Villagers and Heroes


Engineering has long been a part of developing civilizations. Masters and even tinkerers in the art of engineering
are creative thinkers, short cutters, and trouble shooter fixer uppers! Toys and gadjets, that are fun , entertaining
and sometimes even useful items could be impimented in this way.Use the current gathering skills to obtain the materials
needed to craft parts and items in engineering.

From fireworks to potato guns, exclusive mounts and toys, traps, turrets, gadjets and gizmos.
~teleportpad -to ardent then back to where you laid the pad.
~Kites- to fly in the sky to look like a boss cuz kites are cool.
~traps- various traps that entangle poison freeze or explode.
~turrets- turrets that go boom, burn ,freeze poison or even heal or sheid boost or buff those near.
~Toys- fireworks, orbs, balls paper airplanes and passable objects.
~Mounts- Get creative steampunk mounts , maybe motorcycle looking/opencar who knows what it is but it runs.
~item enhancements- make modifications to your boots gloves, necklace enhancement.
~Belt modification- add a skill out of 5 skills obtained by leveling engineering to add to your action bar.
~Crafting node- make crafting node tool available to put down at your feet.(inventory item)
~salvaging rod- craft salvaging rods.
~trinkets- craft trinkets to wear.
~Hats- hats, hoods, visors, circlets ,tiaras (whatever option best fits the classes)
(more items could be added to this list, this is just a guide)

Engineering could also inspire item mall merchandise such as mounts and toys and so on only available in the shop.
These are just some examples of what could be made by an engineer.