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...and everybody who's ever worked within the healthcare system, will know just how true the story of poo is.
this one's for you guys:

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Hi, Everyone,

In the patch yesterday, when all of the EZ items were removed with the event zone, two items inadvertently poofed as well: lumps of coal and reindeer droppings. This was unintended.

So, just a head’s up, you are all about to be showered with free poop and coal. For the next two days, all players (one character per account) will automatically receive 50 Reindeer Droppings and 50 Lumps of Coal.

If anyone feels that more poop or coal is owed to them, or were unable to log in during the allotted time frame, please feel free to submit a CS ticket. (And that's a sentence I never thought I'd write.) ;)

Edit to Add: Please disregard most of the above info given that our system automatically made the items account bound, and instead know this:

In the build which will be going live in a few weeks, we are going to add a special NPC in Ardent City, who will hand out lots and lots of tradeable free poop and coal to all.
Is no shame in this game!omg