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Mad Otter Games
If you like making videos of Villagers & Heroes, and posting via Social Media, and you have followers (who aren't already playing V&H), you may want to apply to be an "Influencer" for the game.

Influencers are people who are skilled in making interesting videos, doing engaging livestreams, and driving potential new users to the game via Social Media. Influencers receive a revenue share of all the users they encourage to sign up to the game. Details can be found here: https://xsolla.com/influencers

Xsolla may have some requirements on minimum number of followers, etc., but if someone in the community is passionate and dedicated about V&H, and wants to work to build an interesting channel, we may be able to waive their requirements.

We have partnered with Xsolla to do a trial to see if this is an effective method of getting new players.

If you're interested in becoming an influencer, Please either apply directly with Xsolla, or by contacting Sarah.

Best, Damon


Impresario | Divindi
lol, my videos have only have around a dozen views. I'm afraid I won't be "influencing" anyone any time soon!