It would be nice if we could choose the level we want the elder gear to be when we are higher levels. Recently I made gear for an older character that lost all rebirth gear in Starfall. Only problem is I couldn’t complete it because at a higher level I can’t actually choose the elder gear level I want to add to it. For the 61 gear for example, my only choice is level 65 when I turn in the elder frags. It would be nice to be able to ask for a level 61 gear/weapon and finish the item completely to have waiting in my vault instead of needing to remember I have to stop combat at that specific level to go to the castle to get it. Then if I forget or get too involved in running a zone the perfect level has come and gone with the rebirth boost. It would be so nice to be able to ask for a specific lower level elder piece instead of having to remember after rebirthing to stop at the right level.


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I really hate it when I'm saving Elder Fragments, to turn in at a specific level... then I get sidetracked and forget to turn them in. 😬

Being able to choose the level we want would be nice for those who are easily distracted... and... wait, what's that shiny... 🦋🏃‍♀️
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