tear ran down his cheek. No one ever knew where the doll came from, or why he helped them, and since then the power of the warrior's heart can only be carried by those who know true love...

By Diego Alessandro