Royal Guardian
Mutsie, Undertow, Susurrus
As the title already showed, this Friday on April 17th there will be a crafting event on EU1 in Marigold Harbour.
We plan to activate at least for 60 minutes worth of Villager Crystals @ 19:00 Ardent Time (type /time in the chat to find out)

To Everyone new at this, here's how it works:
Host(s) of the event will activate a Crystal of the benevolent Villager in the Marigold Harbour crafting area, which gives everyone nearby a 20% exp boost in crafting.
Players will hand out Sweet Sea Pie which adds another 30% to your exp gained during the event.
Several other exp boost can be stacked.
So bring all your gathers(mats) and Motes, everyone is welcome to join!