Would you like to have more control over what stats your crafted items get?

  • Yes, crafting RNG should be eliminated completely.

  • Yes, crafting RNG should be limited but not completely removed.

  • No, it is fine as it is.

  • Other (please explain)

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I'm just wondering how people feel about the random nature of crafting. Do you enjoy the current system, where it is completely random what stat combination you end up with? Or would you prefered if you had more or even complete control over it? If so, how would you change the current system, and the item material requirements?
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I think we should have control over the Stats, especially if we go to the effort of getting the Spec. I can see having RNG for things like base damage, and perhaps base stats. But as you improve the skill the window for RNG should shrink. A Master Weaponsmith that has 5 starred a particular weapon and made 1000 of them should have a much higher chance of rolling max stats, rather than it being just as random as the first 50 times he/she crafted the weapon.


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I suggested not long ago that we could have rare drops that allow us to change the stats on a crafted item. It could be a different drop for each stat. Also, these drops should be tradeable although I can't see anyone wanting to buy the drop that changes a stat to vigor!


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I like it as is but I wish there was some mechanic to reroll stats… that would be an awesome use of rift essences


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TBH the randomness of the base stats of crafted items bothers me a lot less than the RNG involved with their reinforcement runes!! With the base stats, I'll just focus on getting one or two of my desired stats on an item and then use reinforcement runes to tweak my build. It would be insane to expect that I could get an exact combination of the four different stats I most desire on an item. What drives me crazy about crafting gear is when I have to make a piece of gear up to 110-116 times before a blasting rune rolls, or a magic find rune rolls, or a beserk rune rolls.

Where I would like to have more control is with the chances of getting a specific reinforcement rune to roll, not with the base stats of the item itself. RNG in crafted gear definitely should NOT be eliminated entirely, but what you gain more control over and how you would go about it (and whether it's only armor/weapons masters who have the ability to use this control) is up for discussion.

FAR worse than the RNG involved in crafted gear is the RNG involved in getting loot drop-only gear.

The last time I took two different toons out in extended loot drop hunting sessions neither one of them found what they were looking for, BOTH gave up after about a week, and I was discouraged enough that I haven't been out loot drop hunting since Vale left!! (One was looking for a specific passive necklace rune, the other was looking for necklace runes and one or two other items. The latter currently needs to go out loot drop hunting for a level 86 loot drop-only weapon rune and her two other passive necklace runes. She only has one passive necklace rune along with the active rune on her necklace!)

When raids aren't in season, loot drop gear hunting is FAR worse than any RNG involving crafted gear!!!