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Happy Friday! :D Regar, we can't wait to see the final film! Poorluck meow, I am intrigued, and CapitãoRapadura, thanks for the smile. Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all who submitted!

  • First Place = Regar and Amandiell (US1) - 'Script for The Dummy and The Diell: Swansong'
  • Second Place = Poorluck meow (US1) - 'Portals'
  • Third Place = CapitãoRapadura (US1) - 'Hulk Gives Taco'

The Dummy and The Diell: Swansong
Regar and Amandiell

Scene 1 - Regar eavesdropping

Regar at the bar in traders path, drunk. Two other people at a table start discussing a treasure.

Isa “did you hear the rumors?

Grafire “No, King Leo keeps me far too busy processing all that wood. It’s like he’s building a New Ardent City or something...”

Isa “Well... Word is that Mallok is back!”

Grafire “oh crap, we’re all dead. At least I don’t have to go make anymore timber. barkeep, another round! If I’m gonna die, I may as well die drunk!”

Isa “You’re not gonna die, idiot. Apparently there’s some sort of object hidden away somewhere. This object, whatever it is, can kill Mallok again and prevent him from ever returning”

Regar looks over

Grafire “So... some random object hidden somewhere in the world. Yea, we surely will find it in time. barkeep, where’s my mead?!?”

Isa “King Leo has offered 1 million gold to whoever finds this item and returns it to him. How about instead of you getting so drunk you piss yourself, we go get our gear and start looking. This is our way out of the sawmills!”

Grafire “maYybBbEe laaayyYtErr, nNNnooW iii NnnEeddd MoaareeE MEaaAdD!”

Regar gets up to leave.

Person 2 dies.

Isa “guess I’ll be doing this by myself...”

Regar walks out, screen fades to black

Title screen, Dragon Quest 11 theme plays

Scene 2 - library in skarns belfry

Regar searching through books, he eventually finds one and goes to a table to look through it (if there’s a table there). If no table, just stay at the bookshelves.

Diell approaches

Diell “well well, what a surprise. You heard about the reward, didn’t you?”

Regar “Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe I just want to help save the world”

Diell “Shut it, you just want the gold so you can buy a castle.”

Regar “I see no reason both can’t be motivation”

Diell “Fair enough. Care for a hand? I can’t let you save the world, the world isn’t ready for the size of your ego.”

Regar “Sure. There’s a lot of books here, and they aren’t going to read themselves”

Diell “what are you looking for, anyway?”

Regar “any sort of clue as to what the object is and where we can find it. We’ve got no chance to find it if we don’t know where or what it is.”

Diell “and you figured since Lord Pyrrus was Mallok’s adoptive son, that he’d try to keep any information that could be used again Mallok hidden?”

Regar “um... yea... or this was the biggest library I could think of...”

Diell “Ug, what a dummy. Couldn’t think of Copse, could you? It’s a damn school, of course there will be lots of books.”

Regar “Well, if that’s the case, what brought you here?”

Diell “I already checked all the books in Copse. There’s nothing. Since the treants didn’t have it, figured it was likely Lord Pyrrus took the book long ago, and hid it here.”

Regar “Great minds think alike”

Diell “Don’t insult me”

Regar and Diell continue searching the bookshelves.

Diell “Here, this might be it.”

Regar walks over to look

Diell “Hey, I found it, not you. I’ll read it”

Regar backs up

Diell “well, there’s not much here, just part of a page. It says “Mallok feared none, not even the legendary four. But his lack of fear was trumped only by his lack of trust. While he used, even nurtured his brood of seven, he knew any one of them would turn on him at any moment. So he imbued a weapon with a fragment of his soul: as long as this weapon was intact, Mallok could not die. This secret he shared with but one: a spy he had stationed in the service of Maldwyn. Jairus the Undying served his master Mallok well, and through his three lieutenants Corbineon, Philomena, and Valenthia, continues to serve in perpetuity.”

Regar “I’m sorry, can you repeat that?”

Diell “No, just read the chat history, dummy”

Pause while Regar reads chat history

Diell “well, this is just lazy writing. This is stolen from Harry Potter. Mallok = Voldemort. His lieutenants = horcruxes.”

Regar “...”

Regar “I prefer to think of it as influenced by, not stolen from”

Diell “I’m sure JK Rowling’s lawyers would beg to differ, but whatever, let’s roll with it.”

Regar “Does it say anything else?”

Diell “yea, it says “this unholy weapon was forged by Mallok’s favored bladesmith, by the name of w... there’s water damage on the page, I can’t read anything else”

Regar “ok, so now we know what we have to do. We have to go to to Maldwyns Tomb and kill Jairus and his three lieutenants. One of them has this weapon that we need to get for King Leo. Regar gots to get paid!”

Awkward silence

Regar “I mean, we need to get the weapon to kill Mallok once and for all.”

Diell “Right. You can feel me rolling my eyes at you, right?”

Regar “Yep. And I’m ok with it. Quick question... are there any bees in Maldwyns tomb?”

Diell “I don’t think so. It’s a tomb, so there will be lots of undead things. Why do you ask?”

Regar “I hate bees. I had a really traumatic experience with bees once.”

Diell “Care to elaborate?”

Regar “Well...”

Play bee helmet clip from Wicker Man

Diell “so... you’re saying you’re Nicholas Cage?”

Regar “No, I saw that terrible movie, and now whenever I see bees, I think of it. I’m scarred for life.”

Diell “ok... well, let’s head to Maldwyns. And I hope you’re prepared, this won’t be easy.

Cutscene of map

Scene 3 - inside Maldwyns Tomb portal - music acoustic cover of simons curse

Diell “maybe this won’t be so bad after all. Look, Corbineon is right there.”

Regar “must be stationed here as some sort of gatekeeper. You ready?”

