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being bored without the game, started calculating how much yuletides I am losing during this outage. Been running 14hrs a day, putting 8 toons through the EZ. Trying to do the boss quest every 14hrs and other dailies every 16hrs. Doing bounties and hideout every 2 hrs. 5 times a day got 2nd run in on hop2. Doing a bash every 32 hrs. All this equates to 12oo red yuletides every 4 days and 715 blue yuletides every 4 days on first toon doing the ez boss runs every 2 hrs. 2nd to 8th toons only 855 reds and 715 blues by only doing dailies and bashes. Bonus for ez run on bosses in 2nd hop giving 15 reds a round not added. Average loss on toon 1 thus 1200/4 = 300 reds/day and 715/4 = 179 blues/day on toon1 and 216 reds/day + 179 blues/day on all other toons.

Hoping if we get compensated, the currency will apply to ALL toons, not just one bag of spirits/joys to one toon that log in first.


  1. PC
Is it nearly fixed yet? When is it going to be fixed? I want it to be fixed!!

sigh .I feel like a little kid on a long trip . . .

Poor otters, rebuilding an entire crashed disk sounds like an awful lot of work. Hope they have everything they need to do it.

I am such an addict!

So . .is it nearly fixed yet? Is it ALMOST nearly fixed yet?


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I just got back on, US3 is up and running