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Hi all I’ve seen a few guides around here but all of them are made specifically for higher level players, ofcource they touch upon the basics but its mainly for people already using the subclass for quite a while. So I'd like to make a beginner's guide to lightning warrior!

(Am I qualified to make a guide? probably not….but ill try anyway😄 )

Before we begin, if you want a in depth guide for the lightning warrior class and want to know everything about it please check out Kave’s guide, his is by far the best lightning warrior guide - Kave's Lightning Warrior Guide

If you wish to learn more about the warrior class in general before you want to jump into lightning warrior please check out Dawnfire’s amaaazing guide! –Dawnfire's guide to be a Warrior

The above two links have been used to make this suggestions of a guide so make sure to check them out! They are wayyy better than this guide!

Now before we begin I’m going to assume a few things.

Firstly; you’re either starting out as a lightning warrior and you’re a new player or you are an old player using the lightning warrior for the first time.

Secondly; your level is assumed to be between 1-50 as anything beyond that is NOT beginner territory and you should most definitely either know what to do or if you want to further improve your build check out Kave’s guide and Dawnfire’s guide!

Now this is based on my experience mainly and ofcource it may differ from person to person, I will try to keep it concise and this wont follow a pattern or a set of contents, take this more of a suggestions than a definite build, build onto what im telling or use it as a sort of ‘skeleton’ for your build/experiment of a build.

(Oh look 280 words already and counting and I haven’t even begun with the guide…damn..oh well… lets begin!)

Lightning warrior is a mainly a tank class, with amazing tanking capabilities, more so than an earth shaman arguably, a good lightning warrior build WILL out threat any other class. Lightning warrior depend on threat generation rather than attack damage for creation of threat.

What is threat? Threat is basically what determines who will the bounty/elder/mobs choose to focus on attacking. Well lets say a fire wizard uses firebolt and it does 1000 dmg so 1000 threat is generated. But for lightning warriors threat generation isn’t through damage rather its through threat generating attacks eg. Lets say thunderbolt does 250 damage and generates 1000 threat, your total threat output is 1250, more so than the fire wizard and hence now the mobs/bounty/elder will attack you. Do remember, threat is temporary, you need to continuously use threat generating attacks to continue to be the highest threat generating person and hence being the tank. A good tank will do this with ease, to such an extent that generating threat will be like second nature to a good tank!

Now though the tank build for the lightning warrior class is ideal but its not mandatory, you can do an offensive build or a tank build or a mix of both in a mixed build.

While I continue to ramble on what to do and how it works ill tell which is best for tank or full offence, if you wish to make a mixed build then please choose pointers from both offence and tank build. I shall conclude with what you can do for all the builds at the end. Again please do remember that these are more of suggestions than a definite build so feel free to add or remove from this.

Please note that you DON’T need more than 3 runes on sword till the pyrron zones or lvl 70-75 but if you wish to have more runes then you can, though I will suggest not to have it as it will cost you sockets.

Offensive build:

Its important to remember an offensive build for lightning warrior isn’t a fury warrior with lightning power, its completely different and the play style is absolutely not alike. That being said… there are similarities like focus on haste and vigor etc

I have used pointers from S1ayer’s guide for fury warriors-S1ayer's Fury Warrior Build

And Dawnfire’s The Angry Bard (fury warrior build)-Angry Bard by Dawnfire

  • Have a great sword: lets be honest if you're going the offensive route then shield is absolutely unnecessary for you. Try and get the great sword rune in all of your swords that you will use so as to maximise the damage you can dish out!
  • Focus on haste: Try to have haste or reinforced rune haste on all the gears that can have haste, this will increase the damage per second (gloves, boots, trinkets and bracers may have haste on them)
  • Make sure Vigor is higher than vitality: The faster your health increases the more you can stay in the battlefield, vitality isn’t important as youre not interested in having the most health as youre not the tank
  • Intellect and Will need to be high: As you focus more on damage dealing, more abilities will be used and hence more mana will be used, make sure to have runes with intellect and will
  • Have a clear mind: Clarity decreases mana costs hence longevity of mana usage, hence more damage
  • Forget defense: Anything that increases defense is pretty useless to you, if you have rare or epic armour then reinforced armour is the last thing you want, switch it with other runes for an offensive gameplay
Overall the Offensive build for lightning warriors isn’t the most practical build as they are meant to be tanks, if you wish to go the dps route then either go for wizard or shadow priest or hunter or if you wish to try out melee dps then fury warrior. But ofcource it exists and isn’t the worst option out there.

