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Happy Friday! Another week of amazing entries! Regar is baaaack and hilarious as ever with a one of a kind unboxing video. We have some outstanding art from Magdy, as well as from Mey k and Yisa, and Energon and Irish will have you cracking smiles. Terrific work, all! 😃 Congratulations to the winners, and a big thanks to all who submitted.
  • First Place = a tie
    • Regar (US2) - ‘It’s An UNBOXING’ Video!’
    • Magdy (US1) - ‘The Reward of Victory’
  • Second Place = a tie
    • Mey k (US1) - ‘Resurgiendo como un fénix’
    • Yisak0v5 (US1) - ‘Zaemien the immortal’
  • Third Place = a tie
    • Energon (US1) - ‘Me Waking Up To…’
    • IrishElf (US2) - ‘Rebirth Dilemma’

By Regar


By Magdy

By Mey k

By Yisak0v5

By Energon

Baby otter1.jpg
By IrishElf