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Happy Friday, and Happy Valentine's Day!!! Soooo many entries, love it! Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all who submitted. :D

  • First Place = Noodlegrace (EU1) - 'Happy Valentine's Day Otters'
  • Second Place = a tie
    • Kavita (US2) - '(The Diary of) "I Am Alt"
    • Raphael Lenglet (EU1) - 'Sugarsweet Summit'
  • Third Place = Zarola (US1) - 'BEEhind Login!'
  • Honorable Mention: IrishElf (US1) - 'Be My Valentine'


By Noodlegrace

(The Diary Of) “I Am Alt” by Kavita

Dear Diary,

I’m an ‘alt’, which basically means in some ancient language somewhere, “The Ignored One”, I’m sure of this. Persona non grata. Me, literally. I’m nothing but a little pawn in the hands of this maniac woman. I’m literally a virtual tool. And you thought you had problems.

Actually, she calls me “Alt01Garden”, isn’t that special. I just shortened it to “Alt” because it’s so embarrassing in mixed crowds, but OH! The degradation. I’ve been watching this woman dress me in totally ridiculous things I would NEVER wear, I mean, seriously? Pink gardening gloves? I’m a dude. She made me a dude, then gave me this frock that looks like something my Grammy would wear, at night, when no one was around. She named me “Alt01Garden” then wonders why I slump around and dawdle when she decides to take me out. I died, so what? I’ll just respawn more than halfway across the map ‘mostly’ dead.

It wasn’t always this way . . . ok, well, there is the name-thing, but I digress… HEY! Apart from that? It was cool at the beginning. She gave me this gorgeous face, muscles, skin tone and we went out to battle, and battle we did! She even bought me this shiny armor that glistened in the sun, and I killed more bog frogs in Addict’s Ascent than any other toon did (that day), and I looked marvelous doing it! I was a gallant knight bouncing forth on my sturdy steed, then WHAT!?

Pink. Armor.


Pink. Gloves.


Pink. Mount. I didn’t even know there were pink mounts, but somehow she did it, this obscene sorceress gave me a PINK! Mount!

She even did a makeover and made my skin PINK-ish! What is this madness!?

She really did this to me . . .

I asked the NPC’s at the auction house what they thought, and I couldn’t hear what they were saying because of the laughter, which I am perceiving to be a bad thing.

Plus, in that particular makeover on me, I’d swear I have man-liner on! I ask you this, did Attila The Hun wear man liner? Ok, maybe he did, but I’ll bet no-one ever said anything about that! Imma kill this chick! Imma hack her to bits! I’ll throw her into the river and…ugh, I’m a pixel. A wee pixel. Even as I write this I can feel her hot breath on my neck. She KNOWS! And now . . .

Now, I’ll probably get deleted and replaced with “Total Woman-ness”, or “Sexy Freya”. What a life!!! Or some assemblage of life.

But wait! I’m a pixel, and RNG is on my side!

Take that, you meanie-woman-game-player-you-person!

Take that!



*New player name: Sexy Freya

“The name Sexy Freya has been taken, would you like to change your name to CshDg999873?”

*New player name: Sessy Freya*

“Hi, I’m Sessy Freya. The game didn’t let my owner create the name “Sexy Freya” so, I’m Sessy Freya. Yeah, I think I inherited this diary from someone else. I am definitely NOT a guy, and what’s wrong with pink?

I’ll be deleted in a week, but look at this pretty pink dress and mount!”


*New player name: GardenGnome88.

By Raphael Lenglet

By Zarola

V&H Valentines day_irish.jpg
By IrishElf


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Congrats, everyone! What fun entries this week!

(And Kavita, I'm sure that whichever of my toons I happen to be currently neglecting can sympathize with the pangs of your alt! Hilarious story & I loved it!!)


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Congrats, everyone! What fun entries this week!

(And Kavita, I'm sure that whichever of my toons I happen to be currently neglecting can sympathize with the pangs of your alt! Hilarious story & I loved it!!)
Thank you! Maybe some future alt diaries coming! 😊


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wow, 5-star batch of winners this week!

I love them all.
@Raphael , I love the wizard in that picture!


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LoL the story was hilarious though none of my alts have been deleted they just sit .
ALL the Entries were fabulous