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Crafting is an integral part of the game, one of the main sources for gear, and the main source for consumables. The goal of this suggestion is to eliminate the problematic parts of the current system (mainly RNG, stat restrictions) and further expand the current iteration on it with a very lengthy end game activity (that you can do at any level technically) with unique rewards.

Universal changes
  • Carvings are no longer soulbound. They can be traded just like any other crafted gear. They can also be salvaged for materials.
  • Stat restrictions are removed. You can now craft any gear with any stat (including stat runes).
  • RNG can be now be limited. Mastery will let you select how many and what stats you want on your gear while also increasing the chance to recieve them. Stat runes are unaffected by this, they'll remain the same as before.

Gear Mastery0 Star1 Star2 Star3 Star4 Star5 Star
Selectable Stats011234
Chance to recieve choosen Stats0%10%20%30%40%50%
  • So at 5 star mastery, you will have 50% chance to craft an item with your desired stats. This can be further enhanced with crafting specialization (+25%) and a new enchantment (+15%, check at Frederich and Yorick’s Favor), making it a total 90%.
  • Crafting specializations will work a bit different. Potion and Prep master stays the same. Armor/Weapon specialization will have 50% per craft to make it Epic rarity at 5 stars. They also recieve +25% RNG limitation for their items in their specialization. Production Master is reworked. Production Master now grants +25% Crafting XP and +15% Mote reduction to themselves and everyone around them (in 30m). This is a permanent effect, ideal for those who want to support their fellow crafters.
Point of these changes is to streamline and make crafting a lot more impactful. The odds of crafting garbage gear will be a lot lower, especially with the right specialization. You’ll rely less on RNG crafts and drops (but there will still be some RNG for those who actually like that). And some would ask what is the point of looted gear if you can just craft your desired gear for yourself. There are still lot of items that you can’t craft (jewelry, class token, feats etc.), so looted gear won’t be obsolete. Also if you don't have a certain specialization (and don't want to rely on someone else or jsut don't want craft at all) dropped gear will be your main source for epic/legendary gear.

Crafting Endgame
Reaching max mastery (5 stars) with more and more pieces of gear, will grant you Favours, and ultimately will allow you to craft Celestial Gear.

Frederich and Yorick’s Favor
The legendary crafters will grant favors to all who can 5 star a recipe. Favors will be used to purchase unique enchantments and items. Some ideas:
  • Swift hands (enchantment): Further reduce the crafting time of items by 0,2 seconds.
  • Talented Craftsmen (enchantment): Allows you to unlock a 2nd crafting specialization.
  • Focused Worker (enchantment): Further increases the chance that an item will be crafted with the desired stats by 15%.
  • Salvage Expert (enchantment): Chance to get rare components back increased by 30%.
  • Multistation (item): Summons a unique crafting station that allows you to craft from all your 4 skills.
  • Otter Pie (item): Summon a giant Otter Pie that players can interact with, recieving +50% XP to villaging/combat for 30 minutes. Can be used once a day. No otters were harmed in the making of this pie.
  • Complete Mastery (enchantment): Allows you to begin the quest to craft the coveted celestial gear. You need to have 5 starred every single standard recipes to be able to purchase this.
These will be available to be purchased in any order. Some will be cheaper, some will be more expensive, but ultimately you should be able to get all.

Celestial Gear
Celestial Gear is a unique piece of equipment, that becomes available to be crafted upon getting Complete Mastery and finishing the quest „In the footsteps of the elders” (which wil reward the player with all the celestial recipes). Celestial gear has the following properties:
  • Level scaling, meaning it will always level up with you. If the level cap raises it will only level up if you managed to 5 star all the recipes for its next level (i.e.: lvl 95 celestial will become lvl 96 if you reached level 96 combat and also 5 starred all lvl 96 standard recipes. In case an alt wears it, it will check that alts level and the crafter's crafting level). As it will require only crafting to earn, it can be crafted as soon as lvl 1.
  • Freshly crafted Celestial gear is hollow. You will need to use a special Celestial altar to give it stats and runes (it is 100% guaranteed, no RNG involved). You can return to the Celestial altar anytime to change its stats/runes. Special runes are only available if you 5 starred those recipes (i.e.: Superior Blight runes become available if you 5 starred all Superior recipes for that piece, but you can also just gnog it onto the gear from a normal craft).
  • It will have the same power level and amount of stats as a legendary item at its level (so strictly speaking it won’t be more powerful if you manage to craft/loot a legendary item).
  • Account bound, making it great for your main but also your alts.
  • Crafting a piece will require 1000 pieces of all tiers of metal bars/cloths/leathers (depending on the piece you want to craft) and also a celestial component (buckle/hobnails/threads/helm claps) that will require 250 pieces of all tiers of metal bars/cloths/leathers (depending on the component you want to craft), and 200g (can be reduced with enchantments and consumables). Example: Celestial Fury Breastplate: 1k of all metal bars + 1 celestial belt buckle (250 of all metal bars) + 200g.
  • Crafting specializations will have no effect on it. Celestial gear is meant for all those who are willing to put in the work regardless of their choosen specialisation.
  • Armor/Weapons can be crafted in Celestial rarity (Carvings are not included)
  • Celestial gear will come with a unique look.

Frederich and Yorick’s Favor are nice bonuses for villagers (and heroes), that should offer incentives for people to do more crafting, while also making crafting a more enjoyable and productive aspect. Gathering and selling raw materials should become quite a bit more lucrative, which should promote trading more. Celestial gear is for those who really put in an insane amount of effort, and will offer a convinience upgrade over other gear as it won’t be more powerful than legendary. Celestial gear won’t be mandatory for anything, it is just a sweet bonus for the really dedicated.

I think these changes would improve the crafting and villager part of the game by quite a bit, while also not being too difficult to implement as they all build upon already existing systems. It would also offer short (Favors) and long term (Celestial Gear) goals for all crafting players, and potentially get more people into crafting with the reduction of RNG, stat limitation removed, and offering new unique enchantments and items through mastery.