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I am new to the game, started about 6 months ago. I have never seen "Halcyon" used before until now. I started the book back in 2010 and am now re-editing, so I thought I would share. This is the first book of a five part series. Let me know if you would like to read more.

Book One - Peace No More
Lillianne Jade


Relinquishing magic is the only way the kings of Halcyon can hope to prevent the evil from Schatten that destroyed Aldenna to return. Having to rebuild everything, taking the people of Aldenna to a new land became a time of peace and hope for all who survived. Charles, Benjamin, Thomas, and Jacob, once King Frederick's elite men on Aldenna now had the task of ruling over the people who reside on Halcyon. For over a hundred years there was peace, until the evil that was banished to Schatten once again found a way to return.

Chaos has broken out in the land of Aldenna, what started out as a war between good and evil, has turned into a battle of bloodshed. Brothers killing brothers, fathers killing sons, as the women and children watched in hidden horror. Spells being cast from everywhere, men with their swords and those with bows in hand not knowing anymore who was good or evil. Those who were not affected by this rallied together, seeking out victory against this evil.
Unfortunately battling this evil force also meant having to kill their friends and even their loved ones. There was no other way to stop whatever has taken over their people, their magic was powerless.
After the war had ended those who were left gathered together, comforting each other in this drastic time. The evil entity which reeked the havoc over the people of Aldenna never showed itself, they could not know if it was destroyed or simply slipped away.
Every year on the day Halcyon was discovered, everyone in the land would gather around Lake Erewhon, this included the royal families as well. They had a day of feasting and festivities to celebrate their ancestors that came from destruction and had the courage to venture to an unknown land, relinquish their magic and rebuilding everything.
All this leads to where Halcyon is over one hundred years later. The recent King of Indigo, Dominick Randolffe, great-grandson of Benjamin, and his wife Sarah, now ruled the land of Indigo on Halcyon. There was no fighting, no war, they had no enemies, no reason to fear anything or anyone.
Charles Sterling, Benjamin Randolffe, Thomas Lyman, and Jacob Konzak, did not know at the time of their searching for a new land for the people of Aldenna would not only change their lives, but the lives of their family's for many years to come.

How it all began

Today is the twentieth day of the third month of the year, the spring equinox is once again upon the people of Halcyon. Over one hundred years ago during the war on Aldenna four brave, young men from the nearby land of Aldenna were the first to discover Halcyon. Sent out by their king to find a place away from the evil and turmoil that suddenly came upon a once peaceful land.
These were the king’s elite men, all in their mid-twenties, the bravest and finest fighters Aldenna had ever seen. King Frederick told them that if something should happen to him they are to work together and reign over the people of Aldenna. The war going on in their land caused widespread destruction, chaos was everywhere, it was a battle between light and dark unlike anyone has ever seen.
Jacob, Charles, Benjamin, and Thomas had been on a quest for a new land for a couple of days, they traveled in all directions from Aldenna. With no hopes of a land that was inhabitable in sight to the north, west or south, finally they traveled east of Aldenna. Jacob and Benjamin were watching in all directions, they were about to give up any hope.
“Look, over there, slightly to the southeast.” Jacob said. “Charles, head in that direction, I see land.”
Charles spun the wheel and they headed towards the land. In no time the men could see the shores of this unknown island.
“This is quite peculiar.” said Charles.
“How so?” Thomas questioned.
“We all have traveled these waters, more times then we can count. I do not recall ever seeing an island here.”
Benjamin, Thomas, and Jacob thought for a brief moment, Charles was right, they could not place this island either.
“You are right.” Benjamin said.
At that moment the men felt a sense of peace and calm come over them as they neared the shore. Something was drawing them to the island, landing their boat on what is now named Halcyon, so named for the hope of peace that was so desperately needed.
After exploring parts of the land they decided that this was indeed the perfect place to rebuild. They headed back for home only to see that there was almost nothing left, the people who had survived were starving and without much shelter. The castle was destroyed, their king was no more, the land was inhabitable.
Some say that an evil that has been hidden away for hundreds of years resurfaced, banished into a place it once came from. This place was one that was never spoke of, never thought of, the place they called Schatten, a place of darkness, so dark even the most malevolent wizards of this time feared it.
Those who survived packed what little belongings they could find set out on rickety rafts, following the four men in hopes of a new beginning. As they sailed away from what was known as home, one could hear the cries of the men, women and children who did not want to start over. It was an out-pouring of grief and anguish, many were lost, many also survived. Among the lost were friends and family that they would never be able to see or hold again.
After almost an hour out on the Sea of Cyan, Benjamin and the other three men helped everyone onto the shores of their new homeland. Once all the people were off the rafts and safely to shore Charles went and stood upon a pile of rocks.
“I know you all have sadness, we cannot look at that right now, rather it is time for us to come together and rebuild.” He paused for a moment, “This my friends is now what we shall call home, and in doing so never forget Aldenna, never forget your loved ones, I welcome you all to Halcyon Isle.”
Charles jumps down, he, Benjamin and the others began to set up places for the women and children to sleep, while the men only took a blanket or what they could find. The men and some older teen-aged boys kept watch as the women and children went to sleep. There was a feeling of safeness, a feeling that despite the turmoil and tragedy they all had recently witnessed on Aldenna.
One more thing was needed to do on Aldenna, their dead would need to be disposed of properly. This was a task for Charles, Jacob and the others to do. Not wanting to upset the people of Aldenna any more they decided that they would go there with a few men to put the fallen people of Aldenna to rest. They would sneak away during the night, returning before the sunrise.
The next day despite all the devastation they all had witnessed on Aldenna, everyone woke to watch the most beautiful sunrise they had ever seen. The sun peaked over the horizon with a radiant swirling glow of multiple colors. It was as if the people of Aldenna were being given a sign, a sign of hope, a sign that everything will once again be alright.
Children who were watching the sunrise with their parents or other care givers began to frolic on the water’s edge. Everyone still unsure of what would come next smiled at one another, they knew there was much to do. The four men, who would now rule over them worked side by side with the people of Halcyon as they began to rebuild.


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The people of Halcyon are the best people. Just ask my friend Igraine in Turnapin Peak. We will keep using magic, though.
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Haven’t gotten there yet. But when I do I shall ask Igraine. There’s more to the people of Halcyon, one day through all the trials their powers will be returned.