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The problem I see with that is the range of the Crystal. The reason Crafting parties are usually held in Marigold is because all the crafting stations are in range of the Crystal. It does not cover an entire zone. So you would need to find several motes close together to test it.
Aye, thats what I'm in theory suggesting. I've already been in similar groups of 2 or 3 folks, where we will spread out and once one of us locates a mote, we all run to that persons particular location (obviously as quickly as possible, especially in this case) and then once all people are in range, hit it. That way everyone will get the 10% Lucky Loot chance. I think taking a full group of 6 and hitting one of the bigger islands like Cinder Strand and just scouring it randomly would be awesome and the crystal would hopefully be worth using!

Only thing that would be impossible to know is if there are enough motes up to make it worth it. I've done bounty clears on some of the bigger islands and was lucky to find 2 or 3 throughout the whole bounty run and other times ill find 2 or 3 back to back to back. So, that'd be interesting to try and figure out the best scenario to use it in.

I think im going to try and get some guildies rounded up that would give this a try for $h!t* & giggles.

P.S. - Sorry for the lengthy post(s) lol just striving for transparency~


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I never knew that those crystals gave “lucky loot” but yeah if you got the stat to 22% that’s close to 1 in 4 motes nice, but yeah low duration and even if your experienced in running a zone you can only cover 1 big island or less hopping there are motes around (my advice start looking and only activate if you find your first relatively quickly then hope for the best). Still interesting stuff thx :)
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