Sarah Otter

Mad Otter Games
Happy Friday! Wow, such wonderful and original work! Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all who submitted. :D

  • First Place = a tie
    • Mielluere (EU1) - 'Zilveren ridder'
    • Fiodorboss999 (US1) - 'Two Sisters'
  • Second Place = a tie
    • Xantia (US3) - 'Battle Bunny'
    • Amandiell and Regar (US1) - 'The Dummy and The Diell: Vol. 11'
  • Third Place = Freya Sensei (US1) - 'Resting'

This is a present dedicated to my brother -- Mielluere

By Mielluere


By Fiodorboss999

I love the silly contrast of pairing our Bunny outfits with warrior gear, to create a Battle Bunny. This is my dream outfit and I'd love to see a Battle Bunny accessory pack in the Crown Shop, with colors to match each Bunny suit. -- Xantia

Battle Bunny Duo.jpg
By Xantia

By Amandiell and Regar

By Freya Sensei