Sarah Otter

Mad Otter Games
Happy Friday! Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all who submitted. :)

  • First Place = Fuyuhime (US2) = 'But It’ll Be Hilarious When She Wakes Up!'
  • Second Place = Vana r (US2) - 'Croaker'
  • Third Place = leonardoaqp (US1) - 'The Ghost Bench'

By Fuyuhime

Croaker made someone take this picture to show me proof that HE is the one to drag me to finish a raid because whenever I think of turning back early, he's the one standing in my way, pushing me to go further. --- Vana r

By Vana r

Many years ago there lived a certain villager who every day went out to collect firewood to help in the construction of Ardent, the whole village knew him for how kind and generous he was, he was always found on a carpenter's bench until one day he went into the forest and never came back. Stories tell that there are days when you see his bench working alone and hear the words "I have to help my friends in Ardent." ---leonardoaqp

By leonardoaqp


Congratulations to all winners!! But, to be honest, the friendly ghost in Ardent gave me chills, hahaha!!!

Dark Ghostman

I know how to get the craft stations to keep running on their own^^👻
Buti don´t tell how, because I don't want another great bug to be fixed.
(It´s is not a bug, it´s a feature) 🧐