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Contest #3: Write a V&H Christmas Story

Get your pens and/or typing fingers ready and your writer caps on, because for this contest we’d like for you all to spin us a creative little tale! Write an original short story set within our Seven Realms and pertaining to the holiday season. It must be a minimum of 400 words (and please don’t paste one word 400 times), and in some way, shape, or form, incorporate the five phrases you will find below.

  • Your short story must incorporate, in any order, the following five phrases. Please highlight the phrases with a different color in your story:
    • A snickering elf with insomnia and dental hygiene issues
    • A pair of dancing candy canes
    • A single, unwrapped present which would occasionally levitate in the air
    • The uneaten Christmas cookies baked by a disillusioned fire wizard
    • The hairy big toe on Grinchta’s left foot
  • Your short story must be a minimum of 400 words
  • You must be the original author. Please do not submit the work of someone else as your own!
  • Be sure to give your story a title
  • Only one submission per player
  • Please clearly include your name and server in your post
  • You may post your entry on either the Forums or Discord. (But not both please.)

  • The server with the most valid entries will be deemed the winner, and will receive 1 Point for this contest.
  • Additionally, a special First Place prize of 100 crowns and a Second Place Prize of 75 crowns will be awarded to two individuals for their work. Criteria for judging will be based upon:
    • Quality of the writing
    • Originality
    • Cohesiveness of structure

This contest will close on December 24th at: 12pm PDT/ 3pm EDT/ 20:00 UTC/ 21:00 CET

Jazz Mann

Eldritch Hunter
Vordigan, The Dark Archer
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Unstuck in time for Christmas
>>--- Vordigan, US1 --->

Once upon a time..... You see, all good stories start with once upon a time. However true that may be this tale actually started the very evening before Christmas in the year of our Lord two thousand eighteen and one half for our heroes had become unstuck in time!

It all started when a snickering elf with insomnia and dental hygiene issue came into my BBB pub (Boardgames, Bacon, & Bourbon) in Ardent City. I knew he was up to no good as people and magical beings for that matter don't usually go around snickering at everything they see. You can always tell when trouble is about to happen by the snickering. It's a tell.

Another clue was the fact that he actually ate the uneaten Christmas cookies baked by a disillusioned fire wizard that was left by our tree. Nobody in their right minds would dare touch them. Not anybody with half a mind anyway. That is how I knew I was sure this creature hadn't any mind at all! Well, at least not the right mind. He most definitely was up to no good in my opinion anyway.

Just to show how mischevious the elf was, not only did he eat those cookies, but he also took a single, unwrapped present which would occasionally levitate in the air from under the tree and unwrapped it! And what do you think was inside that package that made it fly around the air the way it did? Why I'll tell you! It was a pair of dancing candy canes!

I swear by the hairy big toe on Grinchta's left foot I would never have imagined the events that were to unfold at that very moment, for you see, the elf was not really mischievous at all! The elf had somehow broken an evil spell that Grinchta, unbeknownst to me or anybody else had placed on the candy canes as those very enchanted candy canes were, in fact, the elf's lost siblings and the cookies left by the wizard gave the elf and only the elf the power to undo the curse.

All three of them smiled at each other in wondrous joy! They hugged and smiled and were happy to be reunited. Then they all three turned to me, tossed me thirty-three and a third shiny golden crowns apiece (hint, hint) and bid me a good day as time resumed its normal functioning.

If I had not been here to witness this tale myself and somebody told me about it instead I would not have believed anything they said and accused them of just making it all up. But it's true what they say, life is stranger than fiction.


FaunaG, Fion, FGWar, FaunaG Wi
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Actually, nevermind this question.
Do the phrases have to be in the order which they're written? By this I mean for example; "The hairy big toe on Grinchta’s left foot" could we say instead something like "the hairy big toe on the left foot of Grinchta"?


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Slappy Holidays and Seasons Beatings!
I woke suddenly to the sound of hoofbeats pounding the graveled roadway nearby, or so I suspected, when I spied a snickering elf with insomnia and dental hygiene issues sitting atop a mighty black stallion. Quickly she asked me. with a toothy grin: "Are you in need of my services? I be castle bound!" I was about to say "Perfect" as I was headed there myself, but before I could respond, she quickly drew me to my feet where I had been resting against an old oak tree, and tossed my into her rickety cart as we zoomed off, plodding toward Ardent.
When we neared our destination, I was greeted at a portico by a pair of dancing candy canes which darted about as it frantically seeking something. Had I not known better, I would have swore I could hear them speaking back and forth in a low, childlike voice 'where is she? where is she?'. As I continued to muze at their antics, I realized they settled their gaze upon a christmas tree that had been placed precariously in our path, partially obstructing our forward progression.
I was able to spot a single, unwrapped present, which would occasionally levitate in the air, as if defying gravity itself. The only reason it didn't float off was the fragrant garland that seemed to reign it back in when it levitated too high above the trees lower branches. To my amazement, the present seemed to slowly unwrap itself, and when the paper was completely dislodged, a small girl popped out of a red box and waved at me! "Hello there!" she exclaimed, in a squeeky, excited voice. "I'm Nadia, and I am going to show you every little..." But suddenly, her voice trailed off as something caught her attention. "Oh look, a shiny!" she declared, and darted off into the woods without another word. She had succumbed to the OLAS syndrome, like so many other in the past, and was gone from sight.
Though somewhat confused and bemused, I asked my driver to continue onward, because I had pressing matters to attend. So we skirted the candy canes and the tree and made our way to the castle, where we were certain we could meet up with the man who had summoned me there. Spotting the castle gates I vaulted off the cart and turned to thank the driver but they had disappeared! I began to wonder if she had ever been there at all.
Quickly, I entered the castle and made my way toward the wizards chantry where I knew he would be waiting. Upon entering the door there, I spotted a plate with the uneaten Christmas cookies baked by a disillusioned fire wizard, whom even now sat atop a large rocking horse and smiled a crooked smile. "You have come for the bounty after all I see. Great!" but before I could address his question, he sprang to his feet and grabbed a small purse, tossing it at my head. "Yer gunna need that!"
"Hey!" I declared. "Are you always so rude?" but I received no answer as the wizard tore out of the chamber as if on a mission, shouting in his wake "Don't forget to collect The hairy big toe on Grinchta’s left foot!" Just wonderful. Now I had to remove someone's toe? Sighing, I set about my task, content to get this job over with, for it simply had to be done. When I arrived at his lair, Grinchta was sleeping, fortunately, and my task was made easier by the fact that he had recently been in a battle where he was virtually destroyed and so had no strength remaining to fight me off. As expected, when his top 'popped' off, Grinchta awoke. "Please.." he begged.. "Just don't take my autographed picture by William Shatner!" His words fell upon deaf ears as I immediately decided to take it too!
"You are despicable! Trying to destroy christmas the way you do! You should be ashamed! And all for a simple autograph?!" I yelled, as I made for the exit, but turning around, I saw Grinchta sobbing profusely, and I wondered: Did he actually have some semblance of decency and emotions after all? Still, I was resolute and carried onward. Slamming the door behind me, I slid down the hill and headed back toward the castle to report a mission accomplished to the wizard. Yuck. What a disgusting toe it was too.
As I made my way toward the statue of Starry Knight, I heard a faint murmur and glanced about. I didn't see anything and so I continued onward. A few steps more and I swear I heard some chuckling coming from a bush near a vendor that sold red derring gear. I shrugged it off at first but as I turned to leave the area, it grew in intensity, so, I did as any good adventurer would do and examined it further.
Parting the leaves of the aforementioned bush, I squinted my eyes and was able to see a slight glow, a golden glow, as if an ember or shard of the sun had been deposited here. It was faint, and barely noticeable, but there nonetheless.
Licking my lips in contemplation, trying to ascertain how it could have been placed there as my eyes glanced about, I located a small vial that I might be able to use to harbor this ember. Shrugging, I decided to try it and sure enough it fit. Soon, I realized that I was the proud new owner of a droplet of sunshine. When I placed it near my face, it seemed to glow brighter, and it became warmer.
All things aside, I knew the day was growing short and soon the sun would be setting, and so I should get to the castle asap! A few long strides and I was at the doorway once again where I entered and approached the wizards chambers to tell him of my success. Much to my dismay, the way was barred by what appeared to be several dark, cloaked figures. "Move aside!" I demanded, unperturbed at their daunting, almost menacing stances. They offered no response, in fact, only seemed more intent on blocking my pathway.
I suddenly felt a slight vibration, a shaking sensation coming from the small pouch where I had recently placed my newly acquired, bottled sunshine. It was in fact the bottle and as I withdrew it, the top popped off and the sunshine seemed to leap forward, instantaneously filling the hallway with a brilliant, radiant light that was all but blinding in its intensity. The cloaked figures scream with disbelief and horror, as if the radiance was burning them and they were forced to flee in terror.
I was troubled no more and just as fast as they had appeared so miraculously, the rays slowly faded and then disappeared all together. I heard one final, faint snicker, or chuckle as it trailed off into the distance, whereas a feeling of sadness and elation both encompassed me. Undeterred by all the unusual events that had transpired, I proceeded to the wizard's room, where he was perched on his makeshift chair that had been formed of old christmas present boxes that would normally have been discarded after opening. "Ah hah! It returns!"
Shaking my head sadly, I tossed the toe at him and said: "You do realize I am keeping the autograph right?" A smile crept across his face and he said softly: "I don't mind. I can always sign another one!" And with that, he removed his hood and lo and behold, it was William Shatner himself! "But.. How... When.. Why?" was all I could muster, and he chuckled as if a madman and inserted: "You sound like me on the set of 'The Trouble with Triblets', back in the day."
He hopped down and tossed the toe into a heaping pile of digits. "That will finally finish my collection off. Here's your reward!" He then snatched up those unedible cookies he ruined earlier, dropped them into a small sack and chucked them at me, full force. "Now, be gone!" Well, I never!
There was nothing left to do, other then to depart, knowing I had accomplished my task. All in all, it had been a rather exciting day, filled with many unexpected events, oddly enough, it felt satisfying to me. Merry Christmas and Seasons Greeting, V&H!

