Sarah Otter

Mad Otter Games
Hello, Everyone,

We wanted to give you some advance notice about an upcoming change: in one week, we will be increasing the cost of Character Migrations. It is currently 300 crowns, and we will be raising the price to 500 crowns. (Or, 1300 crowns for 3 migrations.)

Why are we doing this? Because after two weeks now since the feature went live in the Item Shop, it has become abundantly clear that the amount of manual work and time which has to go into each migration is simply not justifying the original cost.

So we’re sorry if this increased price raise seems high to some of you, but at this point it is just no longer efficient for us not to raise the cost given the time being put in.

We appreciate your understanding. The new price change will begin on Monday, January 15th.

Thanks, Everyone!


Layla Littlenymph
  1. PC
  2. Steam
If it's priced too low, people would do it on a whim, sucking up dev time that could have been put to better use that benefits all of us.

I imagine that some will disagree, but I think it's reasonably priced. It's a service that many games don't offer, at any price.


  1. Android
For all the time and effort some players put into their toon(s), I bet some would be willing to pay even more than it's current price, as opposed to starting from scratch! Myself included. The price is definitely more than fair!