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This Guide will assist players who are preparing their first excursion into Raids! This will not include information about each individual Raid. Those will come in separate guides.

Raids are a new form of instanced content in which the difficulty and group size can be configured by the player. Currently, Raids are in Beta Season and updates are being made frequently. The information in this guide is thus subject to change.

Raid Interface

This section will cover the different components of the Raid menu.

Accessing Raids

Raids can be accessed via the character select screen or from within the game world. Raid progress is based on individual characters, so ensure you've selected the correct character if you are selecting Raids via the character select screen.


Use either of these methods to open the Raid menu. Once you've opened the Raid Menu, you'll be met with the following interface:
  1. Season
  2. Season Rewards
  3. Leaderboard
  4. Raid Tower
  5. Raid Information Panel
This section contains information regarding the current Season and number of days remaining before the Season concludes. This is the amount of time you have to earn the rewards listed in the next category. Hover over the Season for additional information. Raid seasons tend to last 2 - 3 months, and each has its own Tower with a unique collection of Raids you must complete.

Season Rewards
There are currently 5 reward tiers. The Welcome Gift is available to all players without any prerequisites. Select the flashing icon to redeem your gift. The other reward tiers, ranging from Bronze to Platinum, require making progress within the Raids in order to earn them. Completing all Raids at Bronze tier difficulty will unlock the Bronze reward. Similarly, completing all Raids at Silver, Gold and Platinum difficulty levels will earn those respective rewards. Hover over the icons to view what the prizes are. We will discuss the difficulty tiers in greater detail further along.


The Leaderboard contains the top 100 players on your server for each Raid, divided into 3 categories based on group size. Filter by Raid or view the overall top 100 players. Players who have reached the highest challenge levels will climb to the top of the rankings. In the event of a tie, those who have successfully completed a Raid the most on the highest challenge level will end up edging the victory. Leaderboards do not provide any rewards, so think of it is a personal challenge or goal.

Raid Tower
Each Raid Tower consists of a series of Raids. You must start at the bottom of the tower and unlock additional Raids by working your way through each. In order to unlock the next set of Raids, you must complete the Raid underneath it on Bronze level difficulty.

Raid Information Panel
Select one of the Raids to view detailed information on the right-hand panel. From here, you can see your current tier progression for that specific Raid. As you advance through challenge levels, you'll hit milestones and earn rewards! Additionally, read about the main boss lore as you slowly uncover the mystery behind the Tower's origin.
Hover over the reward icons to view what treasures await you. Note that the Bronze / Silver / Gold / Platinum reward tiers are tied to a specific challenge level. This number may change, but it is currently set to intervals of 5.

Raid Instances

This section will cover the basics of creating or joining your own Raid instances.

Joining Raids
In order to join a Raid, click the Join Raid button on the information panel depicted in the previous section. From here, you'll see a list of available Raids. Detailed information such as the availability, Raid leader, Raid zone, challenge level and current capacity is labeled. Note that you cannot join Raids which you have not unlocked, but you can join challenge levels which you have not unlocked. This does not mean that by joining a Raid with challenge level 10 when the furthest you've gone is 3 that you'll automatically jump to Silver tier. You'll still only gain a single Challenge Tier for completing the Raid.

Select the Raid of your choice and click Join Raid to enter the instance.

Creating Raids
In order to form your own Raid instance, click the Create Raid button in the information panel. A window will pop up with customizable settings. From here, you can select which Raid you would like to create, set your challenge level, choose a size limit and an availability. You can only create Raid instances for Raids which you have unlocked. Challenge levels work similarly. You'll begin at challenge level 1 for each Raid, and upon completion, you'll unlock challenge level 2 and so on. Each challenge level will increase the difficulty via additional mechanics, enemy health adjustments and more.

The size limit will allow you to choose between a solo, 3-player and 6-player Raid. That being said, you can run with any number of players between 1 and 6. If you have 2 players, your instance will be scaled up to 3. Likewise, if your team consists of 4 or 5 players, the instance will be scaled to account for 6. Keep this in mind because if you're running with a team of 4 and wondering why it is so difficult, it is because the Raid size limit was rounded up to 6.

The Availability will allow you to form Raids with the general public, friends or your private party. You must be in a party in order for others to join your Raid instance if you've selected party as your availability. Once you've configured your settings, create the Raid and you'll be teleported within your instance.

In-Raid Interface

This section covers menu components from within the Raid.

Preparation Phase
Upon creating or joining a Raid, you will be sent to the lobby. This is the preparation phase where players can wait for any remaining Raid slots to fill up, exchange tactics, choose Relic combinations or purchase boosts. This phase will end automatically after a certain duration has expired or if the Raid Leader pulls the lever to begin the Raid.
The Raid timer also shows your current challenge level and Raid size. Hover over it for detailed information regarding how the challenge level is affecting your instance's difficulty. As you can see in the image below, on Challenge level 1 the enemies deal 50% increased damage and have 200% additional health due to the fact that it is scaled for 3 players. Enemies also provide a reduced experience bonus because the character is running at a lower challenge level than they've unlocked.

Upon starting the Raid, you will see objectives listed on the timer. Run through the map and follow your quest arrow indicator towards the tasks. As you complete them, your objectives will update. Time will also tick down throughout the run. Your rewards are not based on the length of time it took you to complete the Raid, so you don't need to rush. The timer is there to ensure players cannot open an instance and camp there indefinitely.

You'll notice Raid bounties and Elders have special perks known as Affixes. These provide bonuses that you should be aware of. They are randomized, and higher difficulties will add a greater variety of them. Hover over the icons underneath the enemy profile to read more about what these do, or refer to the table below.
In progressIn progressIn progress

Raid Rewards
Upon finishing the Raid you will be met with the Rewards screen. View your current Raid progress as well as the items you earned from your run. Then either leave the Raid or stay and chat with your allies. If you opt to stay, you will be automatically removed after a certain duration.

Raid Bonuses

This section will cover the various types of bonuses earned from Raids

Open your character menu and select the Reliquary tab. From here you can view your available Relics, Dungeoneering rating and Ducat currency. All of these only apply to Raids, and do not affect your character within the regular game world.

Each Raid is connected to its own unique Relic. These Relics provide additional perks and abilities to the player while running Raids. A Relic's level can be increased by continuing to completing its respective Raid. This will further increase the boosts applied by the Relic. Hover over each Relic for detailed information on its bonuses. A total of 3 Relics can be active at a time, so choose wisely! Click on a Relic in order to enable or disable its perks.


Your Dungeoneering is the sum of all of your Relic levels. Continue to unlock new Raids and progress your individual Relics in order to advance your Dungeoneering. Unlike Relics, the effects from this perk cannot be disabled.

Ducats are Raid currency and can be used to purchase raid boosts from vendors.

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