Omnigma, US2, Christmas 2018
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A V&H Christmas Mystery
by Kitty the Hunter, US3
Yesterday, as I was standing in my kitchen something very strange and unusual happened. It was early morning, just before dawn, and thankfully everyone else was still asleep. The special V&H holiday fruitcakes I ordered had finally arrived just in time for Christmas and I wanted to wrap them before everyone woke up to the Christmas Special order of Villa's famous breakfast buffet.
Villa's breakfast buffet had just been delivered by a snickering elf with insomnia and dental hygiene issues. I suspected something was amiss because she takes great pride in making all her deliveries personally. I would be on my way to investigate promptly, right after I finished wrapping the fruit cakes while drinking a steaming cup of hot coffee and sampling some hearty morsels from the buffet. I noticed she had included some of the uneaten Christmas cookies baked by a disillusioned fire wizard. Although she tried desperately to deny it I knew that wizard was also her favorite uncle. His is a sad tale but too long to include here.
Tucking a pair of dancing candy canes into my purse I was about to head out to find Villa when I noticed a single, unwrapped present which would occasionally levitate in the air still tied to the branches under the tree. "
Villa will love this!", I said to myself, and quickly dropped it into a zippered stuffed teddy bear, and put that into a gift bag to keep it from floating away.
She lived on the lakeside, right past a huge statue of the hairy big toe on Grinchta's left foot. Our mayor was a very sweet but senile old woman who loved that old toe. No one had the heart to tell her how much we hated that ugly thing so there it sat, bigger than life if you can imagine. It was very popular during the summer with children who would climb it to jump off into the water.
I knocked on Villas door but got no answer. Tucking a note into the bag I tied her gift to the doorknob. While sitting on the beach I pondered how to solve this mystery while watching a thunder of dragons soaring gracefully over the water.
I decided to take a walk through the village to see if she was about visiting friends and neighbors. It was very peaceful and lovely with a wintry theme. Everyone had trees decorated and window displays with lights and ornaments. Several of the ranch animals had bells tied to their collars which made a sweet tinkling sound. I found her playing charades with a lively group of dungeon runners and decided to join in. It was too perfect of a day to be troubled by anything so afterwards I headed home to spend the rest of the day preparing for Christmas with my family.


Servant of Mallok
Kingcake, Drunkenfish
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One Strange Night
by Kingcake, US3
It was a strange night and I was tired. I had three more hours of riding before I reached Trader's Path, my home. I was almost out of Greengate, carrying goods from Verda to sell. The winding stony path was treacherous, all manner of wicked foul creatures strewn along the way. All avoided the snapping jaws of my grey wolf, Shiv.
All but one.
Pain. Intense pain and bright lights behind my eyes. Then darkness.
In my sleepy stupor, I had turned down the wrong way, straight into the fists of Dababiteeth, Palin Frogors pet daggertooth.
I don't know how long I was unconscious. My wolf was gone when I came to. There was a campfire near and two figures watching me. I winced as I sat up looking around for my wolf, my packages and sacks. Anything.
"I see you're awake. "
My eyes darted painfully back at the strange pair by the fire. "Have you seen-" I began.
"No it's gone. Probably eaten by those goblins." the human said, his back to me.
By the firelight I could see his companion, a snickering elf with insomnia and dental hygiene issues.
I slowly moved closer to the fire, not just for warmth, for it was a little chill, but to see the man's face better.
He met my gaze and looked away. "I made some cookies earlier. It's Christmas Day. " He moved a pan of blackened something closer to me. "My name is Burns, Frosty Burns. That's Ludo. "
Ludo snickered.

By the hairy big toe on Grinchta's left foot. I thought angrily. I'd lost two days, my goods and my wolf.
"There's no use kicking yourself over it. These things happen." said Burns as he rummaged through his pack.
A single, unwrapped present which would occasionally levitate in the air went unnoticed. "Yes I suppose." I stared at the uneaten Christmas cookies baked by a disillusioned fire wizard mourning my losses.
Burns revived the fire with a spell. "You got a name, trader?"
"My name is Anton." I muttered.
"Well Anton, I can help you." The fire wizard held out
a pair of dancing candy canes, one in each hand, nimbly balancing on their straight ends, rapidly twirling.
I stared in disbelief.
Burns continued. "One will take you to the future, with no memory of the past. The other will take you to the past with no memory of the future. Choose."
With a trembling hand I reached out, taking a candy cane and biting into it.
I jerked awake just in time to avoid Dababiteeth's huge fist and urged my wolf down the hill around the perimeter of Palia's hangout. Going back to the place where there were shelters set up by a gnome and a treant. There we would get some much needed sleep, my faithful wolf and I. We would finish our trip home in daylight.


