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Happy Friday!! Regar and Amandiell, I had some trouble drinking my coffee this morning because I kept laughing out loud every time I took a sip. Nice one. And great work, Everyone! šŸ˜ Congratulations to the winners, and a huge thanks to all who submitted!

  • First Place = Amandiell and Regar (US1) - 'The Dummy and The Diell: Vol. 10'
  • Second Place = a tie
    • Sir Rendlesham (US3) - 'Of the Origins of the (Relentless) Guild'
    • Vana r (US2) - 'Mallok's Tomb'
  • Third Place = CosmicKitty (US3) - 'Ghosts Don't Wear Pants'

By Amandiell and Regar

Of the Origins of (Relentless) Guild
Sir Rendlesham

CHAPTER 1: The Forging of a Fellowship

It began many many moons ago within the royal city of Ardent with an executioner by the name of Ryker.
He was a hardened man from the ways of the world and found his position within the royal city as an
executioner because of his capabilities with an axe through not only combat but making a humble living
as a young man in the forests of the Seven Realms chopping wood. Upon being recruited by the royal
guard as an executioner, tasked with the duties of dispatching the wicked and captured monsters alike,
he had found a bond with the other executioners that only they could understand from the gruesome and
conflicting job they had.

One day at the executioners block, a young dragon was captured and brought to Ryker to be beheaded.
The young dragon had a look of fear in its' eyes as it was shackled to the block. Ryker raised his axe and
looked down at the creature to aim his killing blow when suddenly he felt a weight in his heart so heavy
that he could not swing his axe. He felt sorry for the creature and looked to his fellow executioners whom
he could see a look of empathy in their eyes, for they too saw the fearful dragons plead as it stared at
Ryker.. "I cannot do this anymore" Ryker said with a somber tone. He looked to the royal guards who
brought the young dragon to him and said, "Find someone else to do your killing. I will not become a
monster. Nor is this creature a monster; it is barely capable of harm." Ryker raised his axe high in the air
and with a mighty crash swung downward toward the dragon, cutting the iron shackles that fastened it's
neck to the chopping block. With a compassionate hand, he reached out to the young dragon and gently
stroked it's soft scales. "You will be free now, with me." Ryker picked up the iron chain that was still
attached to a metal collar around the young dragons neck and began to head for the city gates with his
new companion on the heavy leash.

The guards knew of Ryker's tactical prowess and dared not stop him as he looked back to make sure
that they were not foolish enough to try. He then looked towards the other executioners who, to his
surprise, had dropped their axes and began to follow him, for they too felt the same conflict in their
hearts that Ryker did by killing so many convicted men and creatures without knowing of their crimes and
questioning their own actions in the name of justice. Knowing that the guards within the royal city of
Ardent would now have a disdain for them, they agreed to start their own village and headed to the
outskirts of town in search of fertile land and a lush forest to fell and build their homes together. They
simply called themselves The Executioners as a way of remembering their roots and why they chose to
strike out on their own.

CHAPTER 2: A Name to be Remembered

As they began building their new home and village, others whom had heard of their new beginning
sought out this small group in search of a new way of life of their own; one of which was a young wizard
whom went by the name of Hippolyta. Her studies in the arts of magic lead her away from the city walls
of Ardent in order to learn more than what the schools therein had to teach. However, upon her travels,
she had found that the challenges in the wilderness were impossible to face alone, and so, hearing of
The Executioners, she made her way to where their village was rumored to be and joined them,
assuming that their name must indicate their power and capabilities that could help her beat the
challenges she would face in the wild. Taking up a new trade, she began helping them to gather
materials from the wilderness and craft many items as well as homes with them. She grew in strength
and bonded with the others well, and to her satisfaction, she also found help searching the world for
arcane knowledge at the side of her new companions... In time, Hippolyta would become a very strong
member of the fellowship and a cornerstone of the new village and home they created together.

One night, as the fellowship sat together in the center of their village while resting after an arduous day
of labor and adventure, Ryker opened a discussion about changing what they called themselves, for The
Executioners no longer reflected who they actually were. Leaving their old lives behind, he felt it was
time to leave the name with it and look ahead to a new life and name for themselves. Having found new
members like Hippolyta, a new name that would better represent them only seemed fitting. They agreed
that no matter what challenges they faced, they would not relent, and so, Relentless guild was born, and
they indeed lived up to their name.

CHAPTER 3: The Challenges of Change

One morning, as the village awoke, Ryker and his now grown dragon were nowhere to be found. It was
unknown why he had left in the night, but he was never to be seen again. All that he had left behind was
a note saying that he felt Hippolyta should lead them, as she was one of the oldest members and wisest
by the nature of being a wizard. Disheartened yet unrelenting, the guild had no choice but to move
forward without him. Hippolyta felt overwhelmed as the new leader, for she was still young and
inexperienced, and so decided to hold an election within the guild for a more experienced leader. It was
BluAngel who was nominated and humbly accepted the position to lead, for she was a fierce and
weathered warrior who had seen much in the world.

