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As the ticking clock grows louder in your head you reluctantly sign your name to the parchment. "May history forgive me." you whisper to yourself.

Almost immediately, time speeds back up, but something is different. You grit your teeth and brandish your mace. The door crashes open and skeletons burst through, their bones scrapping hideously along the stone floors scrambling towards you. You summon your strength and send a bolt of holy power at the first skeleton, knocking it back. Then, drawing on ritual movements previously unknown, you do something new, a shadowy bolt flies from your mace, followed by purple orbs which crash into the skeleton, exploding it! You wave your mace in another unfamiliar manner and a gloomy purple hand reaches from the floor and grasps another skeleton. The other skeletons begin to strike you and cast their own shadowy bolts at you. You cure yourself of the shadowy plague and heal yourself, glad you still remember how to do it, but you feel enervated, you chug a vial of blueberry juice, but it's not enough! You somehow have time to rummage through your six backpacks filled with hundreds of logs and mushrooms and find a single scornyx beetle. Biting into its buggy flesh, you feel your power return and continue to blast the skeletons away.

You gain the following powers:
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Exhausted, but feeling more powerful than ever, you defeat the final skeleton. You made it! But at what cost? You search for the papyrus you signed, but in the fighting it was destroyed. You fear that someday the shadowy figure will be back, and you will have to pay for your victory today...

THE END -- or is it just the beginning!
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