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Ein neuer Anfang

Frei, endlich - Tiko konnte es kaum fassen. Nach Jahren in den dumpfen und düsteren Tunneln der Gortrin-Passage sollte er endlich frei sein. Für einen Moment war Tiko versucht, durch das Tor nach Turnapin zu stürmen, doch dann besann er sich seiner Habseligkeiten und sein tief verankertes Pflichgefühl drängte ihn dazu, seinen Lagerplatz aufzuräumen und das bisschen, was er besaß, in einen etwas zerfledderten Rucksack zu stopfen. Immer noch unsicher, ob das Portal ihn wirklich durchlassen würde, schlich er den schmalen Pfad entlang, kletterte dann über die Brüstung und bewegte sich auf das golden wirbelnde Portal zu. Nur Zentimeter vor dem Durchgang nach Turnapin holte er noch einmal tief Luft und machte dann einen beherzten Schritt ins Ungewisse.
Für einen Moment wurde ihm schwarz vor Augen und er befürchtete, dass der Abenteurer, der behauptet hatte, Raza sei besiegt und das Tor nach Turnapin geöffnet, hätte ihn in eine Falle gelockt. Dann aber wich das Schwarz einem blenden Licht und Tiko stolperte geblendet in eine Schneewehe. Nach der Dunkelheit in Gortrin schien die blasse Wintersonne in Turnapin unerträglich hell, sodass Tiko die Augen tränten. Er kämpfte sich aus dem hüfthohen Schnee zurück auf den Weg und blieb dort stehen, um sich an die Helligkeit zu gewöhnen. Nicht nur das Licht sondern auch die Geräusche waren in Turnapin ganz anders als in Gortrin. Während in der Passage nur das gelegentliche Stöhnen der Zombies und hin und wieder deren schlurfende Schritte zu hören gewesen warten, dominierte auf der Bergspitze der heulende Wind. Aus einiger Entfernung konnte man das leise Winseln eines Wargs hören, zumindest vermutete Tiko, dass es sich um einen Warg handelte, denn er selbst hatte seit seiner Kindheit keinen Warg mehr gesehen oder gehört.
Die Kälte, die durch die dünnen Sohlen seiner Schuhe sickerte und seine Zehen in Eisklumpen zu verwandeln drohte, zwang Tiko schließlich, seinen Rucksack wieder zu schultern und weiterzuziehen. Schon bald kam er an eine Wegkreuzung und musste sich entscheiden - links oder rechts? Links schien der Weg direkt in ein Rudel Yetis zu führen und Tiko erinnerte sich dunkel an die Geschichten seines Großvaters, der beim Bau des Schlotterhofmarktes dabeigewesen war. Yetis, so hatte der Großvater erzählt, waren ruppige Gesellen, die sich einen Spaß daraus machten, einsame Wandergesellen zu verprügeln und deren Werkzeuge zu Brezeln zu biegen. Der Weg, der nach rechts führte, schien Tiko deutlich sicherer zu sein, auch wenn am Wegesrand ein abgemagerter Warg herumschlich. Um sich aufzuwärmen, begann Tiko, mit forschen Schritten dem rechten Weg zu folgen und gelangte schließlich an einen Teich, um den herum weihnachtlich geschmückte Holzhäuschen aufgestellt waren. Ein großes Lagerfeuer, an dem ein paar Angler ihren Fang auf biegsame Weidenruten gesteckt brieten, lockte Tiko mit seiner Wärme und seinem fröhlichen Flackern. "Willkommen zum Turnapin Weihnachtsmarkt," dröhnte einer der Angler gut gelaunt. Tiko lächelte den alten Mann schüchtern an und streckte seine Hände zum Feuer aus. "Na, in deinen Fähnchen wirst du hier nicht alt," meinte eine Frau in dicker fellbesetzter Keleidung, nachdem sie Tiko kritisch gemustert hatte. "Fähnchen?", fragte Tiko, unsicher ob die Frau wohl ihn meinte. "Na die Lumpen, die du da trägst, die sind nichts für Turnapin, da hast du schneller Frostbeulen als du Frohe Weihnachten sagen kannst. Warte mal..." und bevor Tiko noch etwas erwidern und seinen doch recht heruntergekommenen Zustand erklären konnte, war die Frau verschwunden, kehrte aber nur Minuten später mit einem dicken Bündel zurück. "Hier, die sind von unserm Hannes, der ist aber schon lange rausgewachsen. Wollte es aufheben, vielleicht für die Enekelkinder, aber den Hannes hat das Schatzfieber gepackt und er ist jetzt schon seit zwei Jahren weg, um im Zoriansumpf nach dem Schatz von Covigne zu suchen." Sie drücke dem verblüfften Tiko das Bündel in die Arme und schob ihn hinter das nächstgelegene Häuschen. "Zieh dich erstmal um, du bist ja nur Haut und Knochen und erfrierst uns sonst noch."
Tiko setzte vorsichtig seinen Rucksack ab und schnürte das geschenkte Bündel auf. Eingerollt in eine dicke Felltunika lagen da selbst gestrickte Socken, eine warmes Hemd aus Bergziegenwolle, lange babyblaue Flanellunterwäsche, eine Hose aus derbem Filz und ein Paar gefütterte Stiefel aus weißem Pelz. "Yeteipelz?" fragte sich Tiko, während er sich zittern aus seiner blauen Steinmetzkluft kämpfte , um dann mit klappernden Zähnen die geschenkten Sachen anzuziehen. Als er endlich vollständig bekleidet war, war ihm gleich viel wärmer und mit einem breiten Grinsen im Gesicht trat er hinter dem Häuschen hervor, um sich seiner Gönnerin und ihren Freunden zu präsentieren. Mit ausgebreiteten Armen stellte er sich vor sie hin und meinte "Ta da. - Vielen, lieben, herzlichen Dank." "Grmpf - Weihnachten ist das Fest der Mildtätigkeit und ich brauch das Zeug ja doch nicht mehr, also nichst zu danken," brummte die Frau und wurde dabei rot. "Wenn du Geld hast, kannst du hier auf dem Weihnachtsmarkt die besten Geschenke der Welt finden," meinte einer der Umstehenden und schaute Tiko fragend an. "Geld hab ich keins," erwiderte dieser, "aber villeicht nehmen die Händler ja diese Steine, die ich in Gortrin gefunden habe." Tiko nahm seinen Rucksack ein weiteres Mal ab und wühlte in einer der Seitentaschen. Als er seine Hand herauszog und sie den Sprecher hinhielt, staunte der nicht schlecht, denn auf der Handfläche des jungen Steinnmetztes lagen annähernd ein Duzend kirschgroßer Diamanten und einige Smaragde. "Oh ähm, klar, die Händler werden die Steinchen schon akzeptieren, wären ja dumm, wenn sie's nicht täten," murmelte jemand.
Tiko stopfte die Edelsteine in seine Hosentasche und fragte höflich: "Kann ich meinen Rucksack hier stehen lassen? Ich würde mir gerne anschauen, was angeboten wird." "Klar." Nur zu." "Bei uns kommt nichts weg."