The Relentless peoples would follow BluAngel for a time, as she created much for the guild to utilize and
facilitate their growth. But in the end, it was not her destiny to remain their leader. Her heart took her to
other places of adventure and the passion to lead was no longer with her. And so, another election was
held to see who would lead the unrelenting peoples of this now much larger guild, and it was Xanderales
who would carry that torch next. His charisma and passion was sturdy, and the love for his people and
family was great. His time as their leader would bring about a bond with other guilds, for Xanderales was
a very likeable person whose diplomatic skills were unparalleled. It was he who brought together the
bond and friendship with another guild of adventurers that called themselves Legacy. It would be the first
ally that Relentless had, but not the last.

CHAPTER 4: The Last Passing of the Great Banner

Time had passed and many members of Relentless had came and went, but there was one who had
never left and archived the guild's history as her power grew and arcane skills served her family;
Hippolyta. She felt it was important and necessary to preserve the guild's history, as none could record it
as well as her, for she had seen and lived through it all. Thanks to her wisdom and compassion for the
guild, its' story would one day be told, but lo, the tale of Relentless was still far from over...

Many moons passed and it seemed that time had been slipping away as members came and went.
Hippolyta, however, remained constant in this period. With her at Xanderales' side, the guild still held out
and did not relent. As it seemed to be the destiny of leadership, eventually Xanderales too would find
fate calling him away. Seeking Hippolyta's council, Xanderales had to make a decision on who would
lead next. Hippolyta being much more experienced and a little older now, was ready to lead. However,
the two of them had decided that the task of leading a guild and a village at the same time was
overburdening and instead the leadership role would be divided into two parts. Hippolyta seemed fitting
and perfect for running a village as her maternal instincts ensured the village would thrive under her
guidance. But whom would carry the banner of Relentless now as the leader of their purpose?... They
could only think of one man best fit for the position...

Sir Rendlesham had come to them from uncharted lands far away as an honor bound knight with another
at his side that he called his Queen. Her name was Mab and he had sworn to protect her with his life, as
well as devoted his heart to her in the name of love. Mab was the Queen of a small kingdom in lands afar
and had fallen in love with Sir Rendlesham who was her personal body guard after the King in those
lands was sadly killed in battle. Their people did not approve of a knight marrying a Queen and a revolt
had started, prompting Sir Rendlesham and Queen Mab to flee to a new land and find a new life where
they could be together. They found the Relentless ones who held no qualm with their matrimony and
welcomed them with open arms, and so in their time there with their new family, they devoted themselves
to the cause of their new guild.

As they say, behind every good man is a better woman. It seemed right that Sir Rendlesham would lead
the Relentless with Queen Mab to hold him up, for she was tired of ruling and supported the idea of Sir
Rendlesham's nomination. So it was decided... Xanderales and Hippolyta chose Sir Rendlesham to lead
the guild while Hippolyta lead the village; something that had not been done before within their guild.

Sir Rendlesham's training as a knight made him equipped to lead well, for valor on the battlefield and
compassion to protect his people would guide him to continue all of the work that was done by the
members and leaders before him. He knew well the power of numbers and that there were other guilds
out there that would benefit from working together with them. He had his best and most trusted officers
and ambassadors seek out these guilds as he worked to strengthen the Relentless ties with their allies in
the Legacy guild. Eventually, their alliance would grow and include the After Dark guild as well as the
Luminous guild... And now, today, with their alliance formed and the archives of the Relentless origins
recorded, a bright future awaits the peoples of the Seven Realms with their new protectors, for now it is
not just the Relentless, but the entire alliance that serves them... We will not relent!

Mallok's Tomb
Vana r

In the deepest pits of the nether, he lies waiting
To be released into this world, he lies waiting

Making my way through the dark maze, I found my path inside
Collecting souls, slaying the guardian of the tomb, now he shall rise

For the grave of the one above all, is but shackles to keep him at bay
All powerful, he cannot be destroyed, but in mind I have another play

See I am not a follower nor a cultist, not a devotional nor a sacrifice
I seek power for myself, here to claim it as my own, even that will not suffice

The dark lord may have been strong, but he lacked the vision
Got blinded by power, I am different, I have what it takes, made my decision

I shall absorb his powers, merged with my own, ill be indestructible
Combined with my knowledge and intellect, ill be unstoppable

So beware heroes of VnH, for a new era will begin
Shrouded with darkness, a dark lord shall reign again


By CosmicKitty


Arch Wizard
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