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Happy Friday! Another week of fantastic entries, well done, everyone! Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all who submitted. 😊

First Place = Chooey (US3) - 'A Snapshot Story: Dressing for the Job'
Second Place = Jolon (US3) - 'An Ode to Beauteous Prisma'
Third Place = Neia (EU1) - 'When An Event Zone is About to Open'

A Snapshot Story: Dressing for the Job
by Chooey



An Ode to Beauteous Prisma
by Jolon of Greenhaven

I wined and dined and fed Prisma a fungus,
And as payment she let rip one among us.
Releasing a stinker, a real toxihilation,
We scrambled away seeking ventilation.
Prismatic effects, we may have seen stars,
Or was it fumes attacking our health bars?

She begged and she pleaded,
But by then our noses bleeded,
And etiquette went unheeded
As stomachs unseated.

Rallying forth, attempting to be undissuaded,
The group fell in step, quite syncopated.
Yet one round caused panic, the heaves,
And round two threatened from her to leave.
A grimace and a pout, mayhap a shout
As poor beleaguered Prisma let it out.

One by one did the fumes go,
Down they went blow by blow
As row after row the odor did mow.
A virtual game of hero domino.

And then beauteous Prisma aghast at the sight,
Wondered if all of her friends had the Blight.
She recoiled and twirled, dainty and demure,
Fleeing the scene lest her wings become impure.
A trail of wretched air followed her zigging path,
Felling all comers with its fungal-fueled wrath.

All the bespoke crusaders
And cantankerous raiders
Fell to strong gaseous invaders,
Including beloved, missed Tater.


By Neia

Elijah Lin

Elijahiel Gaysong
Hahahah!!! oh no! Dont look at my equipped gear!!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

πŸ‘πŸ‘ lovely entry everyone~ i can relate to all ❀