Tiko begann seine Runde über den Turnapin Weihnachtsmarkt an einem Verkaufstand, über dem ein Schild hing, das ein Paar tanzende Zuckerstangen zeigte. "Eukalyptus-Gummidrops, Kräuterbonbons, Lakritze, Lebkuchen," pries der Verkäufer seine Waren an. "Nur die besten Süßwaren hier - na, was darf's sein, junger Herr?" `Süßwaren!!! Tiko hatte sich jahrelang fast ausschließlich von den in Gortrin wachsenden Granatäpfeln ernährt, die aufgrund des fehlenden Sonnenlichts so sauer waren, dass ihm beim Hineinbeißen jedesmal sämtliche Gesichtszüge entgleist waren. "Von allem etwas, bitte, so viel, wie ich für diesen Stein bekommen," strahlte er den Verkäufer an und legte seinen seiner Smaragde auf den Tresen. Der Verkäufer schluckte und begann dann mit einer Mehlschaufel in die Bonbongläser zu langen und beschätzt drei Pfund Süßigkeiten un eine Papiertüte zu füllen. "Bitte sehr, beehren Sie uns bald wieder" "Und was ist mit den Keksen?" wollte Tiko wissen, der bemerkt hatte, dass der Verkäufer einen Behälter ausgelassen hatte. "Die nicht gegessenen Weihnachtskekse, die ein desillusionierter Feuerzauberer gebacken hat - die sind inzwischen ungenießbar, fürchte ich." "Ich nehme trotzdem ein paar davon," meinte Tiko mutig. "Na dann, die gehen auf's Haus. Aber wenn ihr euch den Magen daran verderbt, will ich keine Klagen hören" Mit der Bonbontüte in der Hand und einem Päckchen Kekse unter dem Arm schlenderte Tiko weiter, vorbei an einem Stand mit Ohringen, Ketten und Ringen aus Mithril, weiter zu einem Häuschen vo dem ein einzelnes, ausgepacktes Weihnachtsgeschenk ab und an in der Luft schwebte. An dem Päckchen hing ein Zettel auf dem "Madame Zirkonia - Wahrsagerin" stand. Tiko überlegte noch, was er eine Wahrsager fragen könnte, als die Tür des Häuschens aufgerissen wurde und eine burschikose junge Frau mit feuerroten Haaren heraustrat und ihn am Arm packte, um ihn in ihr Häuschen zu ziehen. "Setzen!" Tiko setzte sich verdattert an den runden Tisch, der in der Mitte des Raumes stand. "So, dann wollen wir mal." "Ahm, Entschuldigung, sind sie die Wahrsagerin. Ich meine - ähm, ich dachte, na ja, eine Wahrsagerin, ist die nicht meistens etwas - ähm, älter?" "Ich habe das Geschäft erst diesen Sommer von meiner Tante übernommen, aber ich habe jahrelang von ihr gelernt und ihr assistiert, ich weiß also, was ich tue!" "'tschuldigung". Die Wahrsagerin setzte sich Tiko gegenüber und griff nach seiner Hand. "Hm - versuchen wir es mit Handlinien lesen" Tiko hatte seit Jahren keinen Steinmetzhammer mehr in der Hand gehalten und seine Handflächen waren weiß und zart. Offensichtlich hatte die Wahrsagerin Probleme die feinen Linien überhaupt zu erkennen, denn nach einem Moment ließ sie Tikos Hand wieder los und dreht sich zu einem Regal um, das hinter ihr stand. "Du bist ein schwieriger Kunde..." (Tiko war sich nicht bewusst, dass er jemals schwierig gewesen war, geschweige den ein Kunde) "...da muss ich schwere Geschütze auffahren." Die Wahrsagerin drehte sich zurück zum Tisch und stellte eine unscheinbare Holzkiste vor ihn hin. Dann hob sie den Deckel an, sodass Tiko den Inhalt betrachten konnte. Ein verschrumpeltes rundliches Etwas, das mit borstigen Haaren bedeckt war, lag auf einem roten Samtkissen. "Der haarige Große Zeh von Grinchtas linkem Fuß," verkündete sie stolz. "Nimm ihn, halt ihn in Augenhöhe über den Tisch und dann lass ihn fallen. So wie er dann rollt, verrät er mir deine Zukunft," erklärte sie weiter. Tiko folgte ihren Anweisungen und beobachtete gespannt, wie der Zeh von der Tischplatte abprallte, noch einmal durch die Luft wirbelte, um dann in einer Ellipse über den Tisch zu rollen, bis er genau vor Tiko liegen blieb. "Der Nagel zeigt in deine Richtung," stellt die Wahrsagerin fest, " und die Haare kringeln sich, als hättest du sie auf Lockelnwickler gedreht." Was bedeutet das?", wollte Tiko wissen. "Jemand wird sich dir zuwenden, jemand der dich einwickeln will. Pass also auf dich auf. Macht dann drei Goldstücke." Tiko hatte den Verdacht, dass die Wahrsagerin ihre Ausbildung etwas verfrüht beendet hatte, doch er war froh, ihr entkommen zu können, nachdem er ihr den kleinsten seiner Steine in die Hand gedrückt hatte.
Er schlenderte weiter über den Weihnachtsmarkt, bis er schließlich zu einem Stand kam, der von einem kichernden Elf, der an Schlaflosigkeit leidet und Probleme mit der Zahnpflege hat, betrieben wurde. Auf der Theke und in den Regalen hinter dem Elf standen Engel in den unterschiedlichesten Größen und Farben, Engel aus Holz, aus Filz, aus Walrosshauern geschnitzt, in Bronze gegossen und aus weiteren Materialien. Neben Tiko stand eine hübsche braungebrannte junge Frau, die ebenfalls die Auslagen betrachtete. "Hübsch, die Engel,nicht wahr?, "meinte sie, ohne Tiko anzusehen. Tiko betrachtete sie aus den Augenwinkeln und war hin und weg. Vorsichtig nahm er einen besonders filigran gearbeiteten Engel aus Silberdraht in die Hand und hielt ihn der jungen Frau hin. "Der hier ist schön", verkündete er. "Hübsch schon", erwiderte sie, "aber der Silberdraht läuft an und dann ist der Engel schwarz und stumpf und nicht mehr schön. Und putzen kann man ihn auch nicht, denn der feine Draht würde beim Saubermachen nur verbogen werden. Nein, der da ist viel besser", und mit diesen Worten griff sie nach einem pausbäckigen Glasengel, zu dessen Füßen eine kleine Öllampe stand. "Ein Schutzengel, der dir mit seinem Licht den Weg nach Hause weist," sagte die junge Frau und wandte sich endlich Tiko zu. "Mein Name ist Igraine, du bist neu, oder? Ich dachte, ich hätte inzwischen alle Bewohner von Turnapin kennengelernt." "Inzwischen?", fragte Tiko zurück. "Ich bin selbst erst seit ein paar Wochen hier, aber es hat sich herausgestellt, dass ich hier in Turnapin geboren wurde und ich habe sogar einen Onkel hier gefunden, vom dem ich nie gehört hatte. Deshalb habe ich mich hier niedergelassen. Vielleicht kehre ich irgendwann in meine Heimat zurück, aber für den Moment ist er mir, wichtiger meine Wurzeln zu erkunden und das honigsüße Licht hier zu bewachen," erklärte Irgaine. Sie lächelte Tiko an und fuhr fort: "Turnapin mag zwar kalt sein, aber die Menschen hier sind sehr warmherzig und der Brunnen des honigsüßen Lichts strahlt so viel Liebe und Wärme aus, dass selbst der einsamste und traurigste Mensch wieder Hoffnung schöpft." Tiko nickte benommen und kaufte für einen großen Diamanten den Glasengel, den Igraine ausgewählt hatte. Er war wirklich von Igraine eingewickelt, die ihn mit ihrer natürlichen Herzlichkeit und offenen Art bezauberte. Wie ein Hündchen lief er ihr den Rest des Tages nach und kaufte alles, was ihr gefiel. Abends sah man die beiden auf einem Holzstamm am Lagerfeuer sitzen und bei einem Glühwein fröhlich schwatzen. "Die beiden geben ein hübsches Paar ab", dachten die Bewohner Turnapins und hießen sie in ihrer Mitte willkommen.


