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Happy Friday! Love the talent and creativity! Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all who submitted! :)

  • First Place = 万古玄天尊, 好游戏呀, and 僧多粥少 (US2) - 'Big Parties in America 2'
  • Second Place = a tie
    • Eyzo Peyto (EU1) - 'From the Valentine Archives'
    • Raphael Lenglet (EU1) - 'Revenge of Event Elders'
  • Third Place = Katniss Everdeen (US3) - 'Visions of Sugarsweet Dancing In My Head'

By 万古玄天尊, 好游戏呀, and 僧多粥少

The following was found in the archives of the Ardent Matchmaking Agency, a case entry with a dirty thank you card attached to it.

Late valentine_eyzo.png

"Greetings, Ardent Matchmaking Agency,

I was anxious to do this but then I thought, what the hell.

I am an impish hellspawn that grew up with my brothers and sisters on Mars that is looking for a fiendly relationship. Passing time alone sure has gotten dull, with nothing but the occasional fireball to lighten my everyday life.

There was some guy that passed by years ago, armed to the teeth and bumping the walls for some reason. Lucky for me, he was not very thorough and I managed to survive. I know how it feels to get stomped on.

Since then, I have mostly been walking around on the spot, roaring in boredom and loneliness.
I like slow, short walks and intense heat.

Ardent Matchmaking Agency, will you help me find someone that accepts my roar?

Imp Hellspawn"

By Eyzo Peyto

By Raphael Lenglet

By Katniss Everdeen