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Howdy folks, just to save some space on stickied posts I wanted to make a master list of my guides. You can find all the guides I've posted and still maintained here. Enjoy!

skill_wizard.jpgGame Mechanic Guides
Rebirth Guide (updated 2022.09.08.)
XP Booster Guide (updated 2020.05.09.)

Spending Sockets Guide (updated 2019.10.21.)
Spending RL Money/Crowns (updated 2020.11.19.)

skill_warrior.jpgClass Guides

Warrior Guide (updated 2020.05.04.)
The Angry Bard - Fury Support/DPS Guide (updated 2020.09.20.)

skill_shaman.jpgEvent Guides
Twilight Vale Guide (updated 2020.07.21.)

Equinox Guide (updated 2022.09.07.)
Haunted Moors Guide (updated 2022.10.10.)