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Happy Friday! Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all who submitted! :D

  • First Place = Whoopsydaisy (US3) - ‘Rebirth: Back in Summers Hollow’
  • Second Place = removed
  • Third Place = Adarius (LatAm) - ‘The Twilight Valley’


By Whoopsydaisy


In the kingdom of Ardent, where the whispers of the wind caress the ancient trees and the stars twinkle at night, an event of mystical proportions was brewing: the Twilight Valley. This valley, guarded by the five most powerful fairies, was the scene of legendary battles.

The evil Prism and its followers, threatened to stain the most beautiful corners of Ardent with eternal darkness. But the heroes of the kingdom, imbued with courage and determination, rose up in arms and magic to face her.

On the eve of the great confrontation, the council of the five fairies summoned the heroes to the Twilight Valley, where the moon shed its silvery light on the earth and the stars seemed to dance in the firmament. The good fairies were preparing their spells, ready to challenge their evil counterparts in a dance of magic and dexterity.

The battle broke out with the intensity of heavenly thunder. The heroes, with their burning hearts and their gleaming swords, rushed against the hosts of Prisma with the courage of the chosen. Magic flowed in the air, intertwining flashes of light and shadow in an ethereal dance.

After a titanic struggle, the heroes emerged victorious. Prisma and her henchmen were defeated, restoring the Twilight Valley to its lost splendor and harmony.

The council of the five fairies, with gratitude in their twinkling eyes, blessed the heroes with special gifts in recognition of their bravery. And so, the kingdom of Ardent was plunged into a radiant celebration, where music and dance were tributes to the victory over evil.

Since then, the heroes eagerly and determinedly await the return of the Twilight Valley once a year to demonstrate their strength and courage on behalf of those who once managed to defy the evil Prism.

By Adarius


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Royal Guardian
Berit, Pieberry, Sumida Gawa, Ephie
  1. iOS
Congrats all!


Whoopsydaisy, SoulSister, Flop Alot, DumbDiddi
  1. Steam
Thank you so much Otters for the crowns. I would love to have a shield and weapon looking like that or the entire outfit. Will buy that anytime.