Iphigenie, EU2

Lord Pyrrus

Servant of Mallok
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Everyone is Eventually Happy
By Lord Pyrrus US3​

Elmer, a snickering elf with insomnia and dental hygiene issues, awoke and looked at the clock. He overslept because of his insomnia and his friend, Fred the fire wizard, was probably already waiting for him. He quickly dressed and had this feeling he was forgetting something. Just then a single, unwrapped present which would occasionally levitate in the air levitated from behind the bed and he remembered. It was the broom he bought from Wanda the witch to give Fred as a gift. He didn’t have time to wrap it so he quickly tied a bow on it and attached a card that said “Happy Holidays, Love Elmer”.
He walked outside and saw his neighbors, Sandy and Randy , a pair of dancing candy canes, dancing in front of their house.
“Hello! What are you doing?” Elmer asked as he snickered.
Randy answered, “The Sugar Plums are having a dance and we are practicing our two step. Our house is filled with clutter . So this is the only place we could practice.”
Sandy then asked, “Oh Elmer! Your dental hygiene issues are getting worse. You are in the second stages which causes snickering. Are you going to get that checked?”
“Soon but now I am going to visit Fred. I have his holiday gift. Would you like to come?” Elmer snickered in reply.
“Sure.” The candy canes said in unison. They chuckled when they saw the broom levitate and Elmer have to push it back down.
They walked across the street to Fred’s house. Fred greeted them all and had them come in but looked sad.
“What’s wrong Fred?” Elmer snickered as he tried to hide the broom which was trying to levitate behind his back.
Fred sighed, “I dreamed of becoming a world famous baker but no one will eat my cookies.” Fred brought out the uneaten Christmas cookies baked by a disillusioned fire wizard, i.e. Fred. The smell made Elmer snicker “Yuck!” and at the same time Sandy and Randy said “Yum!”
Fred and Elmer looked at the candy canes. “You like them?” asked Fred.
“Oh yes!” answered Sandy.
“Candy beings have a different sense of smell and taste than humans and elves. May we take some to the Dance of the Sugar Plums? They will be a big hit.” Randy replied.
“Yes, by all means. Take them all” Smiled Fred.
“Don’t be surprised if you have a line of candy people at your door asking for you to make them cookies.” Sandy said.
“Excellent! I will be the baker to the candy people and be world famous. By the way, here is your gift Elmer.” Fred handed him a box.
Elmer gave Fred the broom, relieved to finally be done struggling to conceal it. He quickly opened the box and inside was a hairy big toe of a left foot.
“What is this?” snickered Elmer.
“It is the hairy big toe on Grinchta’s left foot. Lick it.” Smiled Fred.
Elmer was reluctant but did as his friend asked. All of a sudden, all of his dental hygiene issues were gone.
“My mouth is better!” Exclaimed Elmer, without the slightest snicker.
“And your snicker is gone.” Said Randy.
“I love my broom. It has personality. This has turned out to be a wonderful holiday.” Smiled Fred.
And in unison they turned to you and said, “Seasons Greetings, V&H!”
The End​


Zephyr Arya
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A wizard's curse

The hairy big toe on Grinchta's left foot began to itch and burn unbearably. "Surely a sign of snow?" he mused. "Unless someone or something from the Mystical Lands outside my lair has cast a spell on me."
Grumbling to himself, he limped his way to the only person he knew who might be able to shine some light on the problem.
A pair of dancing candy cones stood either side of a dark doorway. Smirking to themselves they moved to allow him access into a room that appeared to stretch as far as the eye could see. He approached a dimly lit figure sitting on a barrel of Mad Otter Ale.
"Eeew, what is that disgusting odour?" he cried and had to turn his face away. "It smells like a dead reindeer's hind leg!"
A snickering elf with insomnia and dental hygiene issues stood up and gave a huge yawn.
"Urgh! Your breath is enough to slay the hardiest warrior! I need your help!" Grinchta appealed to the elf.
"I want payment first" the elf replied. "And it had better be good, not some kid's cheap toy from your sack!" Grinchta reached deep into his pocket and pulled out a single unwrapped present which would occasionally levitate in the air.
"Oooh that more than pays for my help" the elf grinned widely sending a waft of bad breath towards Grinchta. "That dream will aid my insomnia!" He quickly caught the present in a large wicker laundry bin and slammed on the lid.
"Now then, my toe....." Grinchta began. "Aha" laughed the elf, "you stole a bite of the uneaten Christmas cookies baked by a disillusioned fire wizard!"
"That is your curse! As penance the only way to break the spell is to appear every two hours in your den until Christmas is over, to bring fun and laughter to the citizens of Ardent!"

Zephyr US3


Bog Frog
Glowgla, der hungrige Elf
Es war einst eine sternenklare Nacht mitten im Dezember. Die Kälte kroch jedem, der es wagte, draußen unterwegs zu sein, in alle Glieder. Einsam und vor Kälte zitternd flog ein kleiner, hungriger Elf namens Glowgla durch die schneebedeckte Landschaft der Sturmfeste-Region. Er war auf der Suche nach etwas Essbarem, genauer gesagt nach etwas süßem Essbaren, denn er liebte Süßigkeiten über alles und da kam ihm die Weihnachtszeit eigentlich gerade recht. Eigentlich …. denn nachdem der kleine Elf es nicht so genau mit der Zahnhygiene nahm, verwehrte ihm der oberste Elf Noel den Zutritt zur Elfen-Speisekammer, in der unter anderem die nicht gegessenen Weihnachtsplätzchen, die ein desillusionierter Feuerzauberer gebacken hat, aufbewahrt wurden.
Mit knurrendem Magen, der ihm den Schlaf raubte und in Weihnachtserinnerungen schwelgend irrte er so lange umher, bis er in der Ferne ein Licht erspähte. Der kleine Elf machte sich sofort auf den Weg dorthin und flog so schnell ihn seine zarten Flügel trugen. Hoffnungsvoll folgte er einem schmalen, gewundenen Pfad, der auf einen Berg hinaufführte. Was wird sich wohl dort oben verbergen? Eine riesige Speisekammer mit lauter Leckereien?

Glowgla träumte bereits davon, wie er inmitten süßer Lebkuchen, liebevoll gebackener Plätzchen, zart schmelzender Weihnachtsschokolade und saftigem Früchtekuchen saß und sich gierig darüber her machen konnte. Doch was war das?
Hoch oben auf dem Berg entdeckte er zwar das Licht, das er von Weitem gesehen hatte, aber von seinen heiß ersehnten Süßigkeiten fehlte jede Spur! Enttäuscht und entkräftet blickte er sich um: das Licht kam von zahlreichen Handwerksstationen, an denen fleißige Weihnachtswichtel die verschiedensten Sachen herstellten. Da waren Berge von Puppenhäusern, Spielzeugsoldaten, Chemiebaukästen und vielem mehr, aber das einzige, was fehlte waren Süßigkeiten!
Glowgla´s Augen füllten sich mit Tränen. Kurz darauf war ein erbärmliches Schluchzen zu hören. Der kleine Körper des Elfen bebte regelrecht vor Enttäuschung und Frust. Seine Tränen kullerten die Wangen herab und fielen zu Boden, wo sie sogleich zu Eiskristallen erstarrten.
Da ertönte plötzlich liebliche Weihnachtsmusik, die das Hämmern und Werkeln an den Handwerksstationen übertönte. Glowgla sah direkt vor sich zwei grüne längliche Gebilde, die hinter seinem Tränenschleier aussahen wie ein Paar tanzende Zuckerstangen, die im Rhythmus der Musik mitwippten. Die Augen des ausgehungerten Elfen begannen zu leuchten. Diese Gelegenheit durfte er sich nicht entgehen lassen! Mit weit aufgerissenem Mund biss er in das eine Ende einer der Zuckerstangen.

Daraufhin ertönte sofort ein schmerzerfüllter Schrei: „Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Wer wagt es, mich zu beißen?“
Erschrocken wich Glowgla von der vermeintlichen Zuckerstange zurück und rieb sich die letzten Tränchen aus seinen Augen. Vor ihm waren gar keine Zuckerstangen! Vor ihm stand Grinchta! Und der haarige Große Zeh von Grinchtas linkem Fuß, der eigentlich - wie alles an Grinchta - grün sein sollte, leuchtete in einem grellen Rotton. Wie konnte der Elf nur diesen unappetitlichen Zeh mit einer Zuckerstange verwechseln? Wie hatten nur Hunger und Unterzuckerung ihn so täuschen können?
„Hihihi, ich bin ein kichernder Elf, der an Schlaflosigkeit leidet und Probleme mit der Zahnpflege hat!“ erwiderte Glowgla peinlich berührt, wobei seine Gesichtsfarbe die unterschiedlichsten Farbtöne im Wechsel annahm. „Und ich bin soooo hungrig!“ hängte er noch kleinlaut an.

