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Can we have a time frame for when Raids and next event zone will be for the next 12 months....

Problem being i want to rebirth a toon and afraid new raid might come out in 2 weeks or 4 weeks time and i wont be ready to run them. If players can have some idea when the next raid season might be then we can plan a rebirth outside of the raid season.
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Antavious, suoivatna
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Next EZ has been said for the first week of October, wile this isn’t set in stone it’s a rough guide.
as for raids we can only speculate but in the past down time between seasons has been on average about 2.5 months. The last season ended less than a month ago so a good guess might be somewhere in October too, they might even decide to drop halloween and the raid season at the same time.

Remember all this is speculation and in no way set.