Master Farmer
Royal Guardian
Android, PC
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You refuse the shadowy figure, "I don't trust a figure as Shadowy as you! I am a holy priest and that I shall remain!"

A breeze begins to blow in the room, you suddenly recognize this is Yanus, the two faced Halcyonite God of Holy and Shadow. "I knew I should have paid more attention in Seminary" you mutter under your breath.

The previously shadowy figure turns around and the holy light of Yanus's other face threatens to blind you.

As you avert your eyes, the figure speaks: "You have passed the test. Your devotion to the light has earned you a reward."

You gain the following powers:
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And are teleported back to the entrance of the heroic halls of salvation where the Lumineers have arrived. "Where have you been?" Nadia says.

THE END -- or is it just the beginning?