Da erbarmte sich der riesige Grinchta und verzieh dem winzigen Elf. Er kramte in seinem weihnachtlich geschmückten Geschenketresor bis er fündig wurde und übergab Glowgla ein einzelnes, ausgepacktes Weihnachtsgeschenk, das ab und an in der Luft schwebt. Nun fragt ihr euch bestimmt, warum es manchmal in der Luft schwebt? Nun, das hat den folgenden Grund: In dem Geschenk befindet sich ein niemals endender Vorrat an Süßigkeiten, so dass der kleine Elf nie wieder an Hunger und damit an Schlaflosigkeit leiden muss; damit er aber immer schön brav an seine Zahnpflege denkt, schwebt es in regelmäßigen Abständen für den Elf unerreichbar in der Luft, so dass dieser sich währenddessen um seine Zähne kümmern kann.

Melisandre EU2


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The Ancient Script

The uneaten Christmas cookies baked by a disillusioned fire wizard sat on the cookie tray as Zijaria paced back and forth whilst trying to decipher the ancient scripts that he just read. "I must cast this spell or else!". Or else what? Was he really losing his mind? Then he thought to himself, 'Maybe I should have a cookie, yes.. surely that would help clear my mind..". Zijaria swiped a cookie off the tray and was about to take a bite when all of a sudden the hairy big toe on Grinchta’s left foot entered his mind! "Ohh!, what an appetite killer!" Zijaria yelled. "Hmm" he pondered. "I shall make a trip to the Order of The Dark Phoenix", he proclaimed. Twas still morning, and Zijaria knew that if he made it to the DP Before Noon event, surely that would clear his mind!"

As Zijaria stepped into The Great Hall of the Dark Phoenix, he immediately felt a tingling sensation. 'Someone is using magic!', he thought to himself. Zijaria searched all over the great halls and upon arriving at the great script library saw a pair of dancing candy canes hovering above a Christmas Tree. "Yes!" Zijaria exclaimed. 'I knew it, the spell.. it works!', he thought. But who was casting such a spell? As soon as he began to search the room he heard the quick sound of footsteps. The candy canes dropped into the Christmas tree as a snickering elf with insomnia and dental hygiene issues made a run for the door. "Stop!" Zijaria yelled as he made quick jester of his hands. The elf froze as if held by an invisible rope. "You must teach me this spell!", Zijaria demanded. But the elf stood quietly in defiance. "You must!" Zijaria yelled. Still the elf remained quiet.

Zijaria knew he could persuade many with his aggressive ways, yet somehow those dancing candy canes woke up a part of him that he has not felt in a long time. Suddenly, Zijaria grabbed the two candy canes and offered them to the elf and released his hold. The elf stood surprised for a moment, then suddenly performed the motions of a spell that Zijaria was unfamiliar with. Quickly Zijaria made a mental note while looking around for an object to experiment with. Finally, looking under the Christmas tree Zijaria reproduced the motions with his own hands and suddenly, a single, unwrapped present which would occasionally levitate in the air slowly glided across the room into the hands of the elf. The elf then cheered with joy and quickly disappeared!

The end.

Zijaria -US 3


Zephyr Arya
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The Wizards Curse

The hairy big toe on Grinchta's left foot was itching and burning. "A sign of snow coming maybe? Or has someone or something from the mystical lands outside my lair cast a spell on me? I don't remember insulting anyone recently!"

Meanwhile in a cave far away over the mountains, where the air was hot and smoke rose from deep fissures between the rocks a mumbling could be heard above the crackling of flames from a fire. The figure crouching over the coals was tired after a long journey from Grinchta's lair in the far cold north where he had been taking gifts to his northern kin. He had left them on the gifting stone, a rocky shelf free from snow, under an
overhang near Grinchta's den, where his kin would leave their gifts for travelling wizards like himself.
He had just received an s-mail through his staff, and was extremely angry.
"Whoever did this will be punished" he raged. "Do they not know I put a curse of the burning itch on anyone who dares to disturb my gifts?

Grinchta could no longer stand the burning itchy toe. Grumbling to himself, he limped his way out of his den and through the snow to the only person he knew who might be able to shed some light on the problem. He had hoped the cold snow would have eased his toe, but instead seemed to make it worse.
He came to a dark doorway built into the side of a hill, a pair of dancing candy cones standing on either side blocking his way.
"Let me by" Grinchta said impatiently, "I have business with your Master". The candy cones sniggered, dancing round Grinchta. "Give us a present" they sang. Grinchta delved into one of his pockets and produced two fruit cakes. "You may pass" sang one of the cones, giving Grinchta a crafty whack on his butt as he passed through.

The room was dark and seemed to stretch as far as the eye could see. A dimly lit figure was sitting on a barrel of Mad Otter Ale.
Approaching the figure, Grintcha had to hold his sleeve over his nose. "Eeew, what is that disgusting odour? It smells like a dead reindeer's hind quarters!"
A snickering elf with insomnia and dental hygiene issues stood up and gave a huge yawn. "Urgh - your breath is enough to slay the hardiest warrior!" Grincha said through the sleeve held across his face.
The elf looked at Grinchta disdainfully. "What brings your miserable self, fatter than ever I see, to my domain? Rarely do you venture out of your lair except on Christmas eve."
"I need your help" Grinchta appealed to the elf. "My toe......." The elf doubled up with laughter before Grinchta could go on. He laughed and laughed sending wafts of bad breath towards Grinchta who cringed.
"I know what you did!" the elf said between laughs, "you sneaked a bite of the uneaten cookies baked by a disillusioned fire wizard! Those cookies were spell fused with magic currants! I can help but I want payment in advance! And not one of those cheap kid's toys from your sack!"
Grinchta dug deep into a pocket and handed the elf a single unwrapped present which would occasionally levitate in the air.
"You have paid handsomely , that dream will aid my insomnia!" With that, the elf quickly caught the present in a large wicker laundry bin, and snapped the lid on. "Unfortunately there is only one way to dispel the curse. As a penance, you must appear every two hours in your den until Christmas is over, bringing fun and laughter to the citizens of Ardent."
So Grinchta limped back to his lair and there you will find him until after Christmas, when the curse will be lifted.

Zephyr US3

Allison Wonderland

Royal Guardian
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The 3 wise gifts or 4 or more
by TweetyBird US3
Snow, bright lights and a pair of dancing candy canes twirled in front of the Pabella's Buckles and Hobnails. Today is the day.. the last shopping day before Christmas. The vendors's tents are almost bare. I should have known to shop earlier for that stuffed bog frog. I have searched every vendor but the only one I have found is one at Ashund's Grips and Thread and it does not look like a bog frog at all. It is ragged and squished with one big eye dangling. It is the only gift little Sarah has on her list. I have no choice. This will have to be the one she gets. Maybe I can do something to make it look like the cute little bog frog and not like the hairy big toe on Grinchta's left foot. She has her heart set on it.

Now Diet will be harder to please. His list is ever changing and a mile long. I hope he doesn't change it again. I bought that tundra dragon that he HAD to have 2 months ago wouldn't you know it... Monday he changes his mind and wants the ice dragon. I hope the beast keeper with swap but just in case I will sweeten the deal with a dozen of the uneaten Christmas cookies baked by a disillusioned fire wizard for the Ardent Betty Crocker Bake Off. The cookies won Best of Show at this year's 25,000 crown bake off. I should make sure to wear the fancy pink lady dress and charm the beast keeper with one of my magic drams. He will not be able to say no.

Now next on the list is Damon. He is a real charmer so easy to please and never a complainer. Talk about making lemonade out of lemons, he can do it! I swear I could wrap a hug box of poop in a newspaper and he would be so happy running around cheering and yelling.. I can hear him now, "with all of this poop there has to be a pony somewhere." I'm sure this cute little spiggy would put a smile on his face. It may be a tad over my budget but since 1/2 of the price is a tax write off I can justify the purchase.

