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Happy Friday! And another week of so many submissions! It's as if some kind of flood gate opened recently! We love seeing this kind of enthusiasm and participation, please keep it up! :D

Congratulations to the winners, and a huge thanks to all who submitted! (And don't forget, we do always keep a pool of entries going!)

  • First Place = Leusa syryn (US2) - 'Why Villagers & Heroes Is The Best Mobile Game To Date'
  • Second Place = a tie
    • Monilune (EU1) - 'Coming Soon in Vale'
    • Princess Unicorn (US3) - 'Royal Rescue'
  • Third Place = Mia Phönixfeder (EU2) - 'Handwerker'

By Leusa syryn


By Monilune

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Sagt, was macht den Handwerker froh?
Felle aus denen er Leder gewinnen kann.
Seidenwürmer, die geben feinste Fäden,
die wir zu Stoffen weben.
Ja es ist so -
Fell und Fäden machen den Schneider froh.

Sagt, was macht den Handwerker froh?
Wenn er Erz zu Metallmassel schmelzen kann.
Mit der Hacke haut der Bergbauer in Fels und Gestein,
zu sammeln Erz und Edelstein
Ja es ist so -
Erz macht den Schmied froh.

Sagt, was macht den Handwerker froh?
Der Baumstamm, den er zu Balken glätten kann.
Holzfäller fällen Bäume, deren Holz wir nutzen,
um mit dem Meißel sie zu Balken zu stutzen.
Ja es ist so -
Baumstämme machen den Holzverarbeiter froh.

Doch, wie mag es beim Koch sein?
Zutaten, selten und fein,
die er wirft in den Topf hinein.
Ob Fisch, Gemüse oder Fleisch,
Rezepte hat der Koch zahlreich.
Ja es ist so -
Zutaten machen den Koch froh.

Ein jeder Handwerker braucht den Rohstoff, den nutzen kann,
womit dann fängt die Arbeit an.

Ein Dank an den Helden, der das Handwerk ehrt,
welches ihn „ernährt“
und welches ihm kann Dinge gestalten,
die ihm sein Leben erhalten.

Im Spiel bringt es euch etwas ein,
doch soll es im RL genauso sein.
Schätzt den Mann mit dem Besen auf der Straße nicht geringer,
wie einen Olympiagewinner.
Die Frau an der Kasse ist genau so „klasse“,

wie manche Tennisasse.
Der Bäckergeselle, der den Teig zubereitet,
ist nicht weniger „wert“,
wie der Manager, der eine Firma leitet.

--- By Mia Phönixfeder

(English Translation - Thank you, Tiberius!):​


Say, what makes the crafter happy?
Hides from which he can produce leather.
Silkworms that give the finest of threads
that we then weave into fabrics.
Yes, it‘s true -
it‘s fur and threads that make the tailor happy.

Say what makes the crafter happy?
If he can smelt ore into pigs.
With his pickaxe, the miner strikes rocks and stone,
to mine ore and gems.
Yes, it‘s true -
it‘s ore that makes the smith happy.

Say what makes the crafter happy?
To log a mighty tree and cut it into beams.
Lumberjacks cut down trees for the wood we use,
to produce the finest beams.
Yes it‘s true -
it‘s logs that make the carpenter happy.

But how about the cook?
Ingredients, rare and fine,
he throws into his pot.
Whether fish, vegetables or meat,
he has a lot of recipes indeed.
Yes, it‘s true -
it‘s the ingredients that make the cook happy.

Every crafter needs raw materials for his trade,
without them he can‘t start his day.

This is a thanks to all the heroes of their craft,
who produce the daily things we all need
and which help us and him to survive.

And this is true for our game as well as RL.
Appreciate the street sweeper just the same as the Olympic Gold medal winner,
every cashier is as important as the pro football player,
your neighbourhood baker is just as needed as a corporate manager.​


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Wow! These are great! 👏

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  • First Place = Leusa syryn (US2) - 'Why Villagers & Heroes Is The Best Mobile Game To Date'
At 2:27:

"The community is absolutely absolutely wholesome."
Leusa, like, you play on US2, right? Not to mention, you have Ava Fartner herself in the background while you are saying that. :D :D :D
(kidding, it's perfect.)

Loved this week's winners - Congrats to everyone!

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Thank you to chooey, Kookie Krisp, and WitchBlade for your awesome help!! <3