Defensive build:

The most practical build in my opinion, players who use lightning warrior need to understand what works best for them to not only take the aggro from dps class but also survive with the aggro while maintaining high threat levels! That’s hard but that’s your job! You take the aggro from others and make sure they survive, in a party survival of the party depends on you as youre supposed to be tanking hits.

  • Defence is the best offence: You must have a shield, try out so as to get reinforced armour in armour and shield
  • Have more threat generating runes: You NEED to have 1-2 threat generating runes on your build, thunderbolt is the best one then lightning bolt is then pummel. Try and have 2 of the above in your build. If you use crafted swords then you’ll automatically have thunderbolt and pummel
  • Blast em away: I wasn’t going to talk about glyphs here but this is too important to miss, as this is arguably the best as a tank in dealing with multiple mobs in a raid or a dungeon. Have blasting glyph if you can, as youre taking the aggro, the mobs all around you will take damage from blasting and as a melee class blasting is just a boon as youll deal damage to the enemy youre fighting always unlike a ranged class.
  • Forget crits : Don’t have savagery and brutality on your gear rather have other stats on your sword. These are NOT important for a good tank, focus on survivability rather than focussing on ending bountys survivability.
  • Health is wealth: Focus on vitality, as you need to survive more, if you have to choose between vitality and vigor, go for vitality as health regen should be ideally dealt with by a healer or your own hp pots, between high health and defence your health regen isn’t the most important thing
  • Be intelligent: Intellect is important, as if you run out of mana you run out of threat making capabilities, a good tank will run out of mana while health will be at an all time high
  • Be the expert: Expertise will decrease cooldown and hence you can use more threat generating attacks and hence continue taking the aggro which is very important as a tank

Mixed build:

I want to make something clear, you cant really have both offence and defence high, if you try to focus on both equally both of these stats could suffer hence mixed build with equal attack and defence is neither here nor there please choose to lean on either offence or defence and then take pointers accordingly from the above two. Just remember to have a balance to have a mixed build, otherwise its easy to go into a full offence or tank build while leaning towards it.

Reinforced Lightning mastery rune is good for ALL builds along with electric acquity rune! So try and have that if you can, or choose these over the ones your build doesn’t need!

Now that we have discussed what you should focus on here are what you should invest talent points in; they are pretty much the same for all the builds but ofcource you may choose not to invest talent points in some and focus on others.

Again im assuming that you have around 30-60 talent points, and these are IN MY OPINION the talents you should invest in.

Lightning talent tree:

  • Shocking strike: For 5 talent points you get 15% increase in damage and get the ultimate thunderclap! Meaning lightning bolt and thunderbolt do more damage and all threat generating runes do 10% more threat. This is important for ALL the builds
  • Static charge: For 10 talent points you get to have a small healing passive skill, at 5 lighting attacks your healing is increased by 2x of standard healing. Along with this the ultimate spirit of the storm is activated! Which makes you invulnerable for 12 seconds! This is important for the tank build!
  • Electric disposition: for 20 talent points you get to have 20% increase block chance and 20% of lightning mastery is added to vitality and armour! Along with this the ultimate spurring jolts is activated which allows you to spell block and if blocked then 50% dmg is reduced! Along with all cooldowns getting decreased by 1 second! This is made to be for a tank build, great sword builds please do NOT take this one.
  • Tempest: For 30 talent points you get 33% chance to summon thunderbolt from thunderbird strike. The ultimate is Titanic Wrath wich gives pummel 100% dmg increase and this increased damage happens every 90 seconds along with generating 30% extra threat from threat generating runes. This is more important for an offensive build rather than a defensive build, if youre going for full on tanking you may skip this one.
  • Lightning affinity: For the small, small price of 40 talent points you increase your lightning power by 40% !! And get the ultimate Will to Live! That makes it so that when you would take damage that would be fatal youll be healed to full health! But this phenomenon only happens every 10 minutes and you generate 40% extra threat from threat generating runes! THIS is the important for ALL builds! That being said go for this LAST! After getting the ultimates you want from above only after it should you aim for this! By the time you get this you wont need this beginners guide because then youll be in the endgame! Or atleast near it…

Discipline talent tree:

As this is a beginners guide I don’t want you to go for discipline over lightning talent tree, that being said… I just want to mention 3 of them, one for each class (most important in my opinion).