Diell “yeah”

Fight corbineon. Use weaker weapons so the fight isn’t over immediately.

Diell “1 down, 3 to go”

Regar “that was rough. Let’s hope they don’t get any harder”

Diell “each one gets more and more difficult”

Regar “you sure?”

Diell “yes dummy, I read the script. Did you?”

Regar “...”

Diell “ok, let’s keep going”

Put on regular weapons again so we can tear through to the next place

Make a wrong turn at the end of the first corridor, find a corpse

Regar “look, someone else beat us here.”

Diell “who cares who was first? They died, we’re still alive.”

Wait “hello? Is someone there?”

Regar “um... the corpse is talking”

Diell “thanks captain obvious”

Wait “hey, it’s Regar and Diell! Can you two please take my body back to my parents? They’ll be really sad I died, but a funeral will help them find closure”

Regar “sure, where do they live?”

Wait “Number 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, in Surrey, England”

Regar “that’s the Dursley’s house from Harry Potter”

Wait “oh yea! Sorry, they live at 221B Baker Street.”

Diell “strike two, that’s Sherlock Holmes”

Wait “oops! They live at the fortress of solitude”

Regar “strike three, you’re out. That’s Superman”

Diell “Cmon Regar, let’s keep going. We don’t have time to waste on this foolishness”

Wait “bye guys! Hey Regar, didn’t you say you’d pay me for this cameo?”

Regar “TIME TO GO!!!!”

Run out of the room - music change to dancing calcabrina from FF4 - head towards philomena. Find isa laying wounded in the hall on the way to philamena

Regar “Isa, what happened?”

Isa “there were too many of them, I couldn’t do it...”

Regar “do what? What are you talking about?”

Isa “the same thing you’re trying to do. Philamena is up ahead... and she’s got a lot of help...”

Diell “don’t worry isa, I got this”

Diell heals isa

Isa “thanks, but I don’t think I can help much right now. I need to rest for a while”

Regar “ok, isa. Rest up and get better.”

Diell “Yea, Regar and I can take care of Philamena and her brood”

Go kill philamena, use slightly weaker weapons than the last fight to make this one seem even harder”

On the way out of philamenas area

Diell “Isa, how are you feeling?”

Isa “still kinda rough...”

Diell “Shame, we could use a good hand like you”

Regar “Diell... a word, please”

Diell and Regar step away from isa

Regar “were you asking her to join us?”

Diell “of course, we could use the help”

Regar “Do you really want to associate with those people?”

Diell “look, if you have an issue because she’s a woman... I got some bad news for you. You see, I’m...”

Regar “no no, not that. Not that at all. She’s an ICE WIZARD”

Diell “I hate you.”

Awkward silence

Regar “no you...”

Diell “yes I do. shut up, let’s keep going”

Approach Valenthia, music change to something ominous

Diell “ok, here’s Valenthia. She’s gonna be a bit nastier than the first two.”

Regar “but when she’s dead, all we have left is Jairus”

Diell “yep. Let’s do this. COWABUNGAAAAAAA!!!!!!”

Regar “been watching some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, have ya?”

Diell “watching what?”

Regar “damn millennials...”

Kill valenthia, switch to even weaker weapons than before so it takes longer

Regar “I don’t know how many more of these long battles we can do, Diell.”

Diell “why’s that?”

Regar “because they’re taking a long time and the audience is probably starting to get bored.”

Diell “good point.”

Head to Jairus. No music plays on the way, just wind blowing.

Diell “I think we’re getting close”

Regar “not yet, if we were we would hear boss music already”

A couple more steps, and panic attack by dream theater starting playing.

Regar “see? Now we’re close.”

Diell “Are you ready? The fate of the seven realms rests on us here, now”

Regar “so no pressure. I like that”

Start the fight. Make sure we’re using really bad weapons so that it appears we can’t kill Jairus.

Diell “I don’t think we can take him...”

From over someone’s shoulder comes a blast of blue light. Jairus dies in a matter of seconds.

Diell “what was that???”

Diell and Regar turn around, see Isa.

Isa “looked like you two needed a hand”

Regar “I’ll say, jairus was no joke”

Isa “so, did Jairus have the weapon that can kill Mallok?”

Diell “no... but there is a note that says Wallace has the weapon safely stored, my lord. I’m guessing he wrote this to Mallok, but never sent it”

Regar “... Wallace... isn’t there a Bladesmith Wallace in a Bearhold Valley?”

Diell “do you think that’s it? Could it really be that simple?”

Regar “probably, I’m not that good of a writer”

Isa “to Bearhold Valley, so we can end this once and for all!”

Bearhold valley, meet at Wallace. Music should be something with a celtic feel, but not music from lord of the rings

Diell “there he is. We take him down, and we finally get the key to ending Mallok once and for all”

Isa “Is everyone ready? I’m sure he’s tougher than he looks”

Diell one shots Wallace

Regar “nope. He wasn’t”

Regar grabs the sword.

Diell “So... is that it? Is that the weapon we need?”

Regar checks inventory, sees its a sword that he can’t use

Regar “maybe, but none of us are warriors so we can’t use this thing”

Regar junks the sword

Diell “...”

Isa “...”

Diell “You dummy, you could have given it to someone else to use!”

Regar “you’re not a warrior!”

Isa “I have a warrior, I have every characters of every class! You could have given it to me!!!!”

Diell “you’ve killed us all, dummy...”

Regar runs away


By Poorluck meow

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By CapitãoRapadura


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Parabéns Rapadura, representou a turma :cool:


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Well done, everyone!


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Way to go! Congratulations winners! Regar, waiting for my paycheck! :p
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Thanks everyone! Wait, we didn’t film anything yet. You get paid when the work is finished. ;)
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