Jolon, Jenalya
A recounting of a premonitional bardic duet from two natives of the Land of US3 🎵🎶:

Impresario: WTB Apple Crisps, will be tomorrow’s theme, when all of us caught unprepared begin to yell and scream. We’ll hear the cries from those quite new when they see the bounty list, and realize that they’ll need more than two, of those Apple Crisps.

Jolon: Thousands will pine, thousands will whine; but those who prepare, will doubtless shine.

Impresario: 5000 fairies, so I’m told, is what we need to kill, and once you start the frenzy, you’ll find it quite a thrill, to run from here to thither, and there and back again, to find that single pixy and all her fairy friends.

Jolon: ‘Lo the bewitched heroes be, into the realm of the fae; with sickle and mace, sword and bow, into the blooded winged fray; they’ll hack and they’ll slash, scurry and dash, and then for more fae will bray.