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Happy Friday! Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all who submitted. :)

  • First Place = Freya Sensei (US1) 'Bunny Squad'
  • Second Place = Impresario (US3) - 'Ode to an Apple Crisp'
  • Third Place = enaira (US1) - 'The Reunion I Always Hoped For'

In the guild i am in, they always tell me that i have an army whith so many rabbits, it is one of the mounts that i love the most, they are very cute.
That´s why i made this image,i had a lot of fun doing it. Thanks
. --- Freya Sensei

By Freya Sensei

Ode to an Apple Crisp
by Impresario

Once delicious, sweet and tart,
My apple crisps came from the heart,
A bit of egg, some apple flour,
I’d eat a dozen every hour.
Then for reasons, I know not why,
Reality shifted, and with a sigh,
I added a pepper to give it spice,
A wicked kick that was not nice.

Who desired this aberration?
Do they laugh at my frustration?
Do they giggle as they pull my strings?
I chew my crisps despite the sting.
And with tears streaming from my eyes,
I try so hard to not despise,
These apple crisps I’ve made for weeks…
Next year let’s make them from pickled leeks.

The reunion I Always Hoped For by enaira

Alternate ending: The cloak of solitude

Tully thinks he is with his dead Brindle family, and Nadia thinks she is with her dead father. They both refuse to leave the orange pool. Andorra’s Ghost says this pool is the most dangerous, because people always long to see loved ones who have passed away, and the orange pool allows them to do that. Andorra says that if I can break the curse that the old crone put on her, then she will release my friends.
Before I leave I look at Nadia and see tears falling from her eyes and smile, she radiates a feeling of sadness but at the same time of happiness that even makes me feel moved, it is at that moment that I am curious to know what she is going through and what makes her feel this way.
Once I get the cloack of solitude I return to Andorra.
Andorra: "Hello, Is my wretched curse to be lifted?"
Me: "Yes!"
Andorra: "Why are you handing me a cloak?"
Me: "It's the Cloak of Solitude. Just wrap yourself in it, and your curse will be broken forever!"
Andorra: "[Andorra dons the cloak.] I feel..."
Me: "Better?"
Andorra: "Indeed! At last. After so many years, my torment is receding! You have done it. You have removed the curse which has afflicted me for so long! I thank you. I will now release your friends, just as I am released..."
Me: "Thank you."
Andorra: "Farewell”
I go to Nadia and tell her everything that happened.
Nadia: “But I saw him, it was so true, he was here with me, I saw my father.”
Me: "But not real."
Nadia: "Yes, I know. I think I'd like to get back to camp now, and get away from here!"
Me: "Good plan! I'll meet you there."
Nadia understands that it was all just a dream but as she is leaving to meet the illuminators she turns around and sees in the distance the figure of Samuel saying goodbye to his beloved daughter.
Samuel: “Goodbye my greatest treasure, goodbye daughter.”
Nadia: "See you soon my dear father!"
Nadia turns around and continues her return trip. END


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Freya Sensei
Muchas gracias y felicidades a los otros ganadores muy lindas historias😘😘😘😘😘😘


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The Nadia and Samuel reunion story seems off to me, their interaction seems off considering what happen in the story. Still an interesting plot nonetheless.