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My suggestion is to add auto feeders & auto planter/harvesters to the crown store.

Cost 500 crowns each (400 crowns if member of Charter Society) - Subject to Change = MOG's choice
3/4 XP if used (90% xp if Charter Society Member) - Subject to change = MOG's Choice

How they would work:
1) Limit 1 per character (Soul Bound) of 1 per Account (Account Bound)
2) If bought you would loose 1 planting slot or animal slot to use.
3) Auto Feeder - only can hold food for 1 animal type (Sheep, boars, Golden sheep, or Pigs, or chickens)
can hold 1 stack of each type of required food, plus water, treats & super feed. Could not hold hand, lute, flute or brush.
Holds up to 1 stack/type of harvested materials (fleece, pelts,eggs or hams). Stops harvesting when full, restarts when
emptied and refilled with supplies
4) Auto Planter/Harvester - Can hold up to 500 mixed types of seeds (20 stacks of 25 seeds), plus water & special waters.
Auto plants and harvests seeds till a limit of 1 stack (350 plants) per seed type or till 5 full stacks are reached and
restarts when emptied and refilled with supplies.

While this would help players by freeing up time when doing major quest & bounty runs. it could be misused so I added the
High cost and the XP penalities to help balance out the gains. The lower cost & Higher XP for Charter Society would be a
way of enticing player to join, sense the Charter society has lost much of its appeal.

The Pricing is just a suggestion final cost would be determined by Mad Otter Gaming staff.
Not having the hand, Flute, or Lute is so you do not get a 100% happy animal, they would be fed one of the foods (1st treats, next level highest food in the feeder.
As I said this is only a suggestion, the MOGs will make the final decision on how it will be done and if it is done.


then what would happen if the animal ask for flute, lute, brush, or pet? will the auto feed stop or what will happen? may be it's better to just include them in the auto feed. As for the pricing i believe it's much better to make it very cheap but timed something like 25 crown for 3 months may be, because i feel the game need more item that are, cheap, useful, but not "overpowered". I believe item such as this with that pricing can make more player like me to contribute financially to Mad Otter Games, this could be a cheaper alternative of ardent society.


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Too complicated. Just add a massplanter tool and massharvest tool. On animal feeding there is allready superfeed so no need for anything automated.