  • Master-At-Arms: For 35 talent points 35% of your expertise is added to the higher of your masteries(which SHOULD be lightning) and the ultimate ability of Heroic Might is activated with this which will allow you to wield a great sword with a shield! If you wish to make a mixed build, go for this, though…this is not the best place to invest your talent points.
  • Marat’s vitality: For just 15 talent points your vitality AND base maximum HP is increased by 30% !! Along with giving you the ultimate: Indomitable, which increases your healing received by 50% if your health is below 30% ! This is the talent to invest talent points in if you wish to make a good tank build!
  • Heart of the Mountain: For just 15 talent points your maximum mana is increased by 375 and mana regeneration is increased by 60% ! And the ultimate Mountain song is activated which DOUBLES the bonuses of Heart of the Mountain! Though this is a must for the offensive build, but all build can benefit form this!

(Whew finally done!)

Wait what? You want preset builds too? Oh well I guess I can try… So then that being said..i’d like to share a few build presets for you to build upon, change, add or subtract according to you. Just remember this is just a ‘skeleton’ of a build and requires you to put effort into it too, though it as it is can work too.

These build are made to work in both solo and party scenarios.

Please note that only 3 runes are considered for sword for if you get into zones which require more than 3 runes you are no longer in the beginner’s guide territory! That being said, you can add more runes through sockets to better these build… using sockets before lvl 71-76 weapons is NOT recommended.

Please also note that the glyphs flux and glory are recommended for all builds and hence not mentioned in every builds glyphs section.


“Cut through your enemies with the blade of lightning and the strength of storms!”

Made for the offensive build with a great sword, for this build have high haste, clarity, intellect and will.


Thunderbird strike: Basic attack and damage dealing move

Pummel: Second best damage dealing move

Raging Blow: Yes… A fury move..this move deals extra damage if the opponents health is below 30% as youre interested in dealing damage forget other threat generating lightning runes and focus on damage dealing. Raging blow can be replaced with any other high damage dealing move of your choice or something like Pheonix Strike to get some hp back from attacking.

Glyphs recommended:

Onslaught: Youll probably attack them first this comes into play when enemies health is higher than a certain point

Voidstrike: A chance to deal damage ignoring defences isn’t something you should miss out on

Thunder Armoured Titan

Your enemies wont even be able to put a dent on your armour, while you slowly but surely defeat them all”

Made for the defensive build, for this you must have high armour, magic resist, vitality and intellect.


Thunderbolt: AOE threat generating attack

Lightning bolt: Single target taunt, threat generating attack

Pummel: Comparatively high damage dealing attack with minor threat creation

Glyphs recommended:

Berserk: As you’ll be the main tank taking 30 hits is easy and probable hence this is a good glyph to have

Blasting: 10% chance to release an AOE blast to deal damage to enemies at health lower than maximum is a boon to all melees especially low attack ones

Juggernaut: Dealing extra damage based on your current health is simple if you’re a tank as you’ll have high health as it is and defence to get less damage

Shielding: Not the best glyph out there but still something only a full tank build can fully utilise in a party scenario as you absorb X amount of damage

Jack of all Electricity

“This one, this one knows both how to attack and defend but isn’t a master of either but is the most changeable and fluid build”

The Jack of all trades… erm I mean Electricity focuses on a build made from a mix of the above two, this is the most changeable build in my opinion.

For the stats please choose the ones you deem fit for your play style.

Attacks: Again anything goes but here are a few suggestions.

Charge: Stunning opponents and dealing damage is a good start to any fight.

Thunderbolt: For a good AOE can be changed to Titanic power to increase parry chance

Pummel or Thunderbird strike: Depending on your focus on threat or attack either can be chosen


No specific recommendations, please choose the ones you think fit your play style. You can try out Magic Find for better loot (not recommended) or Lifesteal for an interesting gameplay.

In the end I’d like to thank Kave for your awesome Lightning Warrior guide, that is what made me want to make a guide(if it can even be called that...😔 ). Thank you Dawn fire for the warriors guide and the fury warrior build, I took inspiration of offence build from there. Thank you S1ayer for your fury warrior build I took the basic concept of attack and stats from there. Thank you Ashk for recommending me to try out new builds and hence I was able to come up with these. Thank you Cro01 and Misyah Kai for being such amazing Lightning Warriors, my primary idea of an ideal lightning warrior build comes from you two. And thank you for reading this far! Means alot!😃
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Master Cook
Although I have a completely different viewpoint on several of your suggestions, the great thing about the game is that it’s possible to configure your build to whatever suits you rather than a rote design that has to be followed exactly.
Thank you for your time and the links.
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ishanroyc, ishamanroyc
Although I have a completely different viewpoint on several of your suggestions, the great thing about the game is that it’s possible to configure your build to whatever suits you rather than a rote design that has to be followed exactly.
Thank you for your time and the links.
Thank you for the kind words! I completely understand. :)