Which do you prefer?

  • The New Tool-Tips for Stats that show the actual values

    Votes: 34 27.2%
  • The Old Tool-Tips that show the Pool Values

    Votes: 91 72.8%
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Damon Otter

Mad Otter Games
Hi Everyone,
We want to know which system you prefer- the new stat system where we show the actual effective stat values, or the old system we had a couple of months ago that shows instead the absolute pool values (intellect, willpower, etc.).

Please let us know!


Mad Otter Games
I feel like this poll would have been best done after diminishing returns was removed. That would have changed the system into a linear "What you see is what you get" model. See a weapon with +5% critical damage? Wear it and you would get exactly +5% critical damage.

Right now that is not the case, so I feel like the votes will be heavily skewed towards the old stats.


Was a little tough getting used to, but isn't that how new things are?
Great job guys!

Math Fish

Royal Guardian
Math Fish (Marksman), Shama Fisha (Water), Accursed Angelfish (Shadow), Logical Loach (Fire)
PC, Steam
I apologize Damon, but I am truly neutral on this one. You know my feelings on this particular one, though; so I think it's okay. ;)


Cathellis, Cathela, Catherie, Cathalia, Cathrial
Where's the "Combination of Both" button?... For example, doing something like " 250 Intellect (+30 Mana) " for each stat so that we are able to see the amount of each stat that the given item has, but also tells how much it would effect your toon specifically.

Also! No more of this "here's how much of a boost this armor gives! Oh but also, since it's below your level, it's 34% less effective than it says it is!"... I don't find it at all useful. Sorry Otters & company, know you're doin your best ūüíē


Grand Priestess
Aria Aeris
Android, PC
The new stat system loses the aspect of perfect planning ahead for minmaxing, since you first need to craft or buy the item to see what its worth.

With the old stat system you know exactly how much each item is worth for your build without having it and you can plan a perfect set of gear for your character. You can also balance your stats based on how far you want to go into diminishing returns, for example balacing them at 30k for lvl 95. With the new system you dont really know how deep you went into a specific stat since each of the "stars" encompasses a big range of values.

The new system, which is hiding the values, sounds good at first and i was hopeful for it, but after using it for a while i chaged my mind. It looks good for someone who doesn't care too much about gear, but the more you get into it, the messier it becomes.


Great Adventurer
Zarola, North....
Android, PC
I have yet to play around with my gear and new system as currently I have been logging in to do mostly event zone stuff.


Android, PC
I prefer the old system because it had two ways of stating the stat: a raw value and a percentage on the stat screen. My main problem with the new system is the diminishing returns obscuring true values, the loss of a few significant digits, and the loss of a stated cap. I could live with percents if diminishing was removed and the cap included in the tool tip though.


Jolon, Jenalya
I was crafting slightly lower level trinkets yesterday and discovered that I could only see if they were better by equipping them. The tooltip was telling me it was slightly better than my current equipped item, but still would give me less because it was lower level. When equipped it actually showed me it was worse than the one equipped.
I said some very choice and verbose things in my head, sold them all went to do something that didn’t make my brain hurt.
I also loathe the banal new names that feel like they break the fourth wall, but acknowledge that they might facilitate easier learning. Part of me wants this to help newbies, but the other part knows that the prior terms helped build the language of the game.


Android, PC
I miss the old one for the following two reasons:
  1. The pooled numbers gave better feel of improvement, in the sense that bigger number is better
  2. The cap (even with the diminishing returns) was visible
I think displaying the cap is crucial once you have removed the diminishing returns, or somehow show that the gear change will not result in the expected stat change.


Bog Frog
Nobody really knows what the game will be like with diminishing returns removed, so its a really hard choice to make. I think you would be further ahead going all-in on the new system (removing diminishing returns) and letting people try that for a bit before making a decision.

But personally, I see the inherent value in the diminishing returns system, am very comfortable with math, and cherish the complexity it brings. I understand that isn't for everyone.