Last on the list is Liam. Such a sweet little street urchin. He has given us such joy since we welcomed him into our home. He was nothing more than a snickering elf with insomnia and dental hygiene issues when we found him just outside Sewers of Ardent. What else could we do but open our hearts to him? He is so innocent and that crooked little smile just makes your heart melt (as long as he doesn't show those teeth). He followed us all the way to Maiden. How could we turn away from those teddy bear eyes? What ever could I give him. It must be something special. After all he really has never had a Christmas with a true family. Hmmm...he is so enthralled with nature and so interested in water animals I bet I can get an otter from the beast keeper. They aren't much trouble and just as cute as a bug in a rug.

Shopping's all done. Wrapping the bog frog isn't a problem but how do I wrap a dragon and an otter? Is a Christmas gift a gift if it isn't wrapped? What if I find some magical way to lead them to the dragon and the otter. I will stop at the wizard school on the way home. I bet Headmaster Rotburga will have the answer. Although his appearance is somewhat disturbing he is a splendid headmaster. I am going to asks him to conjure a spell that will enchant a single, unwrapped present which would occasionally levitate in the air and lead Diet and Liam to the cave next to the river where their pets will live. No way will they ever live in my house.

Soon the sun will set and as always on Christmas eve. Sarah, Diet, Damon Ivor and Liam will scamper up the stairs, giggling and jump into bed. This year just like the others we stand by their beds and remind them not to open their eyes until daylight. Since we don't know what time Santa will arrive we want to make sure he isn't disturbed because if you disturb him in the night he will run away with your presents still in his pack. Don't take any chances..keep those eyes shut tightly. Merry Christmas to you and a good night sleep for me, at least until sunrise.

Oh Heavens to Besty! How oh How! I awake screaming. I forgot a gift for the twins Paul and Ivar and How Could I possibly forget the twins! On no Oh no.. It's 4:30 am. Sunrise is less than an hour! Oh my Oh my how could I have done this? I am getting too old for all this shopping. My list is always falling short. I think the new Walcart vendor in the castle is open 24 hours, even Christmas day. I will slip into their bedrooms and cover the windows with hides so they will think it is still night. This should only take a few minutes. They love to finger paint, especially each other. I feel sure Walcart has at least one art set of paints and brushes. I will get the biggest one they have , a roll of stretched top grain leather and a 12 pack pig's bladder finger paint. Home in less than an hour. Walcart saves the day!

Synsamia / Miso Wong

Jack Of All Trades
Synsamia/Miso Wong/ Nozno Wong
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Coming Together

As I gaze to into the breaking sun, I hear a rumble, crash, then I see a bright light off in the distance with the sound of a sonic boom. Thinking to my self did Miso Wong blow himself up again. Gathering my stuff I noticed there was no presents under my tree.. Humm that’s odd, I reply. Saddling up the blue shroom I start making my way towards the Oh So Wong Ranch I noticed through out the Realms of Seven that other were missing their presents too.
As I approach the Oh So Wong Ranch I can smell fresh baked cookies and to no surprise I see a single,unwrapped present which occasionally levitate in the air over by the Wong tree. I knocked on the door and to my surprise Mohawk answered the door. “Hey Mohawk, What bring you up this was?” “I saw the flash and thought Miso Wong got into Nozno Wong spell box again.” Reply’s Mohawk. Synsamia laughs while saying “ I thought the same thing. Hummm..I smell cookies!” Looking over Mohawk’s shoulder I see the uneaten Christmas cookies baked a disillusional fire wizard, Haeluz. I moved passed Mohawk to grab one or two.. Mohawk stops me and says” Synsamia you do know who made those right remember her ghost peppers?” Oh I sure do , as I grab a hand full. We sit down enjoying some hot cookies, pie, and eggnog and listening to Nozno explain here levitation spell to us. All of the sudden the sound of knock comes from the door. Miso answers the door to see Haeluz,MysticAngel,Willow Way and Jennifer the third stand before him.”. Wadies, hows it be?” as Miso Wong puts it. “ We been from Tavern Isle’s through Maiden, up to Green Haven To Ardent. Not here nor there have we seen any other presents then here, Of course Nozno Wong levitation spell. We did run into a snickering elf with insomnia and bad dental hygiene issues,muddering something about Sugar plum King gathering up all the presents Grinchta’ orders.” said MysticAngel. “Ven off to Grinchta’s Wair we Woll! reply’s Miso Wong. Gathering supplys and mounting our mounts we all set off for another great misadventure.
Tromping through the snow and woods we come across Ru Ru and Yu Yu playing with a pair of dancing candy canes. “Hey guys, y’all mind if we all relax a bit and join ya? My hooves hurt!” says Synsamia. Ru Ru pull out a box and a dancing gnome pops out. As we sit and rest watching people dance around, we notice in the distance Jingle Ding and his minions bouncing around......

Mohawk fade away into the shrubs as Ru Ru and Yu Yu jump into the trees. My dragon sinces come to live. Formed into attack mode. The group comes together cast their buffs and all attack simultaneously, destroying them all in a great boom. As the battle comes to a close. We gather our things and walk down the hill to see Donut King stuffing his never ending bag of Yuletide spirits and joys. “What you up to Donut?” ask Mohawk. “ Not much Mo, just out here collecting yuletides and some song lyrics from Krampus and Missle Toe!” reply’s Donut King. “Want to join our merry group,DK?”ask Mohawk. “Would love to, just let grab my bag and off we go” chuckles Donut King. Just about that time we hear TheDutchess and TheDuke interrogating the Sugar Plum King, demanding their presents back. When they finish him off, they meet up with us. Ranting and raving TheDutchess says “ can u believe the nerve for him to give away our hard earned presents. Good riddens!” “Now now,we will get your presents back with all of ours” reply’s Mohawk.
Reaching the top of the hill to the lair we see Villager’s and Hero’s alike chanting Grinchta name. I look over to see Prateeksen setting up his zog stand and MisoWong already over ther spending all his gold on the zogs. We all start to eat our pies,drink out drams, make making sure we ready for the biggest battle of the year. All the sudden Cinder Ella comes running outta lairs saying “ He kicked at us and Willow Way wings got cought up in the hairy big toe on Grinchta’s left foot.Mohawk and Donut King spring into action starting an epic battle. As more join in and we free Willow Way, we show Grinchta it’s not good to mess with Villagers’s and Hero’s.
Merry Grinchtamas Eveweeone!
The End-

Special thanks to everyone who allowed me to use their name in my story and to the devs for making such an awesome game.

Season Greetings V &H

Synsamia / Miso Wong

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My story was Coming Together by Synsamia on US 3 it cut off the end of my post


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Elf to Snickering Elf
Once upon a time, there was an elf. He was favorite and popular servant of crowned princess Nadia, who loved the beauty of Ardent City
It was the night when he was serving his princess, he saw something in the distance, or rather someone Grinchta, a popular monster with fat foot and green hand, who was locked on top of the isolated wizard lab at the top of Ardent Castle who manages to escape after eating uneaten Christmas cookies baked by a disillusioned fire wizard, .Elf gulped!! He was not prepared
As The hairy toe on Grinchta left toe was known for black magic That night something strange happen that evil, cursed the elf with 2 front teeth out and big. Now Elf wasn’t the same elf as before, he wasn’t able to sleep which leads his performance down. He wasn’t, princess favorite anymore which made him sad. He was abandoned and became the Snickering elf with insomnia and dental issues.
He decides to go Maiden because wizards live there to get some help. Also, the layer of Grinchta exists in Stromhold. He told everything what happen that night to him.
First the wizard gave elf A paring of Dancing Candy Canes and said "whenever he feels alone just see them and they will cheer you up", Elf said " Thanks I appreciate"; but hang on that’s not the only gift he had. Near the Christmas tree there was a single, unwrapped present which would occasionally levitate in the air. It was the wizard’s cure to the cursed.
As Snickering stepped outside the house and Grinchta came closer, he could see the rapid glint in his eye to apologies in the form of cure to the curse. He gazed with the affection and said, in hushed tones, "I am sorry and Merry Christmas." They both hugged
After, accepting his apology, he decided to go back to Ardent City with his both friends. He reported back to Princess Nadia where Grinchta apologized to whole City. He was no longer a monster; he was loved by all citizens in Ardent City.
Next day, all had celebrations for Christmas together. They all had music, dance, drinks, and laugh and ate together. Ardent City was no longer in danger. Everyone was happy. Then the time came Nadia again declared the Elf his favorite. The Snickering elf became happy again.
THE END (Lovered1,EU1)

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Katniss Everdeen US3 My highlights wouldn't copy/paste

Here We Go Again

My time in Ardent has been nothing short of strange. While I have loved the time I've spent here, this place only exists in my dreams. More precisely, I only show up when I'm in a coma or unconscious. I don't know how many more hits my head can take before permanent damage is done. The last thing I remember, before waking up here, is Christmas shopping. I was walking down the street when I slipped on the ice. As I said, I enjoy my time here but I sure hope someone saw me take that fall and moved me to some place warmer.

