Find Demetri Pindle's Box of Candy ..
is such a chore that it almost killed my envy to play that game and it's shame as the first 8 days were nice. prior to the event my envy was at 100% (7 days) and now it's around 5-7%. So I decided to stop picking that quest because it's so depressive to waste some precious lifetime just roaming around on a map seeking a box for hours. Voila, I guess I won't have enough of Fluffy Cotton Candy for the polar bear mount but better that than leaving the game completely.
I'm used to all kind of grind in games, sometimes for months, rarely for years but simply looking for something without any other action than using the directional controls is so stupid. No daily should be made like that, it's a game and supposed to be funny, shouldn't feel like one of the most boring jobs.
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Event zone supposed to be a place to just have fun, so don't do things you don't enjoy and do things at your own pace as you see fit. You can just do them as you find them there are still a lot of time left. In my opinion this EZ reward is priced really generously you can totally skip all the killing and still get the polar bear + some leftover candy. The only concern gonna be for the big quest that give gnogpack, but with time the guide that list every possible spot will be finished and it will be much easier to do. So just have fun and do what you want at EZ.

Neia did the guide+calculation here


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The box is indeed annoying to look for... rest is amazing but sometimes you just never find it.., many complained about it too in game. It is a little thing, but a little thing that is daily becomes irritating. Rest of the event is really fun imo. Box is just too hard to find if not lucky.
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the good new is that quest bring only 5 fluffy currency stuff a day, easier to swallow than it were 15. still seeing people kicking invisible boxes right in front of me, good for them, may be the quest is bugged for me. despite the map is small and I checked every meter square of it a few times (4h yesterday and 2h of roaming for the named today) the box had the time to become a legendary box.


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At least there is now a map with locations marked on it, posted here on the forums in the Sugarsweet guide, as players discover the box's possible spawning points! (Apart from the location at the bazaar, I have noticed that it's frequently at the base of a tree, if that helps any.)

It's taken me awhile to find it each day, but even on pc with my terrain detail down low and ground cover off, I have found it three times so far! :D (And just like with some of the Blight daily quests like the herbs, artifacts and dragon skull, mobile players have a DEFINITE advantage over pc players! The item's name appears on mobile once you get close enough, even if you don't have your cursor moused over the exact location.)


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I don't really like hidden object quests.
I don't really like jumping quests.
These are but two of the things I don't like that are in almost every MMO I have ever played.
I can promise that this will not be the only hidden object quest you will come across.
I can promise that you will eventually run across a jumping quest.
I can promise that if you quit and go to another game, you will almost certainly find them there as well; regardless of where you go.

But hey, that's the thing about any MMORPG you play. It's right there in the title. Massive Multiplayer blah, blah, blah. Anytime you put together an entertainment form that appeals to a large [massive] and diverse [multiplayer] audience, you are never going to make all of the people happy, all of the time. Enjoy the parts you like and don't let that tiny remainder get under your skin. A small measure of annoyance does not erase the much larger measure of fun and enjoyment that can be found in a good MMO like V&H.
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