I came to in Grinchta's Lair. I was sitting in the middle of the room with the hairy big toe on Grinchta’s left foot cradled in my lap. I should probably move.

Guess I'll check the place out and see if they're offering up any prizes I can't live without. The first guy I ran into was named Hazel Gingerspark, the Gift Master. Now that I think about it, with a name like Hazel, that might not have been a guy. Anyway, he gave me a single, unwrapped present which would occasionally levitate in the air. He said it was a non-magical toy wand but I think, as with everything in this world, there was a bit of magic in it.

As I worked my way through the quest folks, I ran into Piper Mullingspears. Someone stole the uneaten Christmas cookies baked by a disillusioned fire wizard and I was going to have to kill the denizens of this zone until they drop them. I think that's kind of a harsh penalty to pay for stealing less than a dozen cookies but in this place, it is what it is.

That really is harsh. Some of them I killed didn't even have the cookies.

Continuing on my way, I met up with Ivy Silverpear, the Toy Repoman. He was a snickering elf with insomnia and dental hygiene issues. Fortunately he didn’t have much to say. I don't think I could stand him talking in my face for an extended period of time. Found the presents. They were just sitting around under the trees. There wasn't even anyone guarding them. This task does not require a hero of my talents. He could have gotten off his lazy rear end and picked them up himself.

I hope I wake up soon.

I can't believe this next group of guys. They actually want me to make the presents. I'M A HERO NOT ONE OF SANTA'S ELVES! So now I'm running up the mountain because everything I need is at the very top, of course. I failed to make the turn in the path and am now tumbling down the side of the mountain. The last thing I saw before everything went black was a pair of dancing candy canes.

It's really warm here in the back of the ambulance.

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The Quest for Christmas Dinner
by Karen Souldancer, US2

Cyprian shoved the uneaten Christmas cookies baked by a disillusioned fire wizard aside. He had many vices, and cookies was one, but he had no time to enjoy his 2nd favourite snack, his most favourite being bacon, but since bacon was no longer available in the realms, he supposed cookies was his new favourite. Bah, he was getting distracted again. He must remain focused on his quest! A quest for a Christmas dinner. No, not a Christmas dinner that he would share with his wife; he would eat this one all on his own, as it granted an experience boost for one whole day, to both hero and villagers levels!

He set off from his post in Ardent City, passing a pair of dancing candy canes that had joined Levold and Modesty, the local minstrels that performed under the VHO (The Villages High Overpass). He had just been given some mead by a passing hero, granting them both the Enabler buff. With his 10% speed boost, he hurried past the vendors, up the ramp, past the Royal Guards, pass the stairs that lead to the great doors to the castle, to a shadowy spot behind a small house.

He had his doubts as to the validity of the information, as it was given by a snickering elf with insomnia and dental hygiene issues. The elf demanded a cure for his insomnia, which Cyprian was capable of with his Distract feat, but the elf had no Wheat Bread in exchange. Instead, the elf offered some knowledge, swearing on the hairy big toe on Grinchta’s left foot that his information would be useful. Thus, Cyprian spared the elf from being stuffed into a bottle, and sold on the Auction House as a toy to any that fancy being able to call upon an elf to follow them, even if just for 3 minutes.

Arriving at the described spot, Cyprian called into the shadows, "Flynn McRufus?" A small man with a grizzled face stepped out. "I know what you seek, but your Red Doubloons are no good. You will need to climb the highest spire in Grinchta's Lair, and enter his workshop. There you shall find what you seek. I'll even mark it on the map for you."

Cyprian, like many heroes of these realms, was used to trusting complete strangers' directions for tasks that surely mean death, set off immediately for the glowing portal between the statues... the snowflakes blasted his face, but he took a deep breath and stepped through.

The spire McRufus spoke of was right in front of him. He began climbing. After nearly falling off the slippery ledge twice, he arrived at the top of the mountain, which strangely was flat, well decorated, and had the conveniences of a vault and crafting stations. "Hmmm, I would expect only these luxuries on mountain tops only on the EU servers." Spying a Relic Stone, he touched it. He felt a sharp pull, and found himself in the (thankfully) empty workshop of Grinchta. The room was decorated with several trees, and below each were many beautifully wrapped packages, but the one he sought was the largest one, in the center of the room: a single, unwrapped present which would occasionally levitate in the air, and dripped of gravy, mashed potatoes, and overcooked peas. Looking around, he quickly grabbed the Christmas dinner, ran out the portal, and down the hill as fast as he could! Behind him, he heard the roar of a green, overgrown Kobold discovering that his final present had gone missing.

Finally out through the portal into Ardent, he blended into the crowds, in case Grinchta and his minions came looking for him. Back at his usual spot near the crafting stations, he carefully tucked the delicious smelling Christmas Dinner into his bag, next to a stack of pies, and potions of all kinds. "Surely it will still be tasty next year," he murmurs, "when the level cap is raised."


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Astro was innocently wandering around Ardent when she came across cookies, rather odd cookies, red with yellow lumps in them. Unsure is she should eat them she put them in her backpack. While quietly crafting yet another dollhouse for you know who she runs into Milagros and asks her what to do. Milagros takes one look at the cookies and says they are the uneaten Christmas cookies baked by a disillusioned fire wizard. Milagros cautions Astro not to eat the cookies!

Astro being the obedient fire wizard she is nibbles a corner of one cookie. Nothing happened. Astro then looks around, seeing Lilac by the well she wander over. “Want a cookie Lil?” Astro asks. Lil takes one look at the cookies and says “NO WAY! THOSE ARE DRUGGED”. Astro puts the cookies away and goes back to the spinning wheel.

While delivering the dollhouse Astro grows restive, the cookies are looking real interesting. She sneaks behind BoBo’s statue and eat a whole cookie!. Nothing happens! Astro delivers the dollhouse and starts on the Train Set. While gathering pine in Ardent she sees a pair of dancing candy canes. Astro sees Lesept and asks him to help her catch the candy canes. Lesept rolls his eyes, “what candy canes?”. Confused Astro slinks away to the lathe. While making pine timber Tnarg wanders by and Astro ask “have you seen the dancing canes?”, Tnargs says “no, but there is a single, unwrapped present which would occasionally levitate in the air under the tree over there”. Intrigued Astro wanders over, the present is indeed floating in the air!

A snickering elf with insomnia and dental hygiene issues is pointing at Astro trying to catch the present. Astro lets out a cry! Rishi rushes over, and says “quick go eat the hairy big toe on Grinchta’s left foot it is the only cure!”.

Gathering Enzo, Melita, Irriana, Temp, Lesept, Humbugs from far and wide and Enzo they quickly kill the big green guy. One disgusting toe later Astro is feeling much better! Christmas can go on the presents will be made!

The moral of this Christmas tale is simple, don’t eat cookies you find around Ardent! They may be laced will mushrooms. Or even worse, fire wizards that have run Drom one to many times may become a bit unhinged and leave drugged cookies where innocent toons can eat them. And when in doubt, ask Rishi!

